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Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology. The Psychology Of Gamification In Education: Why Rewards Matter For Learner Engagement. Microsoft launches site for teachers taking Minecraft into the classroom. Gamification, could that work?: Minecraft & SAMR. My daughter Vera (Minecraft: AquaVera) goes in pre-school and the teachers use the old fashion, more traditional way of teaching.

Gamification, could that work?: Minecraft & SAMR

I still think they are trying to do the best possible, after their circumstances (no computers). Now when they have a project to build the kids own houses with cardboard they're also out, walking to see how everyone lives. I also believe young people needs a mix of learning methods, but as she anyway had this project and she wanted us to play Minecraft we agreed it could be awesome to build our house (and apartment) inside the game. Suddenly, while building our house it hit me, I'm using the SAMR model: what can I learn from this? These are my conclusions as I have come to when using Minecraft instead of cardboard house project. We replace paper and pencil with technology. Gaming in Education: Gamification? My most popular posts for TheEdublogger (arguably THE most popular posts ;P ) have been centered on the use of games and gaming within the education system.

Gaming in Education: Gamification?

Since I’ve covered a few of the big players in the video game industry, and how they have adapted to support educational methods, I thought I would have a look at ways you can integrate gaming into your classroom WITHOUT the aid of a video game. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce today’s special guest, Gamification. What is Gamification Gamification is, granted, a controversial topic.

It focuses on using game thinking and game mechanics to turn an otherwise mundane task into something engaging and perhaps even competitive. Obviously, the classroom is primarily about learning, but engaging and motivating students can be a challenge. Methods of Gamification The are a huge variety of gamification methods, ranging from the simple to the complex. 1.

In Education: Actually achievements have been used in schools for a long time already. How Facebook and Candy Crush Got You Hooked. La Tigre Facebook.

How Facebook and Candy Crush Got You Hooked

Twitter. Instagram. World of Warcraft. Angry Birds. At the heart of Eyal’s system is a four-step cycle he calls the Hook. The process starts with a cue or stimulus. You’re sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon, feeling lonely and wondering if everyone else had a better weekend. A behavior happens when a trigger coincides with both the motivation to take action and the ability to do so, says theorist B. You spend your lunch hour reading a newsletter that has arrived in your inbox. Rewards can come in an almost endless variety of forms, from receiving attention, acceptance, and appreciation (an obvious force in social networks) to gaining a sense of mastery and autonomy (thank you videogames and Words With Friends) to prizes like money and gift cards. You’re a software programmer and you’re active on Stack Overflow, the community site where volunteers post some 10,000 coding answers a day.

The Invasion of Games in the Classroom. Game based learning & Gamification. Lots people want to get started with game based learning, gamification and serious games in their training.

Game based learning & Gamification

We’ve been curating game related content for over a year and a half while conducting our own research and case studies. Here are 100 articles related to games and learning. Some of them are research-based, while others just offer an interesting perspective to spark discussion. Take what you need and share this with a colleague. Game Based Learning Mobile Games for Adult Learning: What’s the Appeal? 3 Edtech Tools You Can Use To Gamify Your Classroom.

Gamification is one of the buzzwords in education right now, and for a good reason: Gamification is empowering, exciting, and under the right circumstances can be the disruptive innovator many teachers desperately need in order to change the dynamics between knowledge and the learner.

3 Edtech Tools You Can Use To Gamify Your Classroom

There is an explosion of EdTech tools destined to gamify the classroom, most of which are web-based, while others come in the form of an app. Understandably, a teacher might wonder what is the best way to navigate through this sea of new, and subsequently, not thoroughly tested activities and tools. Throughout the school year I tried several game-based platforms with my students. Here are three game-based classroom solutions that helped me transform my fourth grade classroom into a dynamic learning environment. All three tools are completely free. Socrative The first, and probably the most popular game-based classroom platform is Socrative. Here is a short introductory tutorial on Socrative Kahoot FlipQuiz.