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Library Covid-19 Resources

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Library Covid-19 resources concerning the re-opening of libraries and new protocols implemented.

PEN America’s Guide on COVID-19 and Disinformation. Building Media Literacy Skills During a Pandemic As the coronavirus pandemic heightens nerves, disinformation—defined as information being spread with the intention to mislead–has found fertile ground.

PEN America’s Guide on COVID-19 and Disinformation

In the United States, text messages encouraged people to stock up on food and supplies in advance of a national quarantine. In Europe and China, a video circulated on WhatsApp and TikTok that appeared to show shoppers mobbing a Dutch supermarket. Both warnings were false, and yet both landed in countless inboxes and feeds. While those messages may have been intended to cause panic, there’s also been earnest confusion (what we at PEN America define as misinformation, rather than disinformation). Whether out of malice or genuine alarm, false stories are continuing to circulate. 1. Some stories look like news but are actually opinion pieces. 2. “Daily Buzz Live” may sound like a legit news site, but there are countless examples of bad actors creating fake news outlets that sound real. 3. 4. The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them. Please read this link to learn about the author and background to these posts.

The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

It seems many people are breathing some relief, and I’m not sure why. An epidemic curve has a relatively predictable upslope and once the peak is reached, the back slope can also be predicted. We have robust data from the outbreaks in China and Italy, that shows the backside of the mortality curve declines slowly, with deaths persisting for months.

Assuming we have just crested in deaths at 70k, it is possible that we lose another 70,000 people over the next 6 weeks as we come off that peak. That's what's going to happen with a lockdown. As states reopen, and we give the virus more fuel, all bets are off. There are very few states that have demonstrated a sustained decline in numbers of new infections. (as of May 3rd) So throughout most of the country we are going to add fuel to the viral fire by reopening. Where are people getting sick? We know most people get infected in their own home. Sobering right? Erin S. Marketing & Outreach: K-12 Schools – Social – OverDrive Resource Center. From Seoul to Sydney, Cities in Asia and Australia Learn to Live with Coronavirus.

Worshipers at one of Seoul’s largest Catholic churches must refrain from singing hymns or saying “amen” for fear of spreading saliva.

From Seoul to Sydney, Cities in Asia and Australia Learn to Live with Coronavirus

Priests sanitize their hands during communion. Holy water has been removed from the chapel. “This should become the new normal from now on,” said Gong Mi-young, 53, who owns a tutoring school and attended Mass one night this week at Myeongdong Church in the South Korean capital. “We have to be ready for war.” South Korea even has a name for the new practices: “everyday life quarantine.” As cities in Asia, Australia and elsewhere get their coronavirus outbreaks under control, churches, schools, restaurants, movie theaters and even sporting venues are starting to open, creating a sense of normalcy for people who have spent weeks and even months in isolation.

In Hong Kong, tables at restaurants must be spaced at least five feet apart and customers are given bags to store their face masks during dining. But educators are not taking chances. Javier C. Sora Remote Reading Book Bundle. Sora reading app extends no cost ebooks and audiobooks to remote learners - Rakuten OverDrive. Remote Learning – OverDrive Resource Center.

American International School of Budapest (Hungary) With her dog Luna by her side, Amy Ragan, Media Specialist, decided to put her to work in her new home office.

Remote Learning – OverDrive Resource Center

Each week during remote learning, Luna the Librarian recommends books. Luna has a photoshoot with the book and Amy ensures it’s available in Sora. Hart County School District (KY) They’ve been adding Sora Informational hand-outs to their “lunch-boxes” students are picking up while school is closed. Denver Public Schools (CO) They’ve taken on several initiatives to increase awareness and access to Sora, including all-staff trainings and grade-wide reads for students in grades 7-12. Hawaii State Department of Education (HI) Hawaii State Department of Education is working on a Public Service Announcement to share information about Sora with their school community to build awareness of digital resources for students. Fulton County School District (GA) Hong Kong Public Libraries - Latest arrangements on services of Hong Kong Public Libraries. The services of public libraries will resume gradually.

Hong Kong Public Libraries - Latest arrangements on services of Hong Kong Public Libraries

From 6 May, the Hong Kong Central Library and the six major libraries (namely City Hall, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun and Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library) will be partially reopened with limited services. Library facilities to be opened include adult library, young adult library (only applicable to Hong Kong Central Library and Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library) and children's library. Limited services including lending and returning of library materials, and picking up of library materials reserved will be provided. Other facilities in the library, including newspapers and periodicals area, reference library, computer and information centre and all computer facilities, students’ study room and hiring facilities will remain closed.