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Stratfor. Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) WikiLeaks Release of Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Advanced Intellectual Property Chapter for All 12 Nations with Negotiating Positions (August 30 2013 consolidated bracketed negotiating text) Article QQ.A.1: {Definitions} For the purposes of this Chapter: Intellectual property refers to all categories of intellectual property that are the subject of Sections 1 through 7 of Part II of the TRIPS Agreement [].

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

Article QQ.A.2: {Objectives} #WIKILEAKS. Group Aims to Be a Conduit for WikiLeaks Donations. LA TACO » Wikileaks Billboard ~ Los Angeles. A group called Support Wikileaks Los Angeles has raised money and placed a billboard supporting the revolutionary website Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange. Wikileaks' Julian Assange: Full interview. Transcript of secret meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. On the 23 of June, 2011 a secret five hour meeting took place between WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, who was under house arrest in rural UK at the time and Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Transcript of secret meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Also in attendance was Jared Cohen, a former Secretary of State advisor to Hillary Clinton, Scott Malcomson, Director of Speechwriting for Ambassador Susan Rice at the US State Department and current Communications Director of the International Crisis Group, and Lisa Shields, Vice President of the Council on Foreign Relations. Schmidt and Cohen requested the meeting, they said, to discuss ideas for "The New Digital World", their forthcoming book to be published on April 23, 2013. U.S. WikiLeaks Criminal Probe 'Ongoing,' Judge Reveals. Cambodia helps squeeze WikiLeaks. Cambodia helps squeeze WikiLeaksBy Justine Drennan PHNOM PENH - Earlier this week, Swedish national Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was deported from Cambodia to Thailand under the escort of Swedish officials who then forced him to board a plane to Sweden.

Cambodia helps squeeze WikiLeaks

Nearly Half of 2011's New York Times Issues Rely on WikiLeaks - Global. Corrected on April 28 Today's New York Times prominently features "The Guantanamo Files," a synthesis of "700 classified military documents" obtained by WikiLeaks, about the Cuba prison's current and former inmates.

Nearly Half of 2011's New York Times Issues Rely on WikiLeaks - Global

It's the latest blockbuster data cache to be trumpeted by the paper. And though the paper has had a complicated relationship with the secret-sharing site run by Julian Assange since the two partnered up for a post-Thanksgiving barrage of "State's Secrets" last year, the paper has become increasingly reliant on its documents. Security-of-iraqs-tiny-jewish. BAGHDAD — An Anglican priest here says he's working with the U.S.


Embassy to persuade the handful of Jews who still live in Baghdad to leave because their names have appeared in cables published last month by WikiLeaks. The Rev. Canon Andrew White said he first approached members of the Jewish community about what he felt was the danger they faced after a news story was published last month that made reference to the cables. "The U.S. Embassy is desperately trying to get them out," White said. "Most want to stay," White said. The U.S. Belarus, Europe’s Last Dictatorship, Uses WikiLeaks to Target Dissidents - Tablet Magazine. “If I am not arrested tomorrow, we can talk,” Sergey told me from his home in Minsk via Skype.

Belarus, Europe’s Last Dictatorship, Uses WikiLeaks to Target Dissidents - Tablet Magazine

We agreed to meet the next morning at Yakub Kolas Square, named for the famous Belarusian poet, where a protest against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’ president, was planned for 11 a.m. Public assembly is a crime in Belarus, Europe’s last dictatorship, and challenging Lukashenko, who has ruled the former Soviet state since 1994, can result in anything from detention in the country’s fetid prison cells to torture at the hands of its secret police, which still goes by its old Soviet name: the KGB. Despite these risks, Belarusians gather regularly to protest their dictator. 06-01 CIA prisons in Poland: former prosecutor had planned to file charges. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, Jerzy Mierzewski, the prosecutor investigating alleged CIA prisons on Polish territory, was removed from the case because he had planned to file charges of breach of the constitution, false imprisonment and assistance in crimes against humanity.

06-01 CIA prisons in Poland: former prosecutor had planned to file charges

This move came shortly after a lawyer acting for a Guantanamo detainee filed a complaint against Poland at the European Court of Human Rights, and a week before President Obama's visit to Poland. Recent days have seen a number of articles on alleged CIA rendition flights and prisons on Polish territory in the Polish press.

Guantánamo Files

Spy Files. The Little ISP That Stood Up to the Government - Digits. Latest news, Breaking news, Pakistan News, World news, business, sport and multimedia. About WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks - site, mirrors, archives. LeakDirectory. The WikiLeaks Threat - An Overview by Palantir, HBGary Federal and Berico... wlr_final.pptx [Lecture seule] Recent wikileaks Bookmarks on Delicious - The # imwikileaks Daily. Wikileaks - Cablegate / Statelogs. Cablegate. Warlogs. About. 'Investigative journalism has never been this effective!


' - Publico The WIKILEAKS Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD) holds the world's largest searchable collection of United States confidential, or formerly confidential, diplomatic communications. As of April 8, 2013 it holds 2 million records comprising approximately 1 billion words. The collection covers US involvements in, and diplomatic or intelligence reporting on, every country on earth. It is the single most significant body of geopolitical material ever published.