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Busy Kids = Happy Mom: Life Lessons for My Sons - notes from mom.

Reading and Writing

7 Motherhood Ideas that I LOVE! 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons. Inspired by a Pin I've recently seen about "rules for dads with daughters," I went searching for a similar list for moms with sons.

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons

This search was mostly fruitless, so I was inspired to write my own Rules for Moms with Sons. Granted, my list will not be conclusive and may not be entirely uncontroversial. So agree, or disagree, or take with a grain of salt - but I hope to inspire other moms who are loving, and struggling, and tired, and proud, and eager to support the boys in their lives. You are the most important woman in his life, his first teacher, and the one he will look to for permission for the rest of his life. Song Directory. M.U.S.I.C.'s Song Directory About the Directory: This directory references over 3,000 songs that may be incorporated into school lessons and activities.

Song Directory

The songs are arranged alphabetically by title. There is an explanatory passage following each entry identifying literary, historical, political, and/or social reference(s) contained in the song. How to search the Directory: Once you have entered a section of the Directory, click on the word "Edit" in the tool bar at the top of the page and select "Find... " or "Find in page" (ctrl + F) A window will appear on your screen. Click on the letters below to enter each of the three sections of our Song Directory but first you may want to read the passages above for helpful tips on searching our Directory. 10 Ways to Stop Yelling. Geography, Pre-K Style. 99 ways to Simplify life with Kids. I am all about the simple things in life.

99 ways to Simplify life with Kids

Simple doesn't mean easy, it just means uncomplicated. The simple life is a pursuit of the things that really matter by removing or diminishing the things that don't. It looks different for every family, so take what is useful to yours and discard the rest. 1. Ditch the cover on your high chair so that it's easily wiped clean. 2. Rotate toys daily. 3. 6. . 12. Things to Make From Cereal Boxes. 21 Creative Consequences. Money as You Grow – Kids and Money – President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability. Discipline – Enforcing Consequences. It’s time once again for Heather from Family Volley to share with us some Parenting Tips as part of her “Parenting Tips” here on The Idea Room.

Discipline – Enforcing Consequences

I realize that today is a Wednesday and usually Heather’s series runs every other Thursday here on The Idea Room. I had to make a little rearrangement this week so you get her a day early! Here’s Heather in her own words… –Amy 2K+Parenting is hard. Although there isn’t a cookie cutter consequence for every situation or misstep, there are some important guidelines that will really help us as parents. The most important thing to remember…Don’t EVER, EVER withhold love as a consequence.

Other important suggestions… Make it clear before the misbehavior happens, that there are consequences for bad behavior. Now that we have some general suggestions, here are three specific things that can be done when you need a consequence. 1. Take a minute or two and think about each of your children. Before you Speak: THINK {again} Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids.

71 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten. Boy Get Crafty. If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +.

Boy Get Crafty

Thanks for visiting! Welcome to Boy Get Crafty! So many people tell me that their “boys just aren’t that interested” or that they “wished they had a girl to sew for” or “what on earth to give hubby for Christmas”… So I thought a Boy Get Crafty may be a good idea. As I have a son, I would say that pretty much everything on Red Ted Art is suitable for younger boys. I am sure I will be challenged as he gets older! We have lots of regular crafts for boys (and girls) so why not sign up to receive free e-mail updates of the latest here on Red Ted Art -just had your e-mail to the subscription box on the right hand side of this site? Let’s delve right inx. Reward Points System and Home "Store" Because we do not pay our kids for their regular chores around the house, I needed to have a system in place to help “motivate” them to do them happily and quickly.

Reward Points System and Home "Store"

We came up with a point system. I made some point and reward cards by simply buying some home printable business cards from Office Depot. Then I downloaded the template for my Word program from the Internet. Using the template (that matched the brand of business cards I purchased) I typed in some rewards for the kids. Here are some examples of the rewards (super cards=reward cards) we came up with: staying up an extra 5 minutes before bedtimegetting an extra bedtime storysnuggle time for 10 minutes at bed with mom or dadplaying a game with mom or dadearn a special snackearn 30 minutes of TV timeearn 20 minutes of computer time/video game time. 75 Kid Activities. It's not hard to sit down with your kids and make a list of things to do before the summer ends.

75 Kid Activities

(granted, some of these are still INDOOR activities). And THANK HEAVEN'S for Pinterest, so that my searching for activities was made easy! UPDATE: Our favorite activities we've done multiple times. And we're still making summer lists EVERY SUMMER. But here's some ideas to get you started. (I made the pics mini, because there's SEVENTY FIVE + of them, but if you click on them, it should show up full size!) 1: Glow sticks in the bathtub.