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10-practical-uses-for-psychological. People love to give each other advice.


The web is full to bursting with all types of pseudo-psychological advice about life. The problem is, how much of this is based on real scientific evidence? Well, here on PsyBlog we’ve got the scientific evidence. So here’s my top 10 list of what you can learn practically from the psychological research discussed here recently. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Closing techniques. 9 Actionable Presentation Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out. Chances are your presentations are designed to generate leads, produce sales, convey ideas, educate people, or get them to make a decision.

9 Actionable Presentation Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out

But whatever your goal is, you’ll never succeed at reaching it if you can’t create effective presentations that have clear objectives and create value for your audience. To show you how you can create great PowerPoint presentations, this infographic by PPTPOP breaks down all the steps you need to follow. [Click here for full size version] Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Persuasive Litigator: Go Ahead and Talk with Your Hands, But Know What You're Saying.

By: Dr.

Persuasive Litigator: Go Ahead and Talk with Your Hands, But Know What You're Saying

Ken Broda-Bahm - For an upcoming opening statement or closing argument, your gestures are probably the last thing on your mind...until you actually get up to speak. Then, the commentator in your brain might be asking, "why am I gripping the sides of this lectern? " or "Is there a way I can make myself stop these meaningless chopping motions?

" In this post, I want to answer the speaker's age-old question, "but what do I do with my hands? " What They Didn t Teach Us in Sales Class - Term Papers - Tammie316. "What They Didn't Teach Us in Sales Class" In reducing high turnover among new sales personnel, the first thing that firms should do or the employers of that firm should do is to match the job with the best suited to perform it.

What They Didn t Teach Us in Sales Class - Term Papers - Tammie316

High turnover organizations spend disproportionate amounts of resources on recruiting and replacing their workforce, while smart organizations invest in employee retention. Indeed that there's going to be turnover no matter what you do, but blindly ignoring the reasons for turnover is foolish and expensive. Generally, there are five important areas that motivate people to leave their jobs as to why employees quit: Poor match between the person and the job Poor fit with the organizational climate and culture Poor alignment between pay and performance Poor connections between the individual, their coworkers, and the supervisor Poor opportunities for growth and advancement To improve the stated effects, employee retention should be emphasized.

What Makes Tiger Tick? What Golf Superstar Tiger Woods Can Teach Sales Professionals About Winning - Article by Bill Cole. What Makes Tiger Tick?

What Makes Tiger Tick? What Golf Superstar Tiger Woods Can Teach Sales Professionals About Winning - Article by Bill Cole

What Golf Superstar Tiger Woods Can Teach Sales Professionals About Winning. Is Tiger Woods the greatest golfer who ever lived? One thing's for sure. Tiger Woods' mental game is absolutely the very best on the pro golf tour. What Can A Drag Queen Teach Sales Professionals? Last night I stayed up late to watch the final episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo.

What Can A Drag Queen Teach Sales Professionals?

For those of you not familiar with the program, drag queens compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Super Star. (The Queen likes her reality television and is always interested in the lives of other queens.) It’s hosted by RuPaul and the judges are Santino Rice (Project Runway), Merle Ginsberg (fashion journalist) and of course, RuPaul. Guest judges sit in from time to time. The contestants compete in categories like Runway, Realness, Glam etc. Last evening, after crowning American’s Next Drag Super Star, a lovely queen from Cameroon (who said she started doing drag when she got to the airport in this country), they brought all of the contestants back for a Roundup session. At some point RuPaul decided to turn the tables and have the contestants critique the judges. RuPaul, a very wise Queen, said, “Ladies, you are all fabulous.

Teacher Guides By Film - College, Inc. Teacher Guides By Film - College, Inc. What can Sales Psychology Teach Digital Outreach? - SEW. To those in marketing, "sales" is a dirty word. A discipline based purely on aggressive, pushy, cold conversion. What Teenagers With Millions of YouTube Fans Can Teach You About Sales. How do you sell online when your target audience encounters an obstacle to purchasing?

What Teenagers With Millions of YouTube Fans Can Teach You About Sales

These teenagers found an easy solution. Sales Tips They Don't Teach on Training Courses. Product Management Archives. The Assumptions & Market Insights That Can Help Indian Product Startup If you’re a product startup, you’ll agree that narrowing down on your product roadmap, and trying to find that perfect product-market fit are things that will be extremely critical in the early days of your startup.

Product Management Archives

Art of Naming Your Users in Ideation Process Developers often jump into coding before thinking of what exactly is going to be built. In this post, Parag Arora takes a look at what could go wrong and how you could avoid it. This Book Seller Has A Thing To Teach Entrepreneurs [Qualifying Sales Leads] I am learning how to sell.

This Book Seller Has A Thing To Teach Entrepreneurs [Qualifying Sales Leads]

And very often, I don’t get it. One of the biggest challenge in sales is figuring out qualified leads. To put it the other way, weeding out unqualified ones! Every lead seems like a qualified one, until you spend time with them to only understand that they were window shopping. How sales is changing in the digital world. Posted on: July 1, 2014 Do social media, price comparison sites and Googling customers mean the end of salespeople?

How sales is changing in the digital world

Not at all… © Getty Images Selling classified ads or annuities is a tougher job than it used to be. Selling Power Magazine - Solutions for Sales Management. Ask the tens of thousands of travelers who were stranded in airports and train stations last December if snowstorms are fun, and you’ll get a resounding “NO!” But every cloud – even a storm cloud – has a silver lining. Here are just a few of the lessons salespeople can learn from last month’s worldwide transportation gridlock: Expect delays. Snow in the winter – who would have thought!

Well, according to, the United States experiences an average of 11 blizzards a year, so December’s storm shouldn’t have been any big surprise. How does a Sales Manager teach people to sell their product without giving away the farm? There will always be a cheaper product competing with yours, and people will always buy on price….if you let them. Of course price is an important factor in any purchase, but it’s just one of the factors which should be considered by your prospect. However if you don’t bring these other factors to their attention, they will buy on price. The truth is we all by on value for money rather than price. Think of some of the purchases that you make. 6 things a good sales person can teach us about marketing - Marketing - Kinetic Marketing and Design. Having worked for businesses of all sizes, including large corporate, one of the classic ‘clashes’ was always between sales and marketing, with both believing they were the most important driver of new business.As with most agreements, both sides are right … and wrong.

Sales and marketing need to work together and each can learn from each other. What An “Ad Man” Can Teach Us About Sales. What An “Ad Man” Can Teach Us About Sales. PowerPoint presentation: Teach a defined sales process. The Challenger Sales Model: teach, tailor and take control. UserFiles/File/pdf/Effective-Coaching_April-22-2006.pdf. Sales Discount Lesson Plan, On Sale Worksheet, Teaching Discounts Lesson. Suggested Discount Lesson Plan for this Worksheet Teach your students the concept of a discount. A discount is when an item is purchased at a price less than the regular price. What Can Performance Marketing for Professionals Teach You About Sales Funnels? Successful marketing is the centrifuge to business success.

It’s how you maintain relationships with your customers, build your brand and make sales. People like John Rampton (an entrepreneur, marketing guru and start-up addict) and Murray Newlands (entrepreneur, marketing guru) are pioneers in the marketing industry, showing business professionals how to be marketing mavericks. Their new book, “Performance Marketing for Professionals”, show’s business leaders various topics about performance marketing. It’s for sale on at: Sales is the key to bring in the money and supporting the operations of the company. What sales can teach psychology. Girl Scouts Can Teach You A Lot about Sales and Marketing. It's Girl Scout Cookie time again. My daughter stopped being a Scout a couple years ago, so we are no longer a Cookie source. I don't have to buy another Girl Scout Cookie again if I don't want to. I don't need them, they're more expensive than store-bought cookies, and truth be told only one variety still makes my mouth water (Thin Mints).

But I will be buying them, and I know exactly whom I will be getting them from—my friend's daughter Ashley. I'm not the only one Girl Scout Cookies have a hold on. As David Newman writes in his article Sell Like a Girl—A Girl Scout, That Is, everyone involved in sales can learn from what Girl Scouts do. For one thing, as I alluded to, the Girl Scout Cookie business is a relationship business and people will buy from people they know, like, and trust. Girl Scout Cookie selling is also extremely competitive.

Developing a strong network of loyalists is actually one of Andrew Sobel's Power Relationship Laws. 5 Things We Teach In Our Sales Training. What Kanye West Can Teach You about Sales and Marketing—An Interview with Sonja Jefferson.'s Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services Receive a Free Audiobook Download with a Free Trial Membership to "Don't ever try to sell me on anything. Give me ALL the information and I'll make my own decision. " —Kanye West in a tweet It might be hard to believe, but musician Kanye West is correct in his thoughts about sales and marketing, says Sonja Jefferson, co-author of the book Valuable Content Marketing.

In fact, that is the second of seven principles about content marketing that Jefferson and her co-author, Sharon Tanton, explain in the book. Free online sales training articles, sales & selling processes, selling methods, selling tips, sales techniques, selling skills, sales and selling glossary. What Interviewing 31 Sales People Taught Me About “Sales” Miller Heiman - What the Dog Whisperer Can Teach Sales Leaders About Social Media. 3 Ways Great Bartenders Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Sales. How to Teach Your Team Sales Strategy. What Doctors Can Teach You About Patience and Persuasion in Sales. What a 9-Year-Old Can Teach You About Selling. Sales Articles. Sales training through consultative selling techniques to help companies and individuals identify better prospects and close more sales. Sales Training - How to Train Salespeople.