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English Companion Ning - Where English teachers go to help each other

English Companion Ning - Where English teachers go to help each other

Creativity in Education by Leonor Cristina Santos Posted by Shelly Terrell on Monday, March 29th 2010 Part of the series: Global Issues in Education The 21st century is to content creators what the industrial revolution was to factory workers. The demand for creative thinking is both a challenge and an opportunity. Sometimes failure is an essential element of deep practice. Next analyze your errors, noting exactly where your performance didn’t match your ideal. Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet Welcome to the Interactive Folio/Reader and Study Guide version of Romeo and Juliet created by the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project and originally released in 2007. We're pleased to announce that we've just released the new, updated version of the play as an iOS app. in collaboration with InteractiveReaders Inc. To access the Romeo+Juliet app. (compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch) click here or on the image below. You’ll find it to be quite simply the most interactive and sophisticated edition of Romeo and Juliet ever created: use it as a study guide and teaching tool.

A journée in language. Julie’s story: ELT Freelancing in France for over 30 years This past week I met Julie Cummings-Debrot, a freelancer with her own company here in Paris – for a cup of coffee and a chat about teaching in France, corporate training and how she’s incorporating blended learning into her courses. We met at La Défense, the swanky financial district of Paris just after one of her lessons.

The Ghost Writer: Giving Directions - Imperative Forms This movie is amazing. I love Roman Polanski's films and this one is no exception. This scene is great because of the clear instructions given by the car's GPS. I. Read the instruction the driver received from his GPS while driving to his destination. Sarah Brown Wessling This blog is the kickoff of Season Two of our Let’s Chat Core series. Over the coming months, we’ll be posting more blogs, podcasts, and webinar-style videos to help you achieve your Common Core goals. The familiar smell of old shoes and fresh popcorn conjured up memories of endless hours with four wheels. Infographic: #PLearning #MakeitHappen - Getting Smart by Guest Author - edelements, Education Elements, infographic, personalized learning, plearning By: Justin DeLeon #PLearning #MakeitHappen first appeared on Education Elements on February 19, 2014. Feeling confused about personalized learning? Not sure what it means, what it looks like, how to implement or support it? You’ve come to the right place. We hope to answer your questions through our#plearning infographic series.

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. ~ Dr. Seuss Summer is almost here! Have a great summer and don’t forget to sign up for the Summer Reading Program at the Bloomington Public Library starting June 4th! Happy Earth Day! In preparation for Earth Day we are reading several new books about our environment!

Profesorbaker's Blog: A Bit of Everything Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He is the Coordinator of the English Department at Colegio Internacional SEK in Santiago, Chile. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Organiser of EdCamp Santiago 2012 & Edcamp Chile 2013, free, participant-driven, democratic, conversation based professional development for teachers, by teachers. EdCamp Santiago 2012 was held at Universidad Mayor in Santiago. Edcamp Chile 2013 was held at Universidad UCINF. Thomas is also a member of the Advisory Board for the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL), where he also serves as a reviewer and as the HETL Ambassador for Chile. Infographic: #PLearning Framework (Part 2 of the Series) - Getting Smart by Guest Author - learning, personalized learning, plearning, students By: Justin DeLeon #PLearning Framework (Part 2 of the Series) first appeared on Education Elements on April 2, 2014. When you think of “personalized,” you probably think “unique,” “special,” and “just for me.” For the most part, we personalize as much of our lives as possible. We stock our cabinets and fridges with food based on our dietary needs and what we enjoy eating.

The Big Deal Book of Technology for K-12 Educators Our mission is to save every educator time and money while identifying top-quality resources for schools and classrooms. Big Deal eBooks are electronic publications that offer invaluable resources for educators, while serving specific audiences, including K-12 technology professionals and educators of English language learners (ELL). In each edition, educators will find sources of grants and other attainable funding for their special programs and needs, resources for 21st century themes and skills and professional development opportunities. Educators will also find free and inexpensive standards-aligned lessons and materials. K-12 Technology An easy-to-use resource of grants, interactive websites and free materials—all related to the successful integration of technology in today's classrooms and schools.

Siles Bilingüe: general english CLASSROOM LANGUAGE - stages in the lesson Now you are studying bilingual 1º ESO, you will hear more and more English in your science and maths classroom and these expressions will sound familiar to you: - Good morning everyone!- How are you today?- Let's start with the lesson now.- Listen to me, please.- Silence, please.- Could you all listen to me, please?- Come in.- Go out.- Stand up.- Sit down.- Switch on the lights / the computers- Open your books on page ...- Who can remember what we were talking about at the end of last lesson? California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) Are you looking for standards-aligned electronic learning resources to help your students? Here, you can find free Open Educational Resources, reviews of Online Courses, and commercial Electronic Learning Resources. OnlineCourse Reviews Online course reviews aligned to content standards and iNACOL's online course standards.

Blog » Blog Archive » La Pepa on tour January 26, 2012 – 4:46 pm When I saw in the newspaper last week that a replica 17th-century galleon had arrived in the port of Sevilla, I realised it must be the same one I had seen some time previously, just before it left on a 6,000km voyage. Galeon de Andalucia docked in Sevilla, February 2010. The ship's original name plaque. Looking back through my posts, it took me a while to find the one about the Galeon de Andalucia.

Creating a collaborative classroom adventure World Adventure Kids 2-1, like any reading text available out there, can be used in a variety of ways as part of a reading program. Aside from possibly the most obvious application (independent reading from individual children), I have been getting questions and suggestions from teachers of classes about how to best utilise WAK 2-1 for whole-class reading. I am happy to say that the interactive, reader-directed format of World Adventure Kids actually makes it an excellent resource to use with a whole class for those contexts or situations whereby a teacher would like to apply it in a way that all the learners progress through it at the same pace.

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