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The Perfect Boob Throughout History, From Big Ol' Things To Bee Stings

The Perfect Boob Throughout History, From Big Ol' Things To Bee Stings
From the way that large breasts are portrayed in the media — extolled in movies, worshiped on TV shows, put on display in lingerie ads, and generally fetishized as a crucial part of any "desirable" woman's body — you'd think that finding C-cups attractive was encoded into human DNA. But if you take a look at art history, you'll discover a very different story. The concept of the ideal boob — and all of its variables, from nipple size to breast curvature to depth of cleavage — has been all over the map throughout the ages, with trends favoring everything from miniature mammaries to gargantuan gazungas, and all sizes in between. Every society throughout history has had its own unique interpretation of The Perfect Bosom, each of which reflected their individual concerns, values, obsessions, hang-ups, and ideas about the role of women in society. Want to learn more about the boob's journey through the ages? Want to learn more about the boob's journey through the ages?

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This Ad Was Rejected By The Oscars For Being “Too Graphic”, But It Shows The Reality Of A New Mom As Hollywood’s A-list celebrities were walking down the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards, a new Frida Mom postpartum ad was causing controversy for not being accepted to the party. ABC refused to show the commercial during their three-hour broadcast of the Oscars, saying it was “too graphic”. The clip shows a new mom during the first days after giving birth, facing the effects it has had on her body. There’s the postpartum belly, the mesh underwear she received at the hospital, her problematic journey to the bathroom, and the pad she must wear as her body continues to bleed. ABC explained their reasoning by citing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences guidelines: “Advertisement of the following is not permitted: Political candidates/positions, religious or faith-based message/position, guns, gun shows, ammunition, feminine hygiene products, adult diapers, condoms or hemorrhoid remedies.”

How the new coronavirus surges compare to New York City’s peak By Kennedy Elliott and Nsikan Akpan July 9, 2020 COVID-19 has been described as a once-in-a-century pandemic, with New York City as the iconic early epicenter for the United States. Donald Trump fans cry betrayal as he rebukes Capitol violence Donald Trump’s belated “concession” to a peaceful and orderly transition of power after the storming of the US Capitol has provoked anger and conspiracy theories among some of his most ardent followers. On social media channels and chatrooms like Parler and 4chan, where far-right Trumpists have gravitated as other social media sites have increasingly shut out the president, there were complaints of betrayal. Trump claimed on Thursday that he was “outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem” of the Capitol siege that he had incited, and said those who “broke the law will pay” – comments that perhaps reflected concern over mounting legal and political hazard rather than a newfound sense of contrition and integrity. Nevertheless they prompted an outpouring of anger, grief and denial from his hardline acolytes. “A punch in the gut,” said one. “A stab in the back,” another railed.

50 Photos To Remind Everyone That Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than Most Of Us Think We usually imagine felines as cute little furballs who, no matter how fast they grow up, still fit into our lap just fine. But there’s one cat breed known as the Maine coon that can easily reach up to 40 inches. In comparison, the average size of an adult domestic cat comes in at as little as 8 to 10 inches.

Why Women Have to Wait in Longer Bathroom Lines Than Men Do But regular old bathroom-goers are probably not keen on familiarizing themselves with the intricacies of plumbing-code development. “The average person wouldn’t understand these ratios and understand which codes apply, so they don’t really know where to complain—they’re just miserable,” says Dufresne, of the Institute for Human Centered Design. The last objection to fixating on codes is a more philosophical one, about the limits of thinking numerically. As I spoke with architects, plumbing engineers, and design scholars for this piece, it became clear that building codes are looked to as a neutral, value-free lodestar, even though they have a strongly gendered history. As Greed has written, when it comes to restroom design, “an obsession with structural and technical issues predominates over social, ergonomic, health, equality, accessibility, and livability issues, with women’s needs peripheral.” Potty parity is just one salutary outcome of gender-neutral bathrooms.

untitled One couple from Singapore, fed up with their coronavirus quarantine a few months ago, decided to get creative and launch a website that satisfies the wanderlust in us all since most of us can’t travel right now.The result was “WindowSwap,” a site that presents visitors with video snippets of what you see when looking through the windows in peoples’ homes from around the world.The submissions have come everywhere from Giza to Brooklyn, and so many points in between. About two months ago, during what they describe as the strictest part of the coronavirus quarantine in Singapore, Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam were starting to get restless and feel “a little antsy” in the couples’ one-bedroom apartment. Scrolling through their Instagram feed one day, they spied a post from a friend who lives in Barcelona. He’d shared an image of the view from his window, looking out into the northeastern Spanish city he calls home.

How to Fix the Supreme Court, Part One: C is for Clarence - PREVAIL by Greg Olear “If everyone made war only according to his own convictions, there would be no war,” Prince Andrei Bolkonsky thought… A good player who loses at chess is genuinely convinced that he has lost because of a mistake, and he looks for this mistake in the beginning of the game, but forgets that there were also mistakes at every step in the course of the game, that none of his moves was perfect. The mistake he pays attention to is conspicuous only because his opponent took advantage of it.

The U.S. was one of the last countries to abolish slavery As the Black Lives Matter protests have continued over the past two months, there has been an influx of misinformation surrounding the group’s donations and goals. A recent Facebook post suggested that Black Lives Matter protestors don’t know America’s history with slavery. The post reads: "Slavery used to be a normal throughout the world. America was the ONLY country that ended it! Black people owned slaves, too. White people were slaves, too.

Women Poop. Sometimes At Work. Get Over It. Which is not to say that anxious poopers or audible flatulators of all genders don’t exist: Indeed, a male friend of ours, a U.S. Marine, recently explained that he often changes out of his military uniform and into another while on base in order to enter an entirely different facility to use the restroom. (He was one of three individuals who responded to a survey we sent out to 100 people, mostly women, about fecal habits at work. What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness Growing up in the United States, I remember on Halloween my mother used to say, “Honey, this is not just a day for costumes and candy. You must also remember your relatives. Know their names.” She would show me pictures of great-aunts, uncles and other deceased relatives.

Fact-checking Hawley’s claim about Pennsylvania’s election law Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri led the Senate charge against the electoral college certification of Joe Biden’s victory. Much of his argument was based on changes to mail-in voting in Pennsylvania.