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Fintech Gamification

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Monetizing gamification in banking. For decades financial institutions have used marketing campaigns to create brand awareness, acquire new customers and encourage more transactions among existing clients, if not prevent them from jumping ship.

Monetizing gamification in banking

Some of these may be masked in a game-like facade but most have a singular objective – to complete an activity. Define gamification Gamification, on the other hand, is a calculated strategy to change consumer behavior. It incorporates gaming psychology – not to be confused with tactics – to achieve stickiness. Gamification uses the familiar – prizes, rewards, levels, scores and leaderboards – to encourage behavioral changes that are positive for the consumer and profitable for the business. “Many types of games include game mechanics such as points, challenges, leaderboards, rules and incentives that make game-play enjoyable. Qureshi believes that by adding a gaming layer and providing an incentive such as a discount, the same mundane task becomes more fun.

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August - Monthly Meetup - Gamification & Financial Services - - San Francisco. August 23, 2012 · 7:00 PM Our guest will be demoing a real-time financial trading game he developed by gamifying technology he licenses to leading brokers, exchanges and hedge funds.

August - Monthly Meetup - Gamification & Financial Services - - San Francisco

Bring your IPad, notebook or other WIFI device to play this unreleased HTML game against all other traders in the world while our guest gives his inside view of the retail brokerage, ECN, and institutional banking industries along with the challenges, technology and monetization related to the game. Could be top 5 game according to some that have played it, what do you think? Prizes given for game winners at end of presentation. Should be both fun and informative to anyone with an interest in the financial markets or game development. And this month I assure you we will do the 1 min standup introduction and another special surprise! We are in an amazing new space this month, the recently opened WeWork labs having us.

About WeWorkLabs. Peer-to-Peer Currencies: The Amazing (And True!) Story of Bitcoin by Adrianne Jeffries. ‘500 Startups’ to Launch Bitcoin and FinTech Investor Syndicate. California-based incubator 500 Startups is launching an investor syndicate that will focus on bitcoin and financial technologies.

‘500 Startups’ to Launch Bitcoin and FinTech Investor Syndicate

The goal is to find more investors interested in putting money into the space, the company said. Dave McClure, founding partner of 500 Startups, recently told the Silicon Valley Business Journal that this is the organisation’s third syndicate for accredited investors: “We are just getting ready to roll out our third syndicate, which will be focused around financial services and bitcoin.” New funding avenues The investor syndicate concept is a popular one on AngeList, a well-known resource for accredited investors to pool money and help grow nascent businesses. 500 Startups already has one syndicate for general startup investing and another focused on female founders. The idea for the new syndicate is to help open up additional funding avenues for bitcoin and financial technology (FinTech) startups within the incubator.

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Race Capture Pro - Data That Drives You

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