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The information below concerns the UNG 1.0 project, for current efforts, see the UNG 2.0 project. The UNG project intends to provide a complete alternative to proprietary cloud computing solutions, starting from enterprise applications and ending with search engines. The current development focus is Web Office and Web Groupware. screenshot of the first prototype of UNG Docs The table bellow provides an overview of the status of UNG. Ready means that it is already used by mission critical projects Prototype means that it is already used by a few people Proof of concept means that a demo what produced based on which development can start Design concept means that ideas for a proof of concept exist The UNG Docs project has been officially presented during the Open World Forum in Paris, in November 22th. Releases: 0.1 (2010-11-22) 0.2 (2011-01-19) 0.3 (2011-02-04) UNG Docs 1.0 - Press Release (2011-05-11) Instructions to install them over ERP5 will come soon. List of symbols This is a list of graphical signs, icons, and symbols. Languages[edit] Many (but not all) graphemes that are part of a writing system that encodes a full spoken language are included in the Unicode standard, which also includes graphical symbols. See: The remainder of this list focuses on graphemes not part of spoken language-encoding systems. Basic communication[edit] Scientific and engineering symbols[edit] Consumer symbols[edit] Various currency signs (sublist) [edit] Hazards[edit] Consumer products[edit] Certifications[edit] Property and pricing[edit] Food symbols[edit] Technology symbols[edit] [edit] Jolly Roger - "this ship is controlled by pirates" Religious and mystical symbols[edit] A subset has been used as United States Department of Veterans Affairs emblems for headstones and markers. A[edit] B[edit] C[edit] D[edit] E[edit] F[edit] G[edit] H[edit] I[edit] K[edit] L[edit] M[edit] N[edit] Ner tamid O[edit] Ouroboros P[edit] Q[edit] Quincunx R[edit] S[edit] T[edit] U[edit] Urantia symbols V[edit] W[edit] Y[edit]

Ancient Symbols, meanings of symbols from Ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, etc. List of Radiation Radioactive Nuclear Fallout Monitoring Websites « Continuous Learning & Development Want to get your own data about radiation (nuclear fallout). There are several official and independent monitoring sites. This blog post will be continually updated. 41th update: September 12th 2011. Please help to identify new radiation monitoring sites. Thank you. Simple Radiation Dose Calculator: allows to estimate exposer to radiation, a more detailed one can be found at EPA (USA) Radiation Network, USA: independent, monitors currently 14 locations in the USA – three around Seattle, one in California, update every minuteUSA, EPA, official monitoring sites: Now with a new interactive site to view the collected data: Switzerland Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz: Monitors Switzerland with 63 locations across at different hightes, updated daily. Germany Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz : 1800 monitoring stations across Germany, updated every 24 hrs (Link submitted by: Gesellschaft für Anlagen u.

Wikileaks | Wikipedia During the 2016 US presidential election campaign, WikiLeaks released emails and other documents from the Democratic National Committee and from Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta.[14] These releases caused significant harm to the Clinton campaign,[citation needed] and have been attributed as potential contributing factors to her loss.[15] The U.S. intelligence community expressed "high confidence" that the leaked emails had been hacked by Russia and supplied to WikiLeaks, while WikiLeaks denied their source was Russia or any other state.[16] During the campaign, WikiLeaks promoted conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.[17][18][19] In private conversations from November 2015 that were later leaked, Julian Assange expressed a preference for a GOP victory in the 2016 election, explaining that "Dems+Media+liberals woudl [sic] then form a block to reign [sic] in their worst qualities. History Staff, name and founding Purpose Administration Financing