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Scientists Cleared Alzheimer's Plaque From Mice Using Light and Sound. Scientists Show How Gratitude Literally Alters The Human Heart & Molecular Structure Of The Brain. We are having a Full Moon in Libra on April 7th-8th, depending on your time zone.

Scientists Show How Gratitude Literally Alters The Human Heart & Molecular Structure Of The Brain

This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Aries on March 24th and the themes mentioned in that article are still in effect. The energies of a Full Moon are strongest in the days surrounding it yet its astrological configurations also play a part over the following two weeks. You may start to see its effects slowly build up after the New Moon prior to it. We may finally know what causes Alzheimer’s – and how to stop it.

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Stem Cell Dental Implants Grow New Teeth In 2 Months! Apparently, the newest scientific discovery can possibly leave dentures and implants in the past, and make millions of people extremely happy.

Stem Cell Dental Implants Grow New Teeth In 2 Months!

These two methods for a missing tooth or teeth can lead to serious dental health issues, such as discomfort and irritations, difficulties to eat, and pain in the case of dentures, while implants can cause infections, nerve damage, injury or damage to the surrounding structures, and sinus problems. Goodbye Surgery? Scientists Just Made Eye Drops that Dissolve Cataracts. Most of us take our vision for granted.

Goodbye Surgery? Scientists Just Made Eye Drops that Dissolve Cataracts

As a result, we take the ability to read, write, drive, and complete a multitude of other tasks for granted. Sugar targets gut microbe linked to lean and healthy people. Sugar can silence a key protein required for colonization by a gut bacterium associated with lean and healthy individuals, according to a new Yale study published the week of Dec. 17 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Sugar targets gut microbe linked to lean and healthy people

The gut microbiota plays a key role in human health, and its composition is associated with diet. Until recently, scientists believed that sugar was absorbed into the intestine and never reached the gut. However, recent studies have shown sugar can travel to the colon, where the microbiota resides. Butter is Not Just Better, It's Essential To Modern Human Health. Unless you eat like a hunter-gatherer, grass-fed butterfat is an irreplaceable part of a healthy diet, argues the Weston A.

Butter is Not Just Better, It's Essential To Modern Human Health

Price Foundation. Studies show it protects against heart disease, cancer and bone disease. Unless you eat organ meats, fish eggs, bugs or blubber — items most civilized people find repulsive — you are missing out on essential nutrients that can be found only in grass-fed butterfat, argues the “politically incorrect” nutrition organization, the Weston A. Price Foundation. Within the last century, “Diet Dictocrats” have decided that saturated fats, butter chief among them, are to blame for heart disease and cancer, WAP cofounder Sally Fallon says in an article titled “Why Butter is Better.


Inflammatory disease. Determining the Likelihood of Long-term Brain Damage in Newborns. Scan one (left) shows the brain of a healthy baby, while scan two (right) shows that of a baby with brain damage.

Determining the Likelihood of Long-term Brain Damage in Newborns

Compared to scan one, scan two shows abnormal brightness in the deep nuclei (in the centre of the brain), which indicates damage. Image credit: Imperial College London In a study of over 200 babies at seven hospitals across the UK and the USA, researchers found the brain scan, called magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy, predicted damage with 98 per cent accuracy. Brain damage affects around one in 300 births in the UK, and is usually caused by oxygen deprivation. However, currently doctors are unable to accurately assess the extent of a newborn baby’s brain damage. Juicing isn't actually good for you and your diet is probably dumb. Full disclosure: I don't really get juicing.

Juicing isn't actually good for you and your diet is probably dumb

Don't get me wrong, I've slurped down some delicious veggie and ginger concoctions and done my fair share of shots of lemon and turmeric. But spending 10 bucks on—or trying to replace breakfast with—a beverage that essentially amounts to cold, sugary soup has just never sounded appealing. Still, there's no accounting for taste, and I don't begrudge folks who enjoy sipping on cold carrot water. But don't pretend that juicing is good for you.

Researchers have tackled the pervasive myths of juice-related health benefits in a study published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Unsurprisingly, the cardiologists focused on the effects of fad diets on heart health. Consent Form. Can Microbes Manipulate Our Minds? Credit: Pixabay.

Can Microbes Manipulate Our Minds?

Researchers at the University of Oxford have proposed an evolutionary framework to understand why microbes living in the gut affect the brain and behaviour, published in Nature Reviews Microbiology. A Chiropractor Warns: Don't Sleep On Your Right Side : Healthy Holistic Living. By Emilyn Gil Sleep is probably life’s most interesting oddity.

A Chiropractor Warns: Don't Sleep On Your Right Side : Healthy Holistic Living

As kids we do everything possible to avoid it, as adults we can’t seem to get enough of it, and all of us spend about a third of our lives doing it. The Miraculous Power of Fasting — How It Heals Your Body Inside And Out. Sjukvård på villovägar – anthropocene. Your-gut-is-directly-connected-to-your-brain-by-a-newly-discovered-neuron-curcuit. Let’s be honest here.


We have all found ourselves in a situation like this: We think that we are starving for food, and so we start to crave something fatty. Preferably something along the lines of pizza or cheap take-out. Brain Imaging Shows Autistic Brains Contain HIGH Amounts of Aluminum. The Facts:A study published early in 2018 identified very high amounts of aluminum lodged in the brains of multiple people with autism.Reflect On:We know little about where the heavy metals used as adjuvants in vaccines end up in the body.

MOC SŁÓW I MYŚLI - OŻYWIANIE MARTWYCH KOMÓREK - Odkrywamy Zakryte. Link Between Gut Flora and Multiple Sclerosis Discovered. Summary: A new study reports T cells are activated in the intestines and migrate to the brain, causing an inflammatory cascade that may lead to multiple sclerosis. Researchers say the gut microbiome may play a more significant role in the development and progression of MS than previously believed. Source: University of Zurich. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks and damages the protective coating around nerve cells.

Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’? Dehydration is making you fat and sick! The arteries within our bodies are essential for our health. If our system of arterial vessels isn't working properly, our organs won't receive the amount of blood they need to work properly either. When someone has a heart attack, it's usually because their arteries are clogged as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes this means they need to exercise more, eat healthier food, or in extreme cases, a combination of both. Clogged arteries can also cause stroke and a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Largest Brain Study of 62,454 Scans Identifies Drivers of Brain Aging.

Drivers of Brain Aging. Credit: Daniel G. Amen, IOS Press In the largest known brain imaging study, scientists from Amen Clinics (Costa Mesa, CA), Google, John’s Hopkins University, University of California, Los Angeles and the University of California, San Francisco evaluated 62,454 brain SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) scans of more than 30,000 individuals from 9 months old to 105 years of age to investigate factors that accelerate brain aging. SPECT tomography) evaluates regional cerebral blood flow in the brain that is reduced in various disorders.

Lead author, psychiatrist Daniel G. The current study, which will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, used brain SPECT imaging to determine aging trajectories in the brain and which common brain disorders predict abnormally accelerated aging. Omgiven av idioti. Extracts of Polypore Mushroom Mycelia Reduce Viruses in Honey Bees. Your gut is directly connected to your brain, by a newly discovered neuron circuit.

The human gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells—it’s practically a brain unto itself. Brain Activity Has Been Recorded as Much as 10 Minutes After Death. Molecule capable of halting and reverting neurodegeneration caused by Parkinson's disease identified. Evidence that addictive behaviors have strong links with ancient retroviral infection. New research from an international team led by Oxford University's Department of Zoology and the National-Kapodistrian University of Athens, published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), shows that an ancient retrovirus—HK2—is more frequently found in drug addicts and thus is significantly associated with addiction. Fasting Molecule Delays Vascular Aging. A molecule produced during fasting or calorie restriction has anti-aging effects on the vascular system, which could reduce the occurrence and severity of human diseases related to blood vessels, such as cardiovascular disease, according to a study led by Georgia State University.

“As people become older, they are more susceptible to disease, like cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Hashem Al-Ghaili - Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer's protein from the brain. What Can We Learn About Healthy Living from the Amish? : Healthy Holistic Living. To the Amish, good health comes naturally. In fact, according to research from the folks at Ohio State University, a strong focus on family, spiritual development, practicing modesty and other values associated with “clean,” rural living appear to build as much resistance to disease as they do integrity of character.

This Obscure Marijuana-Related Illness Is On The Rise In States With Legalized Pot. Inflammationsdrivande mat kopplas till depression. When We Eat, or Don’t Eat, May Be Critical for Health. PlayGround + - Meditate in ice and other lessons from... Så här enkelt blandar du en egen vätskeersättning med 3 enkla ingredienser från hemmet - How the Human Heart Functions as a Second Brain. Mindre stök i Londonskola efter 12 veckors näringstillskott. Tjejerna bevisar: Giftet går rakt ut i kroppen. ”Vill inte ha hormonstörande ämnen i kroppen” World-first RSS news feed for Macular Disease sufferers. Do You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night? According To Chinese Traditional Medicine, Here’s Why – Collective Evolution.

Engineers invent a noninvasive technique to correct vision. Missing link found between brain, immune system. Science Is Finally Proving The Existence Of Meridian Points Throughout The Human Body. These People Reversed Their Diabetes In 30 Days With This One Change. Maten som motverkar inflammation - 7 råvaror som får dig att må bättre och som förebygger sjukdomar! Studies: Here Are the 8 Quickest and Safest Way to Heal Your Brain – Boost Mood, Memory, and More : Healthy Holistic Living. A biologist reveals why the human body gets older - and the surprising way you can reverse the trend. Being barefoot boosts brain development. Providr. Can trees heal people? Studies Show What Happens To Your Mouth When You Practice “Oil Pulling” Bonnie Bassler: How bacteria "talk" Irish Teen Awarded Prestigious Prize For Discovery of Natural Substance That Kills Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. Så hälsofarlig är vedbrasan. Metabola Syndromet. Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain.

What Your Farts Are Telling You About Your Health. How Big Food & Education Made Us Believe ‘Milk Does The Body Good’ When It Really Doesn’t. How Dirt Could Save Us From Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs.