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Bank Gamification

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MasterCard and Cardlytics Partner to Deliver an Integrated Card-Linked Loyalty Program for Banks of All Sizes. PURCHASE, N.Y.

MasterCard and Cardlytics Partner to Deliver an Integrated Card-Linked Loyalty Program for Banks of All Sizes

& ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MasterCard and Cardlytics today announced an agreement to deliver targeted card-linked services to US banks of all sizes. The new partnership will match Cardlytics card-linked marketing solutions and advertising expertise with MasterCard’s bank partners and its offers and rewards platform to deliver a solution that is unsurpassed in the loyalty business.

“Card-linked marketing is a frictionless way for consumers to get more value from their shopping experience, and for merchants to drive more sales at a higher return on their advertising dollar”Tweet this Consumers continue to show a growing preference for card-linked loyalty offerings. According to Mercator Advisory Group, merchant-funded rewards drove approximately $4.7 billion in U.S. credit card purchases in 2014 and are expected to grow at an annual rate of 20% through 2020.

¿Qué es Fintech? ¿Qué es Fintech?

¿Qué es Fintech?

¿Podemos confiar en el Fintech? ¿Cómo puedo beneficiarme de esta nueva corriente financiera? El concepto de Fintech aún está en proceso de definición al ser un termino relativamente reciente y que poco a poco iremos viendo como se va perfilando. El Gamification De Retail Banking Services. Archivos de video. Presenter Profile How they describe themselves: Bobber Interactive provides the most engaging, relevant financial tools serving the $200B under-banked Gen Y market.

Archivos de video

Financial partners benefit from cost-efficient acquisition, sustained loyalty, and increased wallet share. Bobber integrates the most effective social engagement mechanics for marketing to, motivating and retaining Gen Y around their financial products. Bobber’s technology is architected to leverage the unique ecosystem of Facebook for low-friction acquisition, social collaboration, and rich experiences tailored to users’ Facebook data.

Bobber’s technology is extensible to multiple platforms and financial products, representing a profound shift in how Gen Y relates to their money. Licencia Santander. Completar tu perfil es el primer paso hacia tu Licencia Santander.

Licencia Santander

Puedes hacerlo a través de Facebook Connect y Twitter Connect, o si lo prefieres rellenando el formulario de registro de perfil disponible en esta misma web. Si lo prefieres, puedes participar en las pruebas sin registrarte, pero no podrás entrar en la competición y te perderás los premios. Ya estoy registrado ¿Y ahora? ¡Ahora empieza la emoción! Para conseguir la Licencia Santander deberás superar 4 pruebas emocionantes, que se irán desbloqueando.

ING Direct - Cuenta Sin NÓMINA. Participa para ganar 1000 euros con la campaña de la Cuenta SIN NÓMINA de ING DIRECT. Articles. The Proliferation and Potential of Gamification in Retail Banking. Usually organizations innovate by introducing new or improved products to the market.

The Proliferation and Potential of Gamification in Retail Banking

However, in a service-oriented industry like banking, the product is the service and therefore the innovations will be oriented towards process changes as opposed to new product development in a traditional sense. According to a Gartner Research Report, by 2015, more than 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes. By 2014, a gamified service for consumer goods marketing and customer retention will become as important as Facebook, eBay, or Amazon, and more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application.

Making Retail Banking Fun Gamification can be used to make the process of banking more fun and engaging and to drive specific consumer behaviors, like increasing savings or making prompt payment on loans and credit cards. According to CNN Global Research, 48% of Americans say they worry more about money than anything else. The 'Gamification' of Personal Finance. Most consumers know they ought to pay down debt or save for a rainy day.

In reality, though, many people don't. The Gamification Of Retail Banking Services. Kapitall. KAPITALL BACKSTAGEKAPITALL BACKSTAGE. We are a dedicated group of software entrepreneurs, interface designers, game producers, stock traders and technologists who came together with a common goal: to make the stock market a place for the rest of us.


Why? Because we believe that complexity is a barbed wire fence around the market, protecting the unfair advantages of insiders, and keeping the rest of us out. Which is why we’ve made it our mission to level the playing field, achieving marketplace democracy for everyone. We empower investors with the tools they need to navigate today’s turbulent markets. And with rising expectations for user experience and self-directed financial life, we believe it is more important than ever to make learning about and playing the stock market radically more simple, exciting and engaging, something you want to do, not something you have to do. 89.6% des 1,300 Clients TooKam Recommande la Première Banque 2.0 en France.

J’aime beaucoup Jean Philippe, le passionné et passionnant Directeur Général du Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne, l’un des dirigeants du monde bancaire le plus visible, le plus actifs sur les médias sociaux dans le monde entier.

89.6% des 1,300 Clients TooKam Recommande la Première Banque 2.0 en France

Jean démontre quotidiennement sa volonté et son ambition d’innover en permanence et de pousser les limites du monde bancaire français. Le 4 avril 2011, j’étais le tout premier bloggeur à couvrir le lancement de leur banque 2.0 en anglais. Je vous invite à parcourir mon article intitulé ‘ a Social Media rEvolution in (Engagement) Banking‘. L’initiative est rafraichissante et très innovante. Cependant, elle s’est révélée assez intimiste et elle le restera très certainement. SaveUp. Tarjeta de Crédito Barclaycard Tapping Crowdsourcing y Gamification está disponible. Last month, Barclaycard US announced the imminent launch of allegedly one of the most innovative credit cards ever launched ‘Barclaycard Ring‘ which aims to leverage crowdsourcing to build more than a sizable cardholder base, but a genuine community of engaged members who will be incentivized and rewarded for sharing their suggestions and their ideas.

Tarjeta de Crédito Barclaycard Tapping Crowdsourcing y Gamification está disponible

Le Crédit Agricole Innove Encore Avec [Epargne Communautaire] Le 4 février 2012, nous avons célébré nos 5 ans à cette date, j’ai annoncé le lancement du programme ‘Visible Banking Stars‘ ainsi que la refonte complète de

Le Crédit Agricole Innove Encore Avec [Epargne Communautaire]

Si vous souhaitez rejoindre notre groupe exclusif de contributeurs -tous banquiers, assureurs et professionnels des services financiers travaillant sur des projets liés au digital, aux médias sociaux et à l’innovation– je vous invite à nous contacter via email. Dans son second article, Jean PHILIPPE – Directeur Général du Credit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne – partage son enthousiasme pour son projet le plus recent ‘‘, un service d’épargne communautaire aux particuliers et aux associations.

Après TOOKAM, l’oiseau un rien frondeur de la banque en ligne, le Crédit agricole Pyrénées Gascogne persiste et signe avec un nouveau venu dans la volière des innovations bancaires. Celui-ci répond cette fois-ci au nom de PELIKAM. PELIKAM, résolument ludique et sympathique, est simple à utiliser. BNZ Targets Youth Money With Gamification and Social Media Banking. All you have to do is type the name of the business and you can access the list of how much money you have spent there.

BNZ Targets Youth Money With Gamification and Social Media Banking

BNZ‘s (@BNZBank) registered users can also set a savings goal that will be represented by a progress bar within the icon. They can also access the actual monetary value underneath the progress bar. Moreover, the icons can be customized using stock images or uploading your personal pictures. Transfer is also possible by dragging and dropping one account to another. A menu bar will open and will allow you to choose the amount you wish to transfer. With drag and drop, predictive search, and the ability to personalise your banking with your own pictures, YouMoney makes organising and managing your money fast, easy and intuitive. YouMoney - BNZ. Multiple transaction accounts for a low monthly fee. Up to 25 YouMoney accounts with unlimited transactions for $5 a month1 (service and facility fees apply, monthly fee waived for eligible tertiary students, graduates, apprentices, and customers 18 years and under)11 Optional text or email alerts Comes with intuitive online banking that includes drag and drop and smart search Complete our online application form – it should only take a few minutes.

If you're new to BNZ, you'll need to visit a store with identification. Or you can sign up without going into a store by using our mobile banking apps for iPhone and Android. Etoro - Broker online et premier réseau social d'investissements. Banco Santander. BBVA Game. Quién iba a pensar que algo tan simple y antiguo como el juego podría servir para familiarizarse con la banca en Internet y las nuevas tecnologías. BBVA no solo cree firmemente en ello sino que ya lo está aplicando a diario con sus clientes. BBVA Game es una plataforma que utiliza de forma pionera en la banca electrónica española el novedoso concepto de gamificación, es decir, utilizar dinámicas de juego en entornos no lúdicos. El uso del juego para aprender no es nuevo, pero sí lo es su aplicación empresarial y, sobre todo, en el área financiera, que tradicionalmente ha dado una imagen de seriedad y sobriedad. Pero BBVA se desmarca de ese cliché y nos propone algo refrescante: retarnos, premiarnos, picarnos para conseguir mayor puntuación, competir con otros, divertirnos y, casi sin darnos cuenta, enseñarnos lo sencillo que resulta utilizar para hacernos la vida más fácil.

BBVA Game está en pañales y ya se ha propagado como la pólvora entre los internautas. BBVA Game. El juego en el que es imposible no ganar. Si tienes problemas para ver el vídeo de BBVA game haz click aquí . Entrevista a Bernardo Crespo sobre BBVA Game. BBVA ha mostrado al mundo una vez más por qué es considerada una de las mejores empresas en marketing 2.0. BBVA game: juega, gana y aprende. COINC - Bankinter. iAhorro. 30 octubre 2012. Mint. CreditCardio.