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Facebook Twitter Glate - DefenDoor: A Home Security System That Syncs With Your Phone. Unlock the door with your smartphone. No service? No problem. G-Hold. Giroptic 360° Experts - 360Cam - Up. Down. All around. GemPhones. The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoors - FUGOO. Cases, Docks for iPhone 6, 6 Plus. Budgee the Friendly Robot Assistant. Dart: The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter. Absolutely.

Dart: The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter

The Dart delivers 65W of power. That means ample current to charge your laptop as fast as your existing adapter. Yes, The Dart charges your laptop and USB device simultaneously. The Eye Tribe. EzeeCube. Evermind. Robotic Toys. EXELIUM. EnerPlex - Always in Charge. 3D Printers & 3D Printing Solutions. EcoATM - Sell Your Old Cell Phones & Tablets for Cash. Dynamics Inc. DFX Sports & Fitness sports, fitness, equipment. Phantom. HELIX Biometric Ear Recognition Software. Descartes Biometrics - Ear Biometric Solutions. Dirac Research.

Digital Video Archive - Memories are made of this™ Control your devices with Bitbrick Smartband. Flick to play, take hands-free selfies, post on Facebook and monitor physical activities.

Control your devices with Bitbrick Smartband

Bitbrick is a Smartband with Entertainment, Social and Fitness Features. Flick to play, forward, pause and control the volume of your music while running, walking, hiking and cycling even when your hands are busy with only one flick of the wrist. LS460W Video Review - DOD Tech Canada. The DOD LS460W was just reviewed by Luke from Dimarco Productions.

LS460W Video Review - DOD Tech Canada

He is an automotive filmmaker and blogger. In this video he reviews the DOD LS460W! In a second video Luke describes the benefits of a dash camera. Home. DoorBird - The smartphone doorbell that really works. DRIVESAFE™ – ALCOLOCK USA. Double Robotics - Telepresence Robot for Telecommuters. Datacolor Imaging Solutions - The World Leader in Color Innovation. EgeeTouch Innovative Smart Electronic Locks. Connected Signals. Cynoware. Unique Designs from cradl. Contour Action Cameras - Official Website. CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd.CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd. » We are pioneers in digital lifestyle products — technology that is both intelligent and fashion. Connected Signals. Connected Cycle. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System. Cityzen Sciences : Le spécialiste des Textiles connectés.

Cityzen Sciences is a French company created in 2008 that specializes in smart fabrics conception and development.

Cityzen Sciences : Le spécialiste des Textiles connectés

Fabrics are embedded with micro-sensors enabling the monitor of the wearer’s temperature, heart rate, speed, location, and acceleration. Cityzen Sciences leads an industrial fabric project, Smart Sensing, carried out by a consortium of companies strongly supported by BPI France. The project’s mission is to create, conceptualize, and develop the French smart fabrics industry. Our mission is to ensure the success of our partners and clients in the development of smart fabric products tailored according to their needs, their products, and their values.

Combining technological advances and a crosscutting vision of uses, Cityzen innovates in the field of data-collection and management through integrated solutions involving sensors, smart devices, and data management. Our company. ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd. Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosk for Wireless Mobile Devices. Your cheerful digital life. Electric Balance Car-Changzhou First International Trade Co., Ltd. Fresh Vehicle Again! EYU X1 2-Wheel Self Balance Drifting Electric Vehicle. Summit CE Group. ZUtA - The Portable Pocket Printer. Bragi. Edyn. Estelon. Simpler Devices for a Connected World. SurviveDrive - Backup drive and restore system solution! Catopsys. Advanced Wireless Home Video Monitoring - Butterfleye. Brinno. Brio - Meet us at CES 2015. Bragi. Industrial & Commercial Ceiling Fans. Homepage. BeSpoon. Bekey. BeeRaider - Computer keyboards and keyboard apps. Bayan Audio® Official Website - Specialist in Wireless Audio Speakers & Headphones.

Homepage. 10 Ridiculous Inventions That Made Millions. Home Awareness for Renters and Homeowners. Rocketbook: Cloud-Integrated Microwavable Notebook. Send hand written notes to the cloud, perfectly organized.

Rocketbook: Cloud-Integrated Microwavable Notebook

Rocketbook allows people to enjoy the pleasure of writing in a traditional paper and pen notebook, while digitizing all notes and sending them to the cloud, using your smartphone. When contributing to the Rocketbook Indiegogo campaign, you'll have the option to choose from: *Once the campaign is over, we will send you a survey, so you can select which Rocketbook(s) you want. FEEL FREE TO MIX AND MATCH IF YOU CONTRIBUTED FOR A MULTIPLE PACK! The Rocketbook system is a combination of a special notebook and a mobile app. With your notes stored safely in the cloud, and when you use Pilot Frixion pens, you can erase your Rocketbook using your microwave oven.

The Rocketbook notebook contains unique pages that allow for easy organization in the cloud. The seven icons at the bottom of each page are the magic “buttons” behind Rocketbook’s quick and easy cloud organization. The app is available for Apple iOS and Android. Yes, just once. Droplet: The Smart Reminder. HiSmart by Lepow. Handmade Portraits: Lightexture. Blink. Ray Go - Use apps while driving without looking on phone.

YikeBike America. PLAYBULB garden - smart color LED solar garden light. Train to the Edge™ Bookniture. Sesame Smart Lock. Sesame. Your key, reinvented. by CANDY HOUSE Inc. When you leave the house, you always brings the three things: your keys, your wallet, and your phone.

Sesame. Your key, reinvented. by CANDY HOUSE Inc.

Now, your phone is your keys! 1. Download the free app. 2. Attach Sesame to your existing lock. Umbrella that you’ll never lose - Meet Kisha - The only smart umbrella! NEEO - The Thinking Remote for Your Smart Home. Buhel SG05 Soundglasses. Turning Shoe eDrive Plus: The Ultimate Sports Shoe by UGO Innovations in Sports. Sophia. LIGHTORS: The world's first MONSTER Batteries. LIGHTORS: The world's first MONSTER Batteries! by Jihong Digiacomo. Welcome to evoz! Qmote: The Water-Resistant Internet Remote for Smartphones by Qblinks. VOCCA Smart Light. Wishbone: The World's Smallest Smart Thermometer by Joywing Tech. Touch Board. Buy Capacitive touch, distance sensing, MP3, MIDI & more on the Arduino-compatible Touch Board The Touch Board is a powerful prototyping tool which combines Arduino compatibility with robust capacitive touch, distance sensing, an MP3 Player, MIDI functionality and a LiPo battery charger.

Touch Board

The Touch Board is perfect for any designer, engineer, artist, student or educator. Listen to the Touch Board’s pre-loaded audio guide to get you started right out of the box. No programming needed. Create 12 touch or proximity sensors using Electric Paint or any other conductive material. The Touch Board is part of the Arduino at Heart program which means you can program it and use it just like any Arduino. Not sure where to get started? Mine Kafon by Massoud Hassani.

Dolfi - Next Gen Washing Device: Indiegogo Video. Dolfi. Transformer Table.