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Backpackers allege they were asked to work half-naked, offered money for sex acts on Australian farm  Backpackers allege a Queensland farmer asked them to work half-naked, exposed his genitals to some of them and suggested to two women they engage in sexual acts with him for money.

Backpackers allege they were asked to work half-naked, offered money for sex acts on Australian farm 

Key points: Backpackers allege Chohan tried to coax them into working in bikini or underwear — a claim he denies Two backpackers allege Chohan suggested they have sex with him for money — which Chohan denies The Government won't say whether employers with a conviction can keep hiring them for visa purposes In September 2020, Nirmal Chohan pleaded guilty to unlawful stalking and observation or recording in breach of privacy against German backpacker Paula. But police say nothing prevents a person with this conviction from hiring young women under the federal government's visa program. Chohan denies any wrongdoing against Paula and other backpackers in this story. Secretly taken photos. Questioning of sexual assault victims during trials 'worse' than in the 1950s, criminologist finds.

Australia has a 'particular problem' with filicide but experts say we're failing to find solutions. Cases of parents killing their children are often described as "senseless" and "incomprehensible", yet evidence suggests filicide may be more common in Australia than many of us would like to think, with one child killed by a mother, father or stepparent almost every fortnight.

Australia has a 'particular problem' with filicide but experts say we're failing to find solutions

Key points: 45 children were killed by parents in Victoria in 11 years to 2020, new data showsThe lack of public awareness can make it difficult for parents at risk to know where to get helpExperts say Australia must urgently establish a national database to better track filicides But for all the attention some child homicides attract, relatively little is known about what leads parents to kill children or why Australia's filicide rate has remained stubbornly high — higher, for instance, than rates in similar countries like Canada.

Crucially, that lack of focus "means we don't put the right effort into addressing filicide", Ms Buchanan said. Keely has helped thousands of sexual assault survivors, but only knows two who've seen their abuser jailed. Keely Walsh always wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mum and become a social worker, but it was her experience of sexual assault that helped shape her work.

Keely has helped thousands of sexual assault survivors, but only knows two who've seen their abuser jailed

Keely was only 21 when she was drugged and sexually assaulted, and in the aftermath experienced disassociation and late-onset trauma. She says it took her five years to be ready to speak with police. "When I did attempt to report the incident to police, they said due to a lack of evidence and a he said-she said kind of statement, that it wouldn't be worth my time or effort [to pursue the matter through the justice system]," she said. She now helps other sexual assault victim-survivors as a clinical social worker in Melbourne, and hears many stories that are similar to her own. Of the estimated thousands of victim-survivors she has helped in the past eight years, Keely says the majority have not reported their assault to police. Inside the making of the ABC EXPOSED investigation into the Ghost Train fire at Sydney's Luna Park in 1979.

During the filming of interviews for her new documentary series, EXPOSED: The Ghost Train Fire, Caro Meldrum-Hanna experienced something that has never before happened to her in more than a decade of investigating difficult and shocking stories, including the disturbing Four Corners program into the NT juvenile justice system which triggered a royal commission.

Inside the making of the ABC EXPOSED investigation into the Ghost Train fire at Sydney's Luna Park in 1979

She was lost for words. "In several of these interviews, particularly in episodes two and three, what people allege happened [at Sydney's Luna Park 42 years ago] had me absolutely speechless, I was stunned," she says. "And this has only happened to me on this project, usually I can always think of what to say or I move on to the next question, but during these interviews, there were gobsmacking moments where all I could think of to say was, 'Sorry, can you just repeat that again?

Hoda Afshar documents Australian government whistleblowers in new photography and film project. A young woman who witnessed the inhumane treatment of refugees in offshore detention; an officer who saw the corruption of the Australian Defence Force firsthand; a disability care worker who uncovered a system of physical abuse of children and adults with autism.

Hoda Afshar documents Australian government whistleblowers in new photography and film project

These are just three of the Australian whistleblowers whose portraits are hanging outside Melbourne's St Paul's Cathedral. Among them are ABC's Afghan Files whistleblower David McBride, and Witness K lawyer Bernard Collaery — both of whom face significant jail time for speaking up. "They are all people who spoke out about some form of corruption or wrongdoing ... and they all thought that basically, by doing so, the issue will be taken care of and resolved," says artist Hoda Afshar. Afshar took their portraits as part of a project named Agonistes, after the Greek word designating a person engaged in a struggle. The government's response to Brittany Higgins's rape allegations reveals some very black ironies. It was hard not to see some very black ironies in the letter written by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to the President of the Senate, Scott Ryan, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tony Smith.

The government's response to Brittany Higgins's rape allegations reveals some very black ironies

"Dear President and Speaker," he wrote, "I attach for the information of Members and Senators advice I have received from the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Reece Kershaw APM, regarding the appropriate process for making complaints or reporting allegations of criminal activity, including sexual assault. " Kershaw had told the Prime Minister in his letter that "in light of recent media reporting, including allegations of sexual assault, I write to advise the manner in which allegations of criminal conduct must be referred to the Australian Federal Police for investigation".

"Such matters should be reported to the AFP without delay, taking into account the rights and privacy of the victim, and irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the alleged conduct has occurred. What has changed in the year since cannabis possession was legalised in the ACT? Dire warnings of legal loopholes, a mental health crisis and drug driving fears accompanied the legalisation of cannabis in the ACT last year.

What has changed in the year since cannabis possession was legalised in the ACT?

Key points: Passed a year ago, the ACT's laws allow possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis per personCannabis offences have dropped by 90 per cent in the last 12 months ACT Health data shows there has been no increase in hospital presentations since the laws passed But one year on, cannabis users and stakeholders alike say that, while overall the impacts have been subtle, the change has been for the better. Victoria Police investigates large 'hoon meet' in Melbourne's St Kilda. Police are looking to speak to witnesses to a so-called "hoon meet" involving hundreds of people in Melbourne's south-east, where rocks were thrown at police.

Victoria Police investigates large 'hoon meet' in Melbourne's St Kilda

Key points: Police say someone damaged a patrol car and threw rocks at officersOne witness says the crowd was like a "mob"Investigators are asking for dashcam footage or other information about the meet-up Videos uploaded to social media show a large crowd of people blocking off Marine Parade in St Kilda, watching cars do burnouts and playing loud music. In a statement, Victoria Police said officers arrived at the area about 10:50pm on Thursday and discovered people had blocked off the street. "While officers were making initial assessments of the crowd, a number of people advanced on Highway Patrol members," the police statement said.

Stalking victim Di McDonald wants Max Gardiner forced to wear tracker on release from prison. Di McDonald lives on high alert.

Stalking victim Di McDonald wants Max Gardiner forced to wear tracker on release from prison

Her stalker, Max Gardiner, gets out of jail on Sunday and she fears he will come looking for her. Key points: Ms McDonald wants Gardiner to wear an electronic ankle bracelet to monitor his movementsMP Tania Maxwell says stalking is not taken seriously enoughThe State Government says Ms McDonald can make an application to vary Gardiner's Community Corrections Order Earlier this week, she rang her local police station and was given the same advice that she was given five years ago when the stalking started.

"I was told that I should leave my home if I feel like I am in danger, that I needed to go to Safe Steps [Family Violence Response Centre] or a women's refuge. "I asked if I call triple O that someone will actually attend if Max is here.

NT crime

Youth crime. Former war crimes prosecutor urges federal investigator to pursue Army's 'chain of command' over Afghanistan allegations. A former New South Wales magistrate who once served as a war crimes prosecutor at The Hague says those higher up the Army's "chain of command" must be investigated over alleged unlawful killings in Afghanistan.

Former war crimes prosecutor urges federal investigator to pursue Army's 'chain of command' over Afghanistan allegations

Key points: The Federal Government's new Office of the Special Investigator formally begins its work todayFormer war crimes prosecutor Graham Blewitt believes the process could be completed in under five yearsJustice Paul Brereton recommended 19 soldiers be investigated by police for the murder of 39 prisoners and civilians Graham Blewitt has told the ABC securing convictions over the disturbing findings of last year's Brereton inquiry would not be easy because Australian police did not currently have the appropriate expertise.

"I know from experience that investigating such allegations is not easy and it requires a level of expertise that does not exist currently in the Australian [state] police forces or in the Australian Federal Police," he said. Former NT executive caught in international child abuse material ring. On an August morning last year just before 7:00am, detectives from the Australian Federal Police and Northern Territory Police knocked on the door of a unit in an up-market Darwin suburb. Key points: Mark Friend was sentenced to seven years in prison on five charges relating to child abuse materialHe was caught after extensive investigations in the United States into international child abuse ringsIn 2020, the Australian Federal Police received 21,000 reports of child sexual exploitation, up from 14,000 last year Warning: this story contains details that may distress some readers According to court documents, five days earlier US investigators had tipped off senior Australian police officials that the middle-aged man living in that unit could be accessing and sharing child sexual abuse material.

Trial of NT police officer Zachary Rolfe, charged with murder of Kumanjayi Walker, moved to Darwin. The murder trial of NT police officer Constable Zachary Rolfe will be heard in Darwin, not Alice Springs, a Supreme Court judge has ruled. Yuendumu is about 1,600 kilometres south of Darwin and close to 300 kilometres north-west of Alice SpringsMembers of the Yuendumu community said they respected the decision to move the trial from Alice Springs to Darwin The trial has been set for July next year, and is expected to run for around five weeks Constable Rolfe is charged with the murder of Kumanjayi Walker in the remote community of Yuendumu in November 2019.

Yuendumu is about 290 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs and about 1,500 kilometres from Darwin. The decision came after a defence application to move proceedings from Alice Springs, based on "the level of pre-trial publicity and comments in social media as having the potential to risk the fair trial of the accused". Acting Justice Dean Mildren did not release his reasons for the decision to the public. Canberra legal professionals, accountant charged with money laundering operation - ABC News. A lawyer, his associate and an accountant are facing money laundering charges after police raided businesses across Canberra and Queanbeyan yesterday afternoon. Key points: A Canberra lawyer and accountant have been arrested for alleged plans to facilitate organised crimeThe pair allegedly discussed using contracts and a business purchase to launder "large quantities of cash"Police have seized documents from a law firm, accountancy practice and grocery store Police executed search warrants at four businesses across the ACT region, seizing "extensive amounts of documents".

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said a 47-year-old man and a 54-year-old man had been arrested "for their role in facilitating organised crime in Canberra". The men have both been charged with dealing with proceeds of crime greater than $100,000, money laundering and recruiting people to engage in criminal activity. Police smash alleged cockfighting ring in Sydney after raid on Catherine Field property - ABC News. An alleged cockfighting syndicate has been busted in Sydney's south-west, with the organised crime squad arresting 35 people and seizing dozens of birds. The police officer in charge of the investigation described the group as "disgraceful" The RSPCA said many of the birds found would be euthanised Police said the birds were made to fight each other, while people placed bets on them A property at Camden Valley Way in Catherine Field was raided yesterday, where officers found several large sheds that were being used to house 71 fighting cockerels.

Police also seized metal spikes, spurs and other cockfighting paraphernalia it will be alleged were attached to the birds before they were forced to fight. Vision of the seized material shows various blades labelled with names that included "Mexican Slasher", "Socket Knife", "Half Bayonet", "Jagger" and "Flipping Fork Knife". Alice Springs despairs over cycle of youth crime and disadvantage, as break-ins and domestic violence spike - ABC News. Coroner gives Victoria Police March deadline to provide brief of evidence on Maria James's death - ABC News. Mark and Adam James pore over a photo of one of their favourite memories, camping with their mum Maria, at Lake Fyans, near the Grampians.

Mark laughs: She wasn't a natural camper, she struggled with the gas BBQ. But they were such good days. The brothers' memories are as clear as ever, but they worry about those whose memories are fading: crucial witnesses who might be able to help them finally solve the 1980 murder of their mum. British women thought they'd found boyfriends who shared their beliefs. They were actually undercover police - ABC News.

Labor MLA Marisa Paterson speaks about sexual harassment in first speech to ACT Legislative Assembly - ABC News. How can we provide justice for sexual assault victims beyond criminal trials? - ABC News. Here's how the Government is moving to detect, trace and block scam calls - ABC News. Have you been targeted by scammers this year? Protests in Paris turn violent in wake of footage showing police bashing black music producer Michel Zecler - ABC News. South Korean computer 'geek' bailed over alleged $360,000 theft from elderly Canberra woman - ABC News. Broome car theft spree leaves a trail of torched vehicles with residents, tourists demanding action - ABC News.

Forty cars have been stolen in the past 30 days in the Western Australian town of Broome, some of which were incinerated, leaving locals and visitors calling for action on community safety and youth crime. Key points: Court awards Sydney mothers $2m after landmark abuse case authorities refused to prosecute - ABC News. Two mothers have been awarded $2 million in damages in a landmark civil case they brought against a family-owned childcare centre, after authorities declined to pursue criminal charges for child sex abuse. Key points: Tradies frustrated by banks as business email scam costs them $51,000 - ABC News.

Former BRADAAG CEO admits defrauding $250,000 from Tennant Creek drug and alcohol service - ABC News. Victorian gambling regulator in the spotlight after Crown's 'bombshell' money laundering admission - ABC News. A witness's final message before the Afghanistan IGADF inquiry release: 'I think those people should go to jail' - ABC News. $2 million worth of cattle reported stolen from NT's Murranji Station, calls to reinstate a stock squad - ABC News. ASIO launches first public awareness campaign to warn Australians of foreign spies on social media - ABC News. NSW Government bought land for three times its value for light rail project - ABC News. Conclusion of war crimes inquiry just the beginning of potentially mammoth legal process - ABC News.

Former Rose Bay High student Katrina Munting, sexually abused by teacher Marcus Pollard, speaks out - ABC News. Alleged Kimberley paedophile Charles Batham back in Australia after secret police operation - ABC News. Fringe Church pastor Ron Hutchinson rehabilitates domestic violence offenders through conversation - ABC News. Majority of convictions for 'revenge porn' are linked to family violence, major study finds — but that's not the full picture - ABC News. When police investigated a fight between Kate and her cop ex-husband, the red flags appeared early. The damning evidence that brought Crown Resorts to its knees - ABC News. Universities accused of 'sham contracting' as wage scandal in Australia's higher education sector deepens - ABC News.

Townsville community leaders, criminologists and police suggest ways to tackle youth crime - ABC News. Darwin man faces 12 years imprisonment for trafficking wife into India, Australian Federal Police says - ABC News. Suicide cluster highlights dangerous combination of social isolation and family violence for some migrant women - ABC News. NSW Labor proposal could see domestic violence perpetrators jailed for up to ten years for coercive control - ABC News. Consequences for Rio Tinto over Juukan Gorge catastrophe are the new norm - ABC News. Inquest told John Edwards had long history of domestic violence before shooting dead son and daughter - ABC News.

Coronavirus triggers drop in prisoner numbers and an opportunity to reinvent the criminal justice system, lawyers say - ABC News. Walkers shocked to find native kingfishers with their feet glued to Cathu State Forest welcome sign - ABC News. How hard is the LNP willing to go on jailing kids? - ABC News. Child victim of domestic violence breaks his silence, describing horrors of his abusive stepfather - ABC News.

Nearly half of Tasmania's released prisoners are locked up again within two years. In the Northern Territory, survivors of sexual assault are banned from speaking to the media. Northern Territory sexual assault court outcomes spark calls for law reform. Matthew Guy organised meeting for company executive seeking to have land rezoned, IBAC hearing told. I thought I was helping a vulnerable orphan escape poverty. Then I realised I could be making her situation worse. Sexual abuse survivors turn to courts, after long waits for government settlement conferences.

Mount Tamborine school principal wins defamation case over parents' social media posts. Signing away their voice: How non-disclosure agreements silence Australian women. A decade on from his death, we're still no closer to finding out who killed Josh Warneke. Why Angela Williams was sent to prison twice for the same crime — 13 years apart. This accused sex offender has been on the run for nine years, so why doesn't anyone know it?

One-punch victim Zac Longfield emerges from two-month coma to re-learn how to eat, speak and walk. Koala deaths in Victorian blue gum plantation 'a crime', Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio says. Jamming the revolving door of women in prison, Jill Prior is putting a new spin on lady justice. Woman allegedly sexually assaulted at Rapid Creek by knifepoint on bike path. Sexual assault victims in ethnically diverse suburbs face 'tremendous hurdles' in coming forward. Falling through the cracks. Rough justice: How police are failing survivors of sexual assault. NT defence lawyers and prosecutors warn Territory legal services severely underfunded. Queensland police warns of scam targeting Chinese international students. Paramedics speak out against assault rate as staff told to delay treatment in the face of violence.

Domestic violence survivor builds confidence to move on with help from 'fierce' taekwondo friends. More than 400 bushfire fundraiser scams reported as well-wishers dig deep for fire relief. Viral stories of wombats sheltering other wildlife from the bushfires aren't entirely true. Sunshine Coast teenagers charged with serious assault after alleged attack on elderly woman. Child arrested for striking elderly woman in face with butterknife in Palmerston. Bushfire victims in Adelaide Hills targeted by scammers, another home destroyed.

A night with police on the frontline of our domestic violence emergency. SA police officer led 'dangerous cult's' attempts to have critic criminally charged. Queensland's McNamee family still suffering after activist feedlot invasion - ABC Rural - ABC News. Donald Trump's administration is after Julian Assange and it serves as a warning to us all. Judge's 'clearly offensive' Indigenous parenting barb subject of complaint consideration. Music festival inquest hears woman was told strip search would be 'nice and slow' Less than a third of Tasmanian sexual assaults are reported to police, figures show. Former chair of Aboriginal health council avoids jail over expense claims. Queensland will abolish rape defence 'loophole' if law reform experts recommend it. Australians like me are ending up in jail and your tax cut won't help.

Drug users push prisons to breaking point, and locking them up often wastes time and money, inquiry finds. Melbourne's 'professional beggars' part of a global trend, criminologist says. Darwin business owner says 40 knives have been stolen from him in a month. A NSW child sexual abuse survivor and Greens MP call for same legal rights as other states. Former detainee Dylan Voller gets court win against media giants over Facebook comments. Jess Hill's mission to understand abusive men. Police 'frustrated' at people posting about suspicious activity on Facebook without notifying law enforcement.

As a victim of crime, the anxiety I experienced was what women live with every day. Queensland police are firing their weapons more often as frontline threat increases. Krokodil, the Russian 'flesh-eating' drug, makes a rare appearance in Australia. Teens charged after couple attacked on London bus when they refused to kiss.