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Imagine, program, share

Imagine, program, share

FlowGrid Control FlowGrid Updates 17th May 2006 : v1.1 Added subroutine handling, and the fonts in the boxes are now a consistent size. 17th May 2006: v1.2 Added support for Mimics (see below). Two releases in one day :) 18th May 2006: v1.3 Added nicer looking arrows on the 3 way junction, Turbo Speed, Sound Effects and 3 built in Mimics : a solo traffic light, a road junction, and a zebra crossing. 25th May 2006: v1.4 Added Lighthouse builtin Mimic, small bug fix on Mimic reset. Instructions / Frequently asked Questions It's not very complicated to operate ; but here are some questions about setup and usage. To put objects on the screen, click on them on the toolbar (on the right), then click on the grid in the main window. Download from here ; Feedback and Suggestions or Bugs please via email. This needs the .NET 1.1 Framework to work. Flowol Mimics The program now works with Flowol Mimics that require only Input and Output.

DSC 0069 Kodu Kodu is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. The programming environment runs on the Xbox, allowing rapid design iteration using only a game controller for input. Programming as a Creative Medium The core of the Kodu project is the programming user interface. The Kodu language is designed specifically for game development and provides specialized primitives derived from gaming scenarios. Key Features Kodu provides an end-to-end creative environment for designing, building, and playing your own new games. High-level language incorporates real-world primitives: collision, color, visionUses Xbox 360 Game Controller for input — no keyboard requiredRuns on XBox 360 and PCInteractive terrain editorBridge and path builderTerrain editor - create worlds of arbitrary shape and size20 different characters with different abilities

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