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10 of the most dangerous jobs in America right now. The jobs market is nowhere near as good as you've heard, and it's changing us. We are continually being told that more of us are employed than ever before.

The jobs market is nowhere near as good as you've heard, and it's changing us

Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe points out (correctly) that a higher proportion of us are in jobs than at any other time. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says an extra 1.5 million Australians have found jobs since the Coalition took office, 260,000 of them in the past year. Yet in many ways the job market is weak, as unusually low wage growth and an uncommon reluctance to change jobs make clear.

Employment, 2016 census data summary. Median income: Do You Earn Enough? Find out the annual median income for your profession. The income interactive tool includes the figures on everyone from accountants (there are 62,552 of them in Australia and their median income is $69,789) to zoologists (there are 608, earning $62,380 on average).

Median income: Do You Earn Enough? Find out the annual median income for your profession

You can compare the median income of similar jobs to yours by pressing the ‘in your category’ button. This will show all the jobs grouped together in the same family, which is useful if you want to check out how your current job compares to similar types of roles. Surgeons are unsurprisingly the highest-paid. Of the 30 highest-paid jobs in Australia, all but two are medical specialists. Brain surgeons are the highest earners, with a median annual income of $423,649. A snapshot of Australia by income, gender and work. At face value Australians are doing well.

A snapshot of Australia by income, gender and work

Since 2001 mean disposable income has increased by almost 32%, and weekly wages have been consistently rising. But the majority of growth was prior to 2009. Since the global financial crisis household incomes have stagnated. And not everyone has benefited equally from the boom years – men have done disproportionately well out of wage increases. This is revealed in the latest release of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, which collects information on Australian households, focusing on economic and subjective well-being as well as labour market and family dynamics. And when it comes to work, while policymakers concentrate on tax cuts for smaller companies, HILDA shows small business is not a big employer overall and tends to employ older workers in traditional fields.

Where are the world’s highest minimum wages? The US state of New York has passed legislation that will gradually raise the minimum wage to $15, bringing it level with the rate in California.

Where are the world’s highest minimum wages?

Rising global inequality has made minimum wages a hot topic in countries around the world, as governments attempt to ensure low-paid workers have the chance to escape relative poverty. For example, the UK has also recently introduced a National Living Wage of £7.20 ($10.25) for workers aged over 25. Underemployment rising in Australia, showing darker side to low unemployment rate.

Updated 2 May 2019, 4:53amThu 2 May 2019, 4:53am Julian Evans is juggling several casual jobs but desperately needs more work. Key points: More than a million Australians are underemployedThe rate of underemployment has risen steadily for 40 yearsThe rate of women who are underemployed is over 10 per cent His main job is at a hospital, where he works 15 hours a week as a theatre orderly.

The taekwondo black belt also runs some martial arts classes for five to six hours a week, and for extra cash he does a newspaper round on the weekend. Here’s what the average Australian salary is per week. Average Australian full-time ordinary earnings grew by 2.4% in the year to November.Including all workers and payments, average weekly earnings stood at $1,225.Men still get paid more than women on average, although earning for women grew faster over the year.

Here’s what the average Australian salary is per week

Public sector average earnings are still higher and growing faster than those in the private sector. Average earnings remain highest in the ACT. Tasmania is still the lowest across the country. We now know what the average full-time worker in Australia earns in week, courtesy of new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It was $1,604.90 in November, up 2.4% from a year earlier. “This latest data points to ongoing low growth in average earnings with the annual increase in line with the Wage Price Index,” said Bruce Hockman, Chief Economist at the ABS.

Revealed: How much Australians really earn. A casual glance at the news in recent months may have left you thinking the average Australian earns almost $85,000 a year.

Revealed: How much Australians really earn

If that sounded insanely high to you, then your instincts were bang on. An ordinary Australian earns way, way less than that. But it doesn’t appear to have stopped Treasurer Scott Morrison using the figure to sell his income tax cuts. A piece of Treasury modelling given to Fairfax and News Corp two weeks ago appeared to claim $84,600 a year was an average income. And that, by a specious line of reasoning, meant the tax cuts would benefit middle Australia the most.

But official government figures show this is highly misleading.