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Relax With 40 Perfectly Looped Ambient Gifs - GIFs. BrightVibes. All photos come directly out of the lens.


There is no Photoshop used to bring in new elements. Weggen built an outdoor studio near his kitchen window. Using a bit of food, usually edible seeds or nuts, to lure the squirrels, the studio allows him to capture these cute photos from the comfort of his own home. All the Presidential Candidates Need to Read These Books About Climate Disaster. There’s a strong need to build climate empathy.

All the Presidential Candidates Need to Read These Books About Climate Disaster

Hundreds of media organizations worldwide have banded together through the Covering Climate Now project. Millions of people, led by youth activists, are marching in the streets demanding action. Yet some people, including many politicians, still don’t seem convinced we’re in the middle of an emergency. 7 Books That Look at Nature Up Close. There is an area of Central Park called Cherry Hill, located just above the Lake and east of Strawberry Fields, that is covered in a ring of its namesake trees.

7 Books That Look at Nature Up Close

Ignored most of the year in favor of bigger, flatter picnicking spots like Sheep’s Meadow or the Great Lawn, Cherry Hill is overrun with visitors for a few weeks each spring. On a recent walk, I saw an engagement shoot, a couple taking wedding portraits, and a dozen tourists crowded under the pink boughs, all angling for a photograph that didn’t include someone else’s head.

But soon the trees shed their petals for leaves, and now people indifferently pass by the slope, looking for the next Instagrammable shot. The drawbacks of treating life like a highlight reel are becoming increasingly obvious, and not just to the people who have tried to do yoga in the Central Park rowboats. Many of us are trying to be more “present,” a term beloved by wellness blogs but which can be frustratingly hard to enact. Green Renaissance added a new photo —... - Green Renaissance. (2) Nature: Sunflowers. Miami Bans Glyphosate, Main Active Ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup. Norway is starting the world's biggest divestment in oil and gas. Kristian Helgesen/Bloomberg via Getty Images By Adam Vaughan Norway has said its $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s biggest, should sell stocks in oil and gas exploration companies, in a move that is the biggest divestment from hydrocarbons yet.

Norway is starting the world's biggest divestment in oil and gas

The Government Pension Fund Global, which was built off Norway’s oil revenues, should begin phasing out $8 billion held in 134 firms to reduce the fund’s risk from volatile oil prices, the country’s finance ministry said in a statement on 8 March. But in a major concession, the withdrawal won’t apply to Shell, BP and France’s Total, the three biggest investments in the fund’s total £27.9bn of oil and gas stocks, because they aren’t solely oil production companies. The finance ministry also said the decision wouldn’t affect the fund’s stake in the country’s state oil firm, Equinor, formerly known as Statoil. “This is partial good news, but not fully good news as we expected,” says Yossi Cadan at divestment campaign group, The Italian Farmer Returning Chickens to the Wild. Thisissand.

S Adventure Machine. Andra Day - Rise Up (Lyrics) Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds. Republicans are accidentally doing more to advance progressive values than Democrats. Something strange and unfamiliar has taken root in Washington, DC these past few days.

Republicans are accidentally doing more to advance progressive values than Democrats

In between segments about Donald Trump’s latest impeachable offense, Republican intransigence in the face of a cataclysmic government shutdown, and whatever other mundanity du jour is on the docket, cable news shows have carved out time to talk about honest-to-God policy proposals. Muslim youth group cleans up national parks amid government shutdown. Across the country, dozens of their colleagues in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association were doing the same at national parks closed or partially closed by the shutdown.

Muslim youth group cleans up national parks amid government shutdown

They cleaned up litter, emptied garbage cans and swept the grounds -- from the Everglades National Park in Florida to Joshua Tree, California and the Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio. The group hit the National Mall in Washington on Sunday morning. "Service to our nation and cleanliness are important parts of Islam," said Dr. Madeel Abdullah, president of youth group, in a press release.

"We could not sit idly by as our national parks collected trash. Group members were joined by people from the general public who contacted the group through social media, spokesperson Salaam Bhatti told CNN, adding that the response to their efforts has been "overwhelmingly positive. " Bhatti said members regularly participate in community cleanups, carried out as part of their faith.

Muslims Worked a Soup Kitchen on Christmas Eve to Give Christians the Day Off. In a gesture of goodwill and human decency, a group of Muslims in Detroit volunteered at a Christian church’s soup kitchen on Christmas Eve so the usual volunteers could take time off for the holiday.

Muslims Worked a Soup Kitchen on Christmas Eve to Give Christians the Day Off

Volunteers served up meals at the soup kitchen inside St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. On Christmas Eve, many of the usual volunteers have other obligations, which is why Muslim volunteers from Mercy-USA for Aid and Development stepped up to lend a hand. UP: This 25-Year-Old Has Brought About A Dozen Dead Lakes Back To Life. Does California have a budget surplus of nearly ‘$30 billion,’ as Gov. Jerry Brown claimed? 99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018. Another year of hard-fought wins in conservation 1.

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018

The Kofan people of Sinangoe, in the Ecuadorian Amazon, won a landmark legal battle to protect the headwaters of the Aguarico River, nullifying 52 mining concessions and freeing up more than 32,000 hectares of primary rainforest. Amazon Frontlines 2. Following China’s ban on ivory last year, 90% of Chinese support it, ivory demand has dropped by almost half, and poaching rates are falling in places like Kenya. Night of Camp David: the return of a 1965 book about an insane president. “Nobody in this country can tell a president of the United States that his mind is sick.”

Night of Camp David: the return of a 1965 book about an insane president

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody (Opinion Rhapsody) Macaulay Library – A scientific archive for research, education, and conservation, powered by you. 9 Out of 10 People Are Willing to Earn Less Money to Do More-Meaningful Work. In his introduction to Working, the landmark 1974 oral history of work, Studs Terkel positioned meaning as an equal counterpart to financial compensation in motivating the American worker.

9 Out of 10 People Are Willing to Earn Less Money to Do More-Meaningful Work

“[Work] is about a search…for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor,” he wrote. Among those “happy few” he met who truly enjoyed their labors, Terkel noted a common attribute: They had “a meaning to their work over and beyond the reward of the paycheck.” More than forty years later, myriad studies have substantiated the claim that American workers expect something deeper than a paycheck in return for their labors.

Current compensation levels show only a marginal relationship with job satisfaction. Macron condemned the rise of nationalism in front of Trump and Putin, warning that 'old demons are reawakening'. PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron used an address to world leaders gathered in Paris for Armistice commemorations on Sunday to send a stern message about the dangers of nationalism, calling it a betrayal of moral values.

With US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sitting just a few feet away listening to the speech via translation earpieces, Macron denounced those who evoke nationalist sentiment to disadvantage others. Barbra Streisand Carpool Karaoke. Time. The billionaire who donated over $10 million to a campaign urging the U.K. to vote to leave the European Union is now the subject of a criminal investigation into the “true source” of the funds, raising questions of whether foreign money could have swayed the Brexit referendum.

On Thursday, Arron Banks was referred to Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), the body that investigates serious and organized crime, by Britain’s Electoral Commission. Banks is the biggest donor in British political history and a co-founder of Leave.EU, a campaign group for Brexit that was fronted by Nigel Farage during the 2016 referendum campaign. (There is no suggestion that Farage is under investigation or suspected of any wrongdoing.) Banks said in a statement that he welcomes the investigation and is confident it will debunk the “ludicrous allegations” against him. Collins said in a separate statement: “We have evidence of Mr. These Voters Could Approve the First U.S. Carbon Fee. Big Oil Is Spending Millions to Defeat It. Washington state voters will decide this November whether to approve the nation's first carbon fee in what has become the most expensive ballot initiative fight in the state's history and a referendum on the oil industry's political clout.

If the measure passes, it will show that even as the federal government turns its back on the climate crisis, one state's voters can make a difference. If it is defeated, that will affirm the oil industry's ability to marshal money for advertising and support to deflect challenges to its continued dominant role in fueling the nation's economy. The fee would be charged to large carbon emitters and fossil fuel sellers based on the carbon content of the fuels sold or used in the state. The costs would come back to residents, mainly at the gas pump, as companies pass those charges on to their consumers. US Coal On Track For Record Capacity Decline, Closing 15.4 Gigawatts. Coal. The answer to the great question of life, the universe, and everything. Monty Python's Eric Idle Looks Back On The 'Bright Side' Of A Life In Comedy.

Monty Python co-founder Eric Idle's memoir "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography" comes out Tuesday. Here & Now's Robin Young talks with Idle (@EricIdle) about the book. Scroll down to read an excerpt from "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" Interview Highlights On the impact the early 1960s British stage comedy "Beyond the Fringe" had on him "They were the first people really I ever saw who actually attacked the prime minister or the cabinet or the queen and the royal family, the Army, the Navy, religion — and they just demolished everything.

On how growing up after World War II shaped Monty Python members. I was an Isis sex slave. I tell my story because it is the best weapon I have. The slave market opened at night. My friend Denis Mukwege is a beacon for all men to follow. Today’s announcement of the Nobel peace prize for Denis Mukwege, with co-winner Nadia Murad, is a deeply deserved recognition for an extraordinary man who has risked everything to heal, cherish and honour women. If Brett Kavanaugh makes it through, women’s anger will be unstoppable. “Do you want to be arrested?” Dear Christine Blasey Ford: you are a welcome earthquake. Culture - International Women’s Day: Iconic images of women protesters. Is This Anderson Cooper Standing in a Ditch While Reporting Hurricane Florence?

The Heroes of America's Startup Economy Weren't Born in America. According to the Entrepreneurship Rate indicator of the Inc. Entrepreneurship Index, Inc.'s proprietary benchmarked score representing the health of American startups, the percentage of entrepreneurs who are immigrants is currently close to a 20-year high. New York Times anonymous op-ed author isn’t a liberal troll. QAnon-sense - click 2x the Nib. We Are America ft. John Cena. Chart: Are We Living Under Fascism? - by Scott Bateman click 2x.

Who can solve the problem between them?!! 2 clicks. What People Mean by “European Culture” - by Jen Sorensen click 2x. 10 Learnings - 10 Years of Brain Pickings 2 clicks. I remember my first awareness of mortality as a child in Bulgaria. I was nine and my father was relaying an anecdote from his youth. You Can Be a Patriot Without Loving America – The Nib. Everything libraries offer that Amazon doesn’t. Click 2x. What You Might Not Know - Declaration of Independence click2x. Your Memory is Worse Than You Think - by Line Høj Høstrup. 'I can think of nothing more American': Beto O’Rourke responds to question on NFL protests. Just a little birdie bathing : aww. Did David Hogg Lie About Being on Campus During Mass Shooting?

Choose Wisely! Captain Janeway Help Seven of Nine. Stars & Gripes - by Matt Lubchansky click 2x.