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As Woodside's latest gas project cops climate condemnation, others say it's a global reality check. Woodside's Scarborough domestic gas may be surplus, report finds amid new legal challenge. Conservationists have doubled down on their determination to fight Woodside's plan to build the $16.5 billion Scarborough gas project over concerns about its projected greenhouse gas emissions.

Woodside's Scarborough domestic gas may be surplus, report finds amid new legal challenge

Key points: WA's Conservation Council this week launched its second legal action over the projectA report found the domestic gas supply would be surplus to projected requirementsAnother report found gas would continue to be important as renewables increased The Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) this week launched its second legal action targeting the WA government's management of the project's approvals over a number of years — in particular, how greenhouse gas emissions were considered. Just days before Christmas, the WA Supreme Court will hear another CCWA challenge, this time to Scarborough's environmental approvals, which it argues were unlawful because they did not adequately consider the project's impact on the climate. Projected domestic supply would exceed demand. Woodside's Scarborough decision sparks Perth protest as CEO Meg O'Neill defends project. A small group of protesters has congregated outside Woodside's Perth office to oppose the company's decision to proceed with its $16.5 billion Scarborough gas project, as company CEO Meg O'Neill said it was vital for the world's energy needs.

Woodside's Scarborough decision sparks Perth protest as CEO Meg O'Neill defends project

Key points: Protesters outside Woodside's offices held placardsWoodside says investment in gas "is absolutely required"But the Australia Institute says gas displaces renewables On Monday the final investment decision was announced confirming the LNG gas field expansion, a joint venture between Woodside and BHP. Protesters at the Mount Street office tower held signs reading: "say no to Scarborough" and "don't gaslight us about climate Woodside. " Protest organiser Rhiannon Hardwicke said as a 29-year-old, she was worried about Australia's "lagged" approach to climate action. Ms Hardwicke said she also wanted to ensure vulnerable populations around the world were protected from the worst impacts of climate change.

Woodside BHP Scarborough gas project off north-west WA gets final go-ahead. Woodside will press ahead with the biggest oil and gas development to be built in Australia in a decade, after sanctioning its $16.5 billion Scarborough project off Western Australia.

Woodside BHP Scarborough gas project off north-west WA gets final go-ahead

Key points: Woodside signs off on the final investment decision for the Scarborough projectGreen groups have pledged to continue fighting the planThe gas giant has also merged its petroleum business with BHP In a move that has enraged green groups, Woodside announced it had approved the Scarborough development and the associated upgrade of its Pluto liquefied natural gas facility near Karratha, 1,600km north of Perth. The decision comes despite a furious, last-ditch bid by environmentalists to stymie the project after the Conservation Council of WA last week launched legal action, claiming the project required assessment under federal law. At the peak of construction, as many as 3,200 jobs are expected to be created, with first production slated for 2026.

"However, this is far from over. Woodside's Scarborough gas project under fire, as final decision edges closer. Woodside is set to make a final investment decision on a major LNG project in Western Australia's north within weeks, but opponents are vowing to push on with their attempts to stop it.

Woodside's Scarborough gas project under fire, as final decision edges closer

Key points: The project involves developing Woodside's Scarborough gas field and expanding its Pluto facilityConservationists are worried about the millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions it will emit annuallyBut Woodside says the project has been through rigorous environmental assessment processes The project — which has been labelled Australia's biggest new fossil fuel investment in nearly a decade — involves developing the Scarborough gas field, west of Karratha, and expanding its current Pluto facility on the Burrup Peninsula in the Pilbara, where the gas would go for processing.

If the project goes ahead, it is expected to emit millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually at a time when countries are being urged to decarbonise. Carbon capture storage trial in Queensland to demonstrate Morrison's promise to reduce emissions via 'technology' The Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in Glasgow touting his new 'technology, not taxes' energy policy, a key part of which involves rolling out carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Carbon capture storage trial in Queensland to demonstrate Morrison's promise to reduce emissions via 'technology'

Key points: Proponents of a carbon capture and storage project in Queensland say it will demonstrate how the technology could be deployed across heavy CO2-emitting industriesThe National's David Littleproud says CCS will help save coal and gas jobs in the regionBut energy finance experts say the technology is "horrendously expensive", and more than three times the cost of renewable energy sources. Indigenous leaders worry net zero commitment and gas industry carbon capture not enough to halt climate change. Larrakia elder and environmentalist June Mills Gudbiling was among the protesters outside a major oil and gas conference in Darwin this week, held days out from the beginning of the world's next big climate talks.

Indigenous leaders worry net zero commitment and gas industry carbon capture not enough to halt climate change

Key points: Indigenous leaders worry governments are moving too slowly on reducing emissionsThe gas industry is offering assurances carbon capture technology will helpRanger groups are warning signs in the landscape show action on climate change is needed urgently Earlier, with the Top End sweltering through the end of a heatwave, she was dancing with her granddaughter at a family day in a nearby park.

Empire Energy wins full approval for more fracking in Beetaloo Basin as climate advocates slam NT government. The gas company at the centre of a legal challenge to a multi-million-dollar subsidy program for fracking in the Beetaloo Basin has won full environmental approval to start work.

Empire Energy wins full approval for more fracking in Beetaloo Basin as climate advocates slam NT government

Key points: Empire Energy has received full approvals to start controversial drilling in the Beetaloo BasinEnvironment Minister Eva Lawler says the gas company met all the necessary requirementsClimate advocates and traditional owners have slammed the decision, citing environmental concerns Empire Energy was given partial approval last month to start preparatory works for seven new wells to be drilled in the basin south-east of Darwin, while Northern Territory Environment Minister Eva Lawler sought technical advice on the hydraulic fracturing components of the plan.

The company, which is a subsidiary of Imperial Oil and Gas, had already been awarded $21 million in federal government grants designed to speed up the development of the basin under the Coalition's "gas-led recovery" plan. Bill shock looms for households as global energy crisis fuels price surge. Households are set for a shock as surging international prices for gas put upward pressure on costs for the fuel in Australia, according to one of the country's biggest power providers.

Bill shock looms for households as global energy crisis fuels price surge

Key points: Global prices for gas have reached record highs amid energy crises in Europe, AsiaCustomers have been warned to brace for increases to energy billsGas is used for electricity generations as well as heating and cooking Alinta chief executive Jeff Dimery said electricity prices would "inevitably" need to increase because of the increasing price of gas, which provides a significant amount of Australia's power needs. Mr Dimery said it was a similar story for bottled and reticulated gas used for heating, water systems and cooking in millions of homes up and down the east coast. Kimberley fracking project's exemption from gas export ban sparks Conservation Council fears. A fracking project in WA's Kimberley has been given only the second exemption to the state's gas export ban.

Kimberley fracking project's exemption from gas export ban sparks Conservation Council fears

Key points: Bennett Resources wants to develop a fracking project near Fitzroy CrossingIt's feared more big fracking proposals will seek to export gasThe WA government says there will be benefits for the state and region Introduced last year, the change to WA's domestic gas policy prevents gas extracted onshore from being sent to the eastern states or overseas. The only other exemption to the policy was given to the Kerry Stokes-backed Waitsia project, with Premier Mark McGowan defending the move on the grounds Waitsia was a "shovel ready" development that would deliver hundreds of jobs. At the time the policy was changed, the Valhalla project being developed by Bennett Resources had been submitted to WA's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), with plans for six wells on Noonkanbah Station, near Fitzroy Crossing. South Korean utilities giant KEPCO considers hydrogen project for Bylong Valley.

KEPCO's open-cut coal mine proposal for the NSW Bylong Valley was knocked back three times, but to the surprise of local farmers, it is now exploring a hydrogen opportunity.

South Korean utilities giant KEPCO considers hydrogen project for Bylong Valley

Key points: KEPCO is considering building a hydrogen project in the Bylong ValleyAn open-cut coal mine was rejected three timesAn analyst says a blue hydrogen project would be the most likely option The company, which is majority-owned by the South Korean government, proposed to develop an open-cut coal mine in the Valley. That was rejected by the Independent Planning Commission in 2019, and twice by appeals courts. A company spokesperson said "KEPCO is considering various post-appeal options including a possible hydrogen opportunity at Bylong". Millions poured into gas plan for Bowen and Galilee basins, but not everyone is happy. A plan to open two gas basins in Central Queensland could create about 5,500 new jobs by 2030, but environmentalists warn the venture may impact farm water supplies. Key points: The federal government has invested $15.7 million for gas well trials in the North Bowen and Galilee basins, while $10 million in state and federal funding will pay for a pipeline feasibility studyThe opening up of the basins could create 5,500 jobs by 2030 and boost the economy by $2 billion a yearBut environmentalists say expanding the gas industry could damage groundwater and impact farmers Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt said the government was committing $20.7 million to the first stage of the North Bowen and Galilee Basin Strategic Plan.

Allana Brown fears if the NT's gas emissions are not offset there is no future for her baby. Every Friday morning Allana Brown and a group of other young Darwin mothers bring their babies to sit outside the Northern Territory Chief Minister's office. Key points: In 2018, the NT government promised from a planned fracking project would be offset New NT policies have raised concerns the commitment will not be metSixty scientists have signed an open letter to the Chief Minister urging him to ensure emissions are offset They are calling on him not to allow a planned giant new gas industry to drive up greenhouse gas emissions. Ms Brown, her baby Hetty and four-year-old daughter Pearl have been coming here with their toys and placards every week for six months. "I'd much rather be bringing my kids to baby rhyme time at the library, but instead I feel compelled to come out here to make this a playgroup protest," she said.

The gate that helped launch the Lock the Gate movement can now be found on a Tasmanian farm. Just over 10 years ago, a group of farmers and environmentalists gathered in front of Queensland's Parliament House in Brisbane to campaign against what they saw as the expansion of coal and gas development at the expense of Australian agriculture. Key points: The Lock the Gate Alliance started 10 years ago, around an old gate in front of Queensland's Parliament HouseThe alliance has since grown to include more then 450 local groups and 120,000 supporters Former Darling Downs farmer Rob McCreath supplied the gate for the original protest and took it with him when he moved to Tasmania.

The protesters called themselves the Lock the Gate Alliance and said they were willing to go to jail to keep resources companies from exploring or mining on their land. But as with any protest, they needed a centrepiece — something to gather around that would look good for the cameras. Federal Court judge 'concerned' by Minister Keith Pitt's 'sudden' decision to sign $21 million fracking grant agreement. A Federal Court judge says he is "concerned" by a ministerial decision to enter into a $21 million grant agreement with a gas company with interests in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin after a letter filed in court had said the agreement would not be reached for weeks.

Key points: Industry and Water Minister Keith Pitt entered into an agreement with Imperial Oil and Gas "suddenly and unexpectedly", a Federal Court judge saidThe validity of the $21 million grant agreement for exploration is being challenged in the Federal CourtMr Pitt's legal team must file an explanation to the Federal Court by the end of the week In July, Minister for Resources and Water Keith Pitt announced $21 million would be given to Imperial Oil and Gas to support the construction of three new gas exploration wells in the Beetaloo Basin. Today, the Federal Court heard the grant agreement was signed last week. He also ordered the Commonwealth to pay the costs of the proceeding.

Fracking plans in Beetaloo Basin partially approved after gas company given $21 million. NT Senator announces opposition to Coalition's $50 million Beetaloo fracking grants program. Northern Territory Senator Malarndirri McCarthy says she is concerned by the "questionable" process behind the awarding of public grants to gas companies in the Beetaloo Basin and has urged her Labor colleagues to rethink their stance on the federal government program. Senator McCarthy, a Yanyuwa woman and declared traditional owner from near Boroloola, said she was concerned public funding was being given "when parts of the grants process remain questionable and not transparent. " Legal challenge launched against federal government's $21 million Beetaloo Basin grant. NSW coal mine approvals could undo work on net-zero emissions targets, analysis suggests.

The NSW government has been lauded for its approach to climate and environment. But a new analysis, commissioned by environmental group Lock The Gate, suggests emissions from fossil fuel projects approved in the past three years will undo much of the government's emissions reduction work and could undermine the state's net-zero by 2050 target. The winners and losers of the NSW government's gas industry plan. Large swathes of north-western New South Wales will be off limits for gas exploration under a new state government plan, but a leading environment group says it is still a 'betrayal' of rural communities. Key points: UQ handed NT fracking research contract, sparking conflict of interest concerns.

The Northern Territory government has handed a contract for local fracking research to an interstate university centre with ties to the oil and gas industry, sparking questions around a perceived conflict of interest. Fire on ocean surface in Gulf of Mexico extinguished following gas leak. A fire on the ocean surface west of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula has been extinguished, with state-owned oil company Pemex blaming a gas leak from an underwater pipeline for sparking the blaze that was captured in videos shared widely on social media. Pemex says no injuries were reported and production was not affected.Nitrogen was used to control the fire Pemex has a long record of major industrial incidents Bright orange flames jumping out of water resembling molten lava was dubbed an "eye of fire" on social media due to the blaze's circular shape, as it raged a short distance from a Pemex oil platform. Farmer welcomes CSG wells onto property despite neighbours' fears of subsidence.

Santos' $4.7 billion Barossa gas field could produce more CO2 than LNG, report says. As the world's largest producer and $300 billion of new plants, has Australia hit peak LNG? Over the past 15 years, the story of Australia's liquified natural gas (LNG) industry has been one of monumental growth and investment. Key points: More than $300 billion has been spent on new LNG projects in the past 15 yearsExperts are tipping the era of mega-LNG projects in Australia is overOil and gas majors Shell, Chevron, and ExxonMobil have been hit by investor concerns over climate From WA to Queensland, more than $300 billion has been spent on giant LNG plants, propelling Australia to the top of the pile of global producers.

Possibility of gas exploration near Twelve Apostles angers locals. Critically endangered 'bum-breathing' turtles found where Santos wants untreated water to go. Coal seam gas company drills wells under private property without notifying farmers. Has Australia's gas-fired recovery run out of steam before it even began? Former Trump adviser Andrew Liveris admits 'incorrect' jobs claim from natural gas on Q+A. Can gas stovetops and heaters give you asthma? The International Energy Agency's shift away from coal and gas makes things awkward for the government. Federal government will spend $600 million on new Kurri Kurri gas plant in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Kurri gas plant could be running on diesel for months. Sydney news: COVID-19 exposure site list grows, virus detected in sewerage network. Federal government set to build taxpayer-funded gas-fired power plant in Hunter region of NSW. NT government quietly terminates $1.3 million contract for Beetaloo Basin fracking study. Government accused of pressuring experts who questioned its gas-fired recovery plan. Government's own report finds 'sufficient uncertainty' about CSG proposal near contaminated site. Billion-dollar projects flagged for NT trigger optimism about Darwin's economic future.

Santos and partners investing $4.7 billion to develop Barossa offshore gas field near Darwin. Farmers fear Cecil Plains coal seam gas drilling could cause prime cropping land to subside. Dormant gas exploration licences emerge as next frontier in New South Wales gas battle. Decision on AGL gas hub at Crib Point looms as unlikely alliance campaigns against the proposal. Federal government paying millions in consulting fees for advice on subsidising gas industry, documents show. Queensland asked to consult traditional owners, scientists before examining Channel Country fracking plans. LNG production at Shell's Prelude gas processing plant in Western Australia restarts following 11-month closure.

Geoscience Australia expands earthquake monitoring system in NT's Beetaloo Basin. Commonwealth tips another $173 million into Beetaloo Basin gas reserve, insists emissions targets on track. Woodside faces challenge over Burrup Hub LNG plans amid pollution and rock art fears. Darwin Harbour to face more industrialisation under Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission plan - ABC News. Narrabri Gas Project receives federal approval, despite opposition from farmers and Indigenous leaders - ABC News. Environment Minister 'satisfied' Santos can proceed with Narrabri Gas Project - ABC News. San Francisco just banned gas in all new buildings. Could it ever happen in Australia? - ABC News. Darwin judge finds anti-fracking protesters not guilty of damaging lawns outside NT Parliament - ABC News.

Gas-led recovery likely to be a 'mirage' and lead to 'stranded assets' - ABC News. Adam Bandt says gas is just as dirty as coal. Is he correct? - ABC News. Origin Energy chairman dismisses Beetaloo Basin Indigenous elder's opposition to fracking during AGM - ABC News. Bushfire royal commission will fail if it does not recommend reducing emissions: Former fire chief - ABC News. Anti-fracking protesters who drilled into NT Parliament House lawns plead not guilty to criminal damage - ABC News. Indigenous health groups left in the dark over COVID-19 plan for Melbourne workers in Tennant Creek - ABC News. Gas fracking in Channel Country should stop, leaked department report told Queensland Government - ABC News. CSIRO fracking research 'doesn't pass the pub test', expert says - ABC News. Santos coal-seam gas project at Narrabri not worth the risk, scientist says - ABC News. Ahead of the NT Election, where do the parties stand on fracking? - ABC News.

Queensland's gas and coal-fired power stations have most outages in the country, report finds - ABC News. How to engineer a gas-led coronavirus economic recovery and save $6 billion - ABC News. Narrabri coal seam gas project gets green light from NSW Independent Planning Commission - ABC News.