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Tisch School of the Arts

Tisch School of the Arts
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Urbanscale | Design for networked cities and citizens Robotica Estudio La robótica se ha convertido en una rama esencial de la electrónica y aporta conocimientos y gran experiencia a los ingenieros electrónicos del mañana. Electronica Estudio pone a disposición de estudiantes y profesionales populares kits de robótica. Vea la lista de precios de esta sección aquí: Lista_de_Precios.xls Productos Sparkfun Sparkfun es una compañia que le gusta compartir y divertirse con la electrónica diseña módulos y herramientas para que los Ingenieros, estudiantes y hobbistas puedan disfrutar de los microcontroladores. La potencia de los microcontroladores, dice Sparkfun "es que puede correr un programa o aplicación sin la necesidad de una computadora. Sparkfun siempre tiene nuevos productos de alta tecnología y Electronica Estudio es su distribuidor en México. Productos Pololu Entre al mundo de Pololu Robotics and Electronics, alta tecnología en robótica. Productos Robotis Vea los fabulosos productos de Robotis. Productos Arduino Director Es Nuestra selección de Servomotores

DOT MAGAZINE | Spring 2012 | Art Center College of Design | Learn to Create. Influence Change. Dot magazine is published by the Department of Marketing and Communications. Art Center College of Design 1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA We welcome your feedback on Dot magazine. EDITOR Sylvia Sukop WRITERS Teri Bond, Jered Gold, Carolyn Gray Anderson, Mike Padilla, Christine Spines, Sylvia Sukop, Mike Winder ART DIRECTOR Winnie Li DESIGNERS Eliana Dominguez, Winnie Li, Jin Son PRODUCTION DESIGNER Audrey Krauss WEB DESIGNER Eliana Dominguez WEB PRODUCTION Chuck Spangler EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE Kathy Barreto, Ellen Fujimoto, Anna Macaulay, Lindsay Rapport, Kat Salerno BOARD CHAIRMAN Robert C. PRESIDENT Lorne M. SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, DEVELOPMENT AND EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Arwen Duffy ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT, DEVELOPMENT Maya Chalich Fredrickson ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS Wendy Shattuck EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Sylvia Sukop CREATIVE DIRECTOR Scott Taylor DIRECTOR, PRODUCTION Ellie Eisner DIRECTOR, PROMOTION AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS Jered Gold

Books \ Processing is also discussed through examples and projects in the following books: By Nick Montfort, Patsy Baudoin, John Bell, Ian Bogost, Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino, Michael Mateas, Casey Reas, Mark Sample, Noah Vawter. Examples use Processing to explore a modern interpretation of a 1982 Commodore 64 program. Getting Started with ArduinoBy Massimo Banzi. Building Wireless Sensor Networks: with ZigBee, XBee, Arduino, and ProcessingBy Robert Faludi. Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers By Dan O'Sullivan and Tom Igoe. Aesthetic Computing. Hacking Roomba: ExtremeTechBy Tod E. Analog In, Digital OutBy Brendan Dawes.

Cardboard Inspiration Cardboard Furniture Cardboard table base made in Domingos Tótora's studio, Maria da Fe, Brazil. Recycled cardboard is broken up into small pieces, soaked in water and turned into a pulp that serves as the base material for furniture, vases, bowls and sculptural pieces. The pieces are molded by hand, dried in the sun, sanded and then a finish is applied. The cardboard which originated as wood, essentially is brought back full cycle by taking on a wood-like quality again. Molded Cardboard Bench Twig Table base - re-shaped Cardboard. Japanese Inspired Cardboard Table and Stools Via: Wiggle Chair, Frank Gehry, 1972. Wiggle Stool, Frank Gehry, Easy Edges lounge chair Frank Gehry, 1972. Bubbles Chaise Lounge, 1987. WeMake Just cut and glue... How To:

Open Culture Stirling Engine : Construction Well, basically I designed this engine in solidworks and made drawing for after give this drawing to the center machining. You need solidworks software if you want manipulate the ensemble, I use 2013 version. The materials I bought was in standard measure, so I adapted to metric. The position 3 say "join with silver weld" but I had problems because the copper do not resist the high temperature as well as stainless. Is extremely necessary the cylinder do not have air leakage because the engine works with this pressure. critical positions 3, 6 and 14. when you assemble parts be careful to alignments from the positions 20 (vertical) and 30 (horizontal) another way the engine have problems with positions 2, 6 and 8. Do not despair if the engine do not work in the first time, because this need adjustments and some oil for pieces in moving, I made many attempts for it work.

Rhode Island School of Design | RISD Processing Paris » PParis Workshop 2015: Intermédiaire Atelier intermédiaire : Agents et design génératif ============================================== Intervenant : Ianis Lallemand Dates : 17/18/19 Avril 2015 Tarif : 120 €En partenariat avec Le Campus de la Fonderie de l’Image. >>> Inscrivez-vous par ici. Présentation ============ Ce workshop permettra de se familiariser avec la notion d’agent, un des concepts fondamentaux du design génératif. Les agents sont des entités autonomes capables de se déplacer dans l’espace du sketch Processing. Nous allons utiliser leurs trajectoires pour produire des formes riches et complexes. À partir d’un système d’agents simple, nous allons progressivement introduire les notions de « champ de force » (un environnement modifiant les déplacements des agents) et d’interactions entre agents. Au terme du workshop, les participants auront développé leur propre outil de design génératif, en lien avec un contexte d’interaction particulier (outil de dessin, installation interactive, etc). Jour 3 : production

Brassart - Conception graphique et multimédia The Diaspora Project POWER HACK: TEAM FARADAY Taking part in our POWER HACK is Team Faraday! Consisting of industry leading experts: Jude Pullen (Design Modelling)Richard Gledhill (Maker/Hacker/Engineer)Enrico Varrone (Arcola Energy)Michael Broadhead (Schneider Electric) Gregory Barker-Devereux (QinetiQ) The brief is simple: Create a domestic electricity generator product idea that is affordable and easy-to-manufacture in the 3rd world. What product will they come up with? Stay tuned on Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th December to find out more. Day One: AM Their idea is to create a Generator hub. The idea utilizes Alfredo Moser's bleach bottle light. Jude’s broken out the cardboard! Day One: PM The team are keen to ensure their design is as versatile and scalable as possible. Team Faraday have truly “power hacked” a concept together by utilising the guts of an old wind up torch, and an early concept test saw an LED salvaged from the torch attached to a bottle cap and powered up. Day Two: AM The team continue to build their prototype Follow

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