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World War II

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Bomb Sight - Mapping the World War 2 London Blitz Bomb Census. With Bomb Sight you can discover what it was like in London, during WW2 Luftwaffe Blitz bombing raids, exploring maps, images and memories.

Bomb Sight - Mapping the World War 2 London Blitz Bomb Census

The Bomb Sight web map and mobile app reveals WW2 bomb census maps between 7/10/1940 and 06/06/1941, previously available only by viewing them in the Reading Room of The National Archives. How to use the Map Use the search box to find a street or postcode of interest You can move around the map by clicking on the pan controls Use the zoom controls to change the detail on the map: Click the plus (+) to see more detail and click the minus (-) to see less map detail Use the layer button in the top left to explore the different types of map information that is available Click on individual bomb icons to find out more information Click on the to have a look at the map legend (this button is not available when viewing the website on a small screen) What information is available?

Auschwitz survivor's social media search for long-lost twin. Menachem Bodner, born Eli Gottesman, survived Auschwitz as a child and was later adoptedNow aged 73, he is trying to trace his twin, Jeno, who he last saw at the concentration campHe hopes social media, including Facebook, will help him find his long-lost brotherThe pair, originally from Ukraine, have "matching" camp ID tattoos: A 7733 and A 7734 Tel Aviv, Israel (CNN) -- Menachem Bodner is a soft-spoken 73-year-old, who thinks carefully before he describes his first memory as a three-year old child.

Auschwitz survivor's social media search for long-lost twin

"I remember my mother. What she was wearing. A green skirt with white flowers and a white blouse," he says in Hebrew. "On the left, there was a bed and my brother was sleeping. That memory is crucial. Bodner is a survivor of Auschwitz. Auschwitz survivor Menachem Bodner, now 73, is searching for his long-lost twin brother Jeno, known as Jolli. Bodner originally thought this photograph, which he believed showed him, as a baby with his family, would help his search. "I was in the camp. Nuremberg Remembered. Unit 10: New Deal and World War II. The Secret Annex Online.

WWII Propaganda, Images, Art. WW1 Political Cartoons. Dr. Seuss’ WWII Political Cartoons. Posted on December 6, 2010 by Brooks Bayne in Photo Most of you know Dr.

Dr. Seuss’ WWII Political Cartoons

Seuss as an author who wrote children’s books, but he did so much more in his career that may surprise you. Dr. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel, wrote over 60 books, selling over 200 million copies. Seuss graduated from Dartmouth and went to Oxford afterward, although, he left Oxford early without obtaining his intended Doctor of Philosophy, because he fell in love with a girl he met there and married her! After college, Seuss worked as a humorous writer for popular magazines, and as an ad illustrator for some of America’s largest corporations to support himself and his wife. Seuss was a self-described Democrat, and during the first several years of WWII, he worked with a far left publication in New York City named PM, where he began drawing cartoons in favor of the war against Hitler and Japan. During this time, Seuss also created posters for the American Treasury Department and the War Production Board.