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AGENDA 21-30

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Many of us have come to realize we do not live in the world we once thought we did and that most everything we've been taught was a lie.
The deception has been on a grand scale and if you haven't realized it yet, you need to know; they don't have your best interest and welfare in mind.

Support of the United Nations. Geneva - Marco Toscano-Rivalta A talk by Marco Toscano-Rivalta of the United Nations Center for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) on The United Nations as a "Centre for harmonizing the Actions of Nations".

Support of the United Nations

"...the will is instrumental in the processes of 'impression', 'creative thinking' and 'direction' which lie behind the truism 'energy follow thought'. Therefore, understanding the will, its nature, its functioning, its characteristics, and the fact that we need to dedicate time and effort to its development, is of fundamental importance. The work to build a centre for harmonising the actions of ourselves, or of nations, needs to follow a specific program. In order to harmonise actions, actions need to be initiated. Parents; the most loyal agents for the torture control Matrix – Prepare for Change. Following absurd and fake disorder labels like ADHD and ADD, the ignorant “mental specialists” recently invented another pseudo diagnose called ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder).

Parents; the most loyal agents for the torture control Matrix – Prepare for Change

In other words anyone who still has the natural, and thus normal, inherent reflex of opposing any form of evil. Let it be crystal clear; the real patients here with a disorder are not the children but the ones making the fake diagnoses and are doing the toxic prescription jobs. These agents of death are nothing less than order followers because they as well have a neo-cortex that is in an imbalanced, or total shut down mode. Otherwise they would apply their knowledge and conscience and refuse to commit these immoral actions. 8 Critical Actions for Joining the Resistance and Building the Ark in 2017. TAKENOUCHI DOCUMENTS - HIDDEN HISTORY OF MANKIND AND EARTH. If You Were King. Forget Agenda 21: UN's 2030 Agenda Will "Transform the World" By Daisy Luther If you think Agenda 21 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Forget Agenda 21: UN's 2030 Agenda Will "Transform the World"

Wait until you learn what the creepily utopian 2030 Agenda has in store for us all. Once again Germany has stepped forward with their ideas of how to speed up the arrival of a one-world government. While all eyes were on Obama and his creepily NWO speech, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier gave an address which went largely un-noticed. It was a lengthy speech – you can read his entire address here – but these are some takeaway points:

Sustainable development.. (not)

Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.[1] It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

Agenda 21

It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The "21" in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st Century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences. HOW CAN THEY DEPOPULATE THE PLANET? WATCH AND LEARN. New World Disorder. 14 Ways to Protect Yourself from the New World Order (NWO) Agenda. 11th August 2016 By Paul A.

14 Ways to Protect Yourself from the New World Order (NWO) Agenda

Philips Guest writer for Wake Up World Desperate measures are indeed needed for desperate times. David Icke HD On Agenda 21. Food Chain Reaction crisis simulation ends with global carbon tax. Climate, hunger, civil unrest and spiking food prices came together at the Food Chain Reaction game in Washington DC this week.

Food Chain Reaction crisis simulation ends with global carbon tax

Cooperation mostly won the day. By Tom Vandyck On Monday and Tuesday, 65 international policymakers, academics, business and thought leaders gathered at the World Wildlife Fund’s headquarters in Washington DC to game out how the world would respond to a future food crisis. Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How and Why. By Tim Bryant Guest Writer for Wake Up World “A brief glance at history will tell you that emperors and tyrants have been trying to expand their power and influence over greater and greater areas for centuries.

Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How and Why

It just happens that today it can be done on a global scale like never before…”

Executive Orders, plus..

End Of The American Dream. If you didn’t like “Agenda 21″, then you really are not going to like “The 2030 Agenda”.

End Of The American Dream

Next month, the United Nations is going to launch “The 2030 Agenda” at a major conference that will be held from September 25th to September 27th in New York City. The Pope is actually traveling to New York to deliver an address which will kick off this conference. Unlike Agenda 21, which primarily focused on the environment, the 2030 Agenda is truly a template for governing the entire planet. In addition to addressing climate change, it also sets ambitious goals for areas such as economics, health, energy, education, agriculture, gender equality and a whole host of other issues. As you will see below, this global initiative is being billed as a “new universal Agenda” for humanity. COP 21: The United Nations' Plan to Make Legally Binding "Climate Change" Laws Worldwide. 19th November 2015 By Makia Freeman Contributing Writer for Wake Up World “I am ashamed of what climate science has become today.

COP 21: The United Nations' Plan to Make Legally Binding "Climate Change" Laws Worldwide

[The science] community is relying on an inadequate model to blame CO2 and innocent citizens for global warming in order to generate funding and to gain attention. If this is what ‘science’ has become today, I, as a scientist, am ashamed.” ~ Research Chemist William C.


Syngenta parades fake children in desperate emotional appeal to force GMOs on the world. Agenda 21, Technocracy, and the New World Order in the Russian Federation. By Rusticus As the alternative media as a whole seems poised to eternally sing the praises of the Russian Federation in stymieing the Anglo-American Establishment’s imperialistic aims in Syria, entrenched in analysis of the 2D Chessboard of geopolitics, this author’s contrarian nature has seen fit to call attention to the 3D Chessboard unifying these seemingly disparate nation-states.

Agenda 21, Technocracy, and the New World Order in the Russian Federation

Today’s game? Did the UN Really Install a Global Police Force at the Local Level? By Amanda Warren While people were in a daze of reverie following the lunar eclipse and the Pope’s U.S. visit, a very important yet overlooked announcement was made by the Department of Justice. “Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism” rang the bell to usher in a global-local initiative to ferret out extremism at the local level – yes, in the United States. Symbolically, it could also signal a turning point when it comes to local authorities and their treatment of the residents at large. 5 Master Crimes We'll Have to Explain to Future Generations. By Bernie Suarez Picture yourself still alive in the future. Perhaps after the new world order is fully operational (2030 or beyond).

By then perhaps it’s too late. Humanity had become enslaved forever. Imagine a large percentage of humanity is now dead and gone. Agenda 21 in China and the Technocratic Vision for Global Dictatorship. By Rusticus In the not-too-distant past, Antony Sutton was counted among the more respected historians in higher education, holding the title of research fellow at the esteemed Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

Before being jettisoned from this coveted position by the Trilateral-affiliated dean, Sutton was (and remains) one of the most thorough academic researchers on the machinations of the Anglo-American Establishment to date. His work was so well-documented that, despite being antagonistic towards Sutton’s worldview, even Rhodesian globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski cited the accuracy of his research in his book, Between Two Ages.

Silent Depopulation

Whistleblower Activist Exposes Covert Agenda Behind Geoengineered Global Climate Change. Activist Michael Murphy Warns About Draconian Climate Change Legislation In The Works State of the Nation SOTN Editor’s Note A highly consequential global climate change conference recently took place in Paris, France.

Several concerned activists, including Michael Murphy, attended this meeting in order to better understand the hidden agenda behind the extraordinary drive to pass sweeping global climate legislation. The primary stated purpose of this new regime of international laws and treaties is to exert absolute control over CO2 emissions at both the macro and micro levels throughout planet Earth. If successful, national governments and transnational corporations everywhere will be subjected to mandates and legislation limiting their CO2 emissions and carbon production.

Patents – Bye Bye Blue Sky.

FEMA & their Camps

WORLD HEALTH RANKINGS. Access more than 36,000 Country Health correlations with this powerful comparison tool that let's you create side by side comparisons between any two countries in the world. Simply select a country from the list below to visit that country's page, we have selected a default comparison for you.

AMA threatens holistic medicine. (NaturalHealth365) If it was not already clear that natural medicine was in the cross-hairs of organized medicine, it certainly is now. Sage of Quay Radio - Sofia Smallstorm - Understanding The Corporate Fiction (Aug 2015) Agenda 21- Codex- Fema Camps-80% Depopulation = New World Order (Terror Camps: The Global Agenda) Homeless Round Up Has Begun: Depopulation Agenda. The Only Way Forward In 2015. AntennaSearch - Search for Cell Towers, Cell Reception, Hidden Antennas and more. EMF Mind Control Weapons Being Used On The Global Population. Deborah Tavares - Global Strategic War Plans. China: The Key to The New World Order. By SGT Report. You Are Being Programmed to Accept the Global ID Control Grid.

Collapse & Civil War

DHS Is “Positioning” to Secretly Arrest American Dissidents In Preparation for World War III. This article was originally published by Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show. CNN's Propaganda Push to Demonize All Anonymous and Free Speech on the Web. Melissa MeltonActivist Post Soon our governments will make sure that nothing we do online is ever private again (if any of it even is now). First, watch just the first minute or so of the short clip below from CNN called “The Danger of Digital Terrorism” featuring Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish human rights organization. A few snippets that stood out right away: Agenda 21: Modern Day Death Camps. Agenda 21 - Road to the New World Order. The New Social Class Structure Of The United States. Dave HodgesActivist Post.


EndGame HQ full length version. Elite Underground Tunnels and City Completely Stocked March 2013. ROCKEFELLER, CLINTON, WALMART AND THE RED CHINESE TAKEOVER OF AMERICA. Thanks to Glenn for this one….connecting more dots… Another Rockefeller owned and operated state is Arkansas. Sizeable land, small population. The New World Order. Natural News Blogs The plot to control and reduce the population 4.

As we continue with Dr.