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Enterprise Gamification

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When technology fails your customers: How gamification can help your business. Smartphones, tablets, social networking and instant messaging; the way we talk to each other has changed massively over the last decade, and it is no secret that consumers - especially those who have grown up with these new technologies - want to be able to communicate with businesses using these same methods.

When technology fails your customers: How gamification can help your business

To say that the contact centre industry has been left behind would be an understatement. In spite of major investments in new technologies, the contact centre has struggled to manage huge volumes of customer interactions across multiple channels. Games and Your Brain: How to Use Gamification to Stop Procrastinating. 1.4K Flares 1.4K Flares × It is Thursday afternoon.

Games and Your Brain: How to Use Gamification to Stop Procrastinating

Hump day. You are being humped. The one thing you wished to accomplish today remains unaccomplished, sitting there as a painful reminder of your failure, goading you to check Tumblr just one more time. You lack motivation, clearly. How to use the familiar to explain something new. How to use the familiar to explain something new If I was to say Family Fortunes, Blockbusters and Eggheads, would you automatically think of internal communication?

How to use the familiar to explain something new

Probably not. However, these television shows are the formats communications professional Dawn Robinson, @Dawnieskitchen, (pictured) Marketing & PR Manager for housing association Guinness South, a division of The Guinness Partnership, has been using to “help raise awareness of internal communications practices and ways in which colleagues can engage with them, promote them and improve them.” Enterprise Gamification. Internal brand ambassadors, gamification at work, the power of Google Maps and this week. Halloween is coming: They’re carving some pumpkins in the food centre, fancy coming along and making a Vine? Ummm… Yes! Off I went this morning to Sainsbury’s ground level food centre (yes, I love my job) and watched @BethanyJStone carve this gruesome scene of a Ghost Pumpkin eating a wee Munchkin Pumpkin.

We thought we’d have a bit of fun and encourage our followers on @SainsburysPR to tweet us a video, photo or Vine, showing us how they carve your pumpkin. Our favourite entry will walk away with a £50 Sainsbury’s voucher. The first entries have come in already, and we’re saving them all in a spooky little Storify.

Socialise your people: A wonderful post by @anitaloomba about one of the most overlooked and underused resource in the corporate social media space: the people that work for your company. The answers take many forms: Everyone will just waste time on Facebook. In the end they boil down to the fear of losing control. Newsflash. That control is gone. What makes games so powerful? Game Over For Gamification? How Play at Work Makes Work.. Work. It’s a touchy subject: does promoting “play” (or gamification) at work actually make your employees more engaged?

How Play at Work Makes Work.. Work

It’s a topic that I’ve broached with many senior leaders with varying and valid concerns, mainly: Gamification can’t truly drive productivity because it is too much of a distraction.Doesn’t it foster competition rather than drive community and collaboration? Current internal portal structure doesn’t support or enable gamification technologies.Correlation between gamification and business performance is unclear. Target Work Activities to Reward Desired Behavior Sure.. it’s playing at work… kind of.

On its face the case for gamification, which is defined here as adding game-like activities to improve non-game contexts, is a strong one and easy to state. Enterprise gamification: Will it drive better business performance? Why Your Employees Need Gamification. Playing Games at Work. » Gamification for Employee Engagement Eva Rykr. By Eva Rykrsmith on April 30, 2012 One Comment Gamification is the use of game elements in everyday activities.

» Gamification for Employee Engagement Eva Rykr

The idea is that it brings in an aspect of fun, therefore making the activity more engaging. The main use of gamification has been for consumer marketing purposes on the Internet and on mobile devices. The desired end result has been encouraging certain behaviors or increasing exposure to a certain message. Game On: Gamification Strategies Motivate Customer and Employee Behaviors. If you want better results from employees and customers, let them play.

Game On: Gamification Strategies Motivate Customer and Employee Behaviors

At least, that's what industry experts are saying about gamification, or "gamifying" business processes. Using game mechanics to influence behaviors has emerged as a viable means for companies to achieve desired results. For companies that want more attention, participation, and, of course, business, it's an innovative way to engage customers. Combining work and play might sound counterintuitive, but companies that do so are already noticing real results. Samsung, for instance, mixed frivolity with serious business initiatives when it created the social loyalty program Samsung Nation through behavior platform Badgeville.

Enterprise gamification livens up internal communications. Employee Quizzes. Desktop Quiz - Staff Quiz Tool Promote Employee Quiz Participation with Prizes Build capability Staff Feedback Quiz Example Good product, service and/or process knowledge are critical to sales effectiveness, good customer service and productivity.

Employee Quizzes

Effective induction and training programs are only part of the answer. Reinforce learning When the staff member submits an answer, an optional personal pop-up display shows their individual score and the correct answers.