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Lectura comprensiva.


Valuing Vocabulary. Vocabulary building can be one of the most arduous tasks for pupils.

Valuing Vocabulary

Pupils can feel bombarded at the start of a topic when they are learning lots of new words thick and fast. In this post, I hope to show you some ways in which you can present vocabulary in a more fun, accessible way allowing for pupils to learn independently. Wordle/Tagxedo/Tagul I'm a huge fan of wordles! Word clouds can often be found on the board as pupils enter the class. I've also used wordles as a main activity having pupils categorise the vocabulary they can see. Fichasporcontenido.pdf. Activity. Blog.

Posted by Alvaro under: News We’ve always tried to give teachers as much information as possible so they can decide whether our resources might be a good acquisition for their classes.


That’s why you can preview the videos in low-resolution, and we also send free samples to our subscribers of the activities included in our new materials. From now on, we’d like to go one step further, offering teachers the possibility to get the first two episodes of “Rumbo a Machu Picchu” for free, so you can see the kind of activities we design, and the quality of our videos and audio files. We’d like teachers to see how Bablingua works, from the registration process to the download of the resources. If you’d like to benefit from this offer, just follow these easy 6 steps:

DE CINE: CLASES DE RUSO. MEJORES 14 PUBLICIDADES ARGENTINAS. Thinking and Re-thinking. As I walked to the gate to get on my plane back to Bangkok, from Phuket, departing passengers merged with arriving passengers just for a moment.

Thinking and Re-thinking

A flight had come in from Russia and the flow of passengers was being blocked by a little boy, possibly four years old, who had stopped to look out of the window. Just across the tarmac of the runway was the clear blue sea of Phuket and he was gawping at it, shouting excitedly at his parents in Russian. Perhaps, and I know this is an assumption, this was the first time he had seen the sea, or at least a sea that looked like that! Naturally, this got me thinking. I wonder if, as adults in our capacity as teachers or parents, we sometimes forget about that emotional response to seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, sensing, knowing, making or understanding something for the first time. I hope not. I have to thank Louie Schwartzberg and TED for the video below. Infografia_los_usos_del_verbo_estar_zachary_jones. IF THE WORLD WERE 100 PEOPLE UPDATED.

Luca and Richard speak in 9 languages on stage. Teacher. Age Restrictions.


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You acknowledge that we may choose, but are not obligated, to make any inquiries, either directly or through third parties, that we deem necessary to validate any user’s registration information, including without limitation engaging third parties to provide identity or other verification services. Socrative reserves all rights to take legal action against anyone who misrepresents personal information or is otherwise untruthful about their identity in connection with their use of the Services. Teachers and Educators. Changes. Summative and Formative Assessment in the Foreign Language Classroom. Lasting Legacies - Written. El desayuno en el arte. El desayuno es la primera comida que se consume en el día.

El desayuno en el arte

Learn Spanish with Spanish podcast audio. This is real, exciting conversation from Spain. Presente de indicativo. Tras el parón de las vacaciones navideñas y aprovechando una vez más la ocasión para felicitar a todos el nuevo año, volvemos a los podcasts para explotar en el aula.

presente de indicativo

Y lo hacemos con algo que se aleja de lo que hasta ahora habíamos colgado en anteriores entradas, pero que más de uno habrá explotado de alguna forma con los estudiantes. Os presentamos una secuencia de sonidos, todos ellos rescatados del Banco de sonidos e imágenes del Ministerio de Educación, y que avanzan desde el desagradable ruido del espertador matutino hasta el murmullo característico de un lugar de trabajo. La idea fundamental es darle al estudiante tiempo para que al ir reconociendo los sonidos, vaya escribiendo las acciones asociadas a los mismos y redacte así la secuencia de un día normal. De esta forma podría funcionar perfectamente en un A1, pero, por supuesto, la explotación puede ir mucho más allá.

Grade 10

Artful storytelling. 2 - Recursosenlaweb.pdf. DP. Grade 7. Pretérito. El Pretérito Indefinido o Pretérito Perfecto Simple es un tiempo verbal del Modo Indicativo que presenta una acción acabada en un tiempo también acabado.


Indica una acción acabada dentro de un tiempo que el hablante considera terminado. Usamos el Pretérito Indefinido en las siguientes situaciones: · Para expresar una acción pasada y acabada. Español para inmigrantes. Mona Lisa Smile: Methodology Teaching. This segment from the attractive movie Mona Lisa Smile is to be used with teachers of English or Methodology students, just like the previous post from the movie Temple Grandin.

Mona Lisa Smile: Methodology Teaching

It is a great idea for reflections teachers should make so that they can reach all kinds of students. I. Watch the scene from the movie Mona Lisa Smile. Then work with a partner and make a list of all the adversities the teacher faced in her first class with this group of students. II. 1. 2. 3. 4. El origen de los pantalones chinos.