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Advisory Board - WikiLeaks. From WikiLeaks Phillip Adams, writer, broadcaster & film maker Phillip Adams Phillip Adams is a prolific writer and film-maker of over 30 books and films.

Advisory Board - WikiLeaks

As a broadcaster he has interviewed thousands of the world's most influential politicians, historians, scientists, novelists, theologians, economists and philosophers. Transcript of secret meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. On the 23 of June, 2011 a secret five hour meeting took place between WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, who was under house arrest in rural UK at the time and Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Transcript of secret meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Also in attendance was Jared Cohen, a former Secretary of State advisor to Hillary Clinton, Scott Malcomson, Director of Speechwriting for Ambassador Susan Rice at the US State Department and current Communications Director of the International Crisis Group, and Lisa Shields, Vice President of the Council on Foreign Relations. Schmidt and Cohen requested the meeting, they said, to discuss ideas for "The New Digital World", their forthcoming book to be published on April 23, 2013. We provide here a verbatim transcript of the majority of the meeting; a close reading, particularly of the latter half, is revealing.

Wikileaks claims Aaron Swartz was an ally and possible source, breaking anonymity. Aaron Swartz died a week ago.

Wikileaks claims Aaron Swartz was an ally and possible source, breaking anonymity

A public memorial service in New York City will be held later today. You may have read much about Swartz's life in the interim, including his work at a young age on Reddit and the RSS specification, his political activism, and the overzealous prosecution that may have contributed to his suicide. But you probably haven't heard the story WikiLeaks just outlined on its Twitter account. WikiLeaks and Julian Paul Assange. The house on Grettisgata Street, in Reykjavik, is a century old, small and white, situated just a few streets from the North Atlantic.

WikiLeaks and Julian Paul Assange

The shifting northerly winds can suddenly bring ice and snow to the city, even in springtime, and when they do a certain kind of silence sets in. This was the case on the morning of March 30th, when a tall Australian man named Julian Paul Assange, with gray eyes and a mop of silver-white hair, arrived to rent the place. WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs: Muertes. Assange mocks Obama via video at U.N. event.

The Future of WikiLeaks - Evgeny Morozov. DoJ admits Assange case is doomed because WikiLeaks is a journalistic entity. People OK with murdering Assange - the full list. Why I am Convinced that Anna Ardin is a Liar. There are so many inconsistencies in Anna Ardin’s accusation of sexual assault against Julian Assange.

Why I am Convinced that Anna Ardin is a Liar

But the key question which leaps out at me – and which strangely I have not seen asked anywhere else – is this: Why did Anna Ardin not warn Sofia Wilen? On 16 August, Julian Assange had sex with Sofia Wilen. Sofia had become known in the Swedish group around Assange for the shocking pink cashmere sweater she had worn in the front row of Assange’s press conference. Anna Ardin knew Assange was planning to have sex with Sofia Wilen. Baltasar Garzón. Assange Lawyer: Innocent man persecuted, US war crimes unpunished (EXCLUSIVE) Julian Assange, International Intrigue and What’s Going On With Ecuador. Sage: This article was found by Jeannie, a member of The 2012 Scenario Discussion Group.

Julian Assange, International Intrigue and What’s Going On With Ecuador

It is from an Italian-language blog called ‘Free Thought: The Home of the Italian Exiles at Home’ by Sergio Di Cori Modigliani . The original is in Italian here: Sergio describes his blog’s philosophy thus: “the purpose of this blog is to contribute to the spread of free thought without ideological ties, without party affiliations, without economic dependence on [sources] more or less hidden. La casa degli italiani esuli in patria: L'attacco alla repubblica del Ecuador. Ecco il perchè di Londra. Di Sergio Di Cori Modigliani Oggi parliamo di geo-politica e di libera informazione in rete.

la casa degli italiani esuli in patria: L'attacco alla repubblica del Ecuador. Ecco il perchè di Londra.

Tutto ciò che sta accadendo oggi, tecnicamente (nel senso di “politicamente”) è iniziato il 12 dicembre del 2008. Secondo altri, invece, sarebbe iniziato nel settembre di quell’anno. Ma ci volevano almeno quattro anni prima che l’onda d’urto arrivasse in Europa e in Usa. Forse è meglio cominciare dall’inizio per spiegare gli accadimenti.

Funding blockade

Analysis. Where Are The Post-WikiLeaks Digital Whistleblowers? It is hard sometimes to divide the story of Julian Assange from that of WikiLeaks.

Where Are The Post-WikiLeaks Digital Whistleblowers?

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Advisory Board

Julian Assange. Kristinn Hrafnsson. Bradeley Manning. Adrian Lamo. Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Leaks. Leaked Wikileaks. Search the cables. Investigating thousands (or millions) of documents by clustering. Understand WL. WikiLeaks continues to fund itself via tech startup Flattr. WikiLeaks Keeps Funding Secret. Donate to WikiLeaks with Bitcoins. Tell MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal to Screw Themselves. Updates (Friday, July 8): 1.

Donate to WikiLeaks with Bitcoins. Tell MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal to Screw Themselves.

Some people may not be comfortable with using MtGox to trade bitcoins. There are two other alternatives:Both of these sites still allow transfers from Dwolla. 2. As of Thursday, June 7, 2011 there is an opening to donate to WikiLeaks through credit card via DataCell. But even without Visa, DataCell is still accepting donations using MasterCard and American Express here. WikiLeaks explains the banking blockaid and their legal action against it here. Updates (Tuesday, October 25): Another way to support Wikileaks is to use the website "Flattr. " So, here's how you do it: 1. And that should do it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think we know why we're here.

So what do we do about these companies? Screw MasterCard,Visa, and Paypal Who would have guessed that a site dedicated to whistleblowing would piss off the largest corporations in the world? What’s a Bitcoin? None of that makes sense? 1. 1. Larry Flint Hustles $50 K to Assange Defence Fund. Home » Industry Watch (» The Technological) (» Hall of Monkeys) (» Heroes Banquet) And tells the readers of HuffPo why he did it.

Larry Flint Hustles $50 K to Assange Defence Fund

DRUMS (Rixstep) — Larry Flint writes for the Huffington Post today, explaining succinctly why he too supports WikiLeaks and is donating to the organisation and Julian Assange's defence fund. Let's get something straight: Julian Assange is a journalist. You can argue that he is not practicing journalism the way you think it should be practiced - releasing classified US state department documents - but he's a journalist nonetheless. And for many of us he's a hero. I'm sick and tired of the politicians and political pundits treating this man as if he were a criminal. Open Letter. Dear friends and supporters of Wikileaks, I am a human rights and information rights lawyer working in Central America. I met both Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Julian Assange during the summer of 2008 at the Global Voices conference in Budapest. Since then Mr. Domscheit-Berg and I kept in touch via e-mail and instant messaging service.

'There was never an average day': James Ball on being WikiLeaks' in-house journalist. Today sees the publication of a new book by Guardian journalists charting the rise of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange from anonymous Australian hacker to the man who very publicly embarrassed the US government. An extract from the book published in the Guardian this morning describes Assange's journey – literal journey – from London to Ellingham Hall, where he stayed while on bail over sex assault charges brought against him in Sweden. The car made frequent stops in lay-bys along the route according to the book, switching the lights off and waiting in an attempt to evade possible pursuers.

That wasn't all though, Assange also made the trip dressed as an old woman. Treated to the strange sight of Assange arriving at Ellingham Hall that night in drag was journalist James Ball. Metahaven. Julian Assange and Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek. Wikileaks - The Movie ("The social leak") THE WIKILEAKS TAPES – OUT NOW! THING2THING proudly presents THE WIKILEAKS TAPES, a unique historical collection that provides the ideal background for those who want to know more about Wikileaks. Listen and learn from Professor Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Mary Kostakidis, John Pilger, John Hatton AO, Kellie Tranter, Andrew Fowler, Jonathan Holmes, Julian Morrow, Julian (brief appearance) & Christine Assange, John Shipton, Senator Scott Ludlam, Nozomi Hayase & Rap News, Julian Burnside QC, Gary Lord (@jaraparilla), Michael Pierce SC, Spencer Zifcak, Larry Buttrose, Clark Stoeckley, John Penley, Andrew Partos, Gail Malone, Cassie Findley, Antony Loewenstein and Gary Kennedy.

This dual layer DVD edition assembles the entire “Did You Have Any Idea?” Series of interviews and other related films by “rampant” citizen journalist / media artist Cathy Vogan, all on the subject of Wikileaks. Ms Vogan has been funded by NO ONE in the making of these films, and works for NO ONE (besides the 2 schools she teaches in).