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MeghaOS : The cloud operating system. World Economic Forum sur Twitter : "Why do we call it 'the cloud'? #cloudcomputing... Why do we call it 'the cloud'? Register now for the AWS Cloud Kata learning session in Mumbai, 14th December. “Ultimately, the cloud is the latest example of Schumpeterian creative destruction: creating wealth for those who exploit it; and leading to the demise of those that don’t.” – Joe Weinman, Senior VP at Telx and author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing Developers and startups of Mumbai/ Pune, are you looking to create wealth?

Register now for the AWS Cloud Kata learning session in Mumbai, 14th December

Do you want to discover pro tips that will help your startups to go from idea to minimum viable product (MVP), scale and profitability? Do you want to know how to build your MVP quickly leveraging AWS reference architectures, SDK and services? Do you want to learn best practices for cost-aware architecting and lower your costs? Learn these first-hand from Indian startups as they share how they succeeded with AWS. Anand Lunia | Partner, India QuotientJishnu Bhattacharjee | Managing Director, Nexus Venture Partners, USARajan Mehra | Co-founder & Managing Director, Nirvana VenturesAakash Goel | Vice President, Bessemer Venture Partners. Amazon Launches AWS SDK For JavaScript In The Browser. Amazon today launched the developer preview of its AWS SDK for JavaScript.

Amazon Launches AWS SDK For JavaScript In The Browser

With this, developers can now easily build dynamic JavaScript applications that can access AWS services from the browser without the need to write any server-side code and to configure an application server for hosting. Amazon previously launched an SDK for Node.js apps, so this isn’t Amazon’s first foray into supporting JavaScript. Indeed, it turns out that this new SDK uses the same programming model in the browser and in server-side Node.js code.

With this new SDK, developers can make direct calls to Amazon’s S3 storage services, Amazon SQS for reading from and writing to message queues, SNS for generating and processing mobile notifications and to Amazon’s DynamoDB NoSQL database. Access to Amazon’s more traditional database services is not currently an option. To access these features, developers need to add a tag that integrate’s Amazon’s JavaScript library into their code. Megha OS. So what will tomorrow's Microsoft look like? From the outside it looks as though it's been a week of turmoil at Microsoft.

So what will tomorrow's Microsoft look like?

But as the confusion dies down, it's possible to see the past seven days as just another step to on the road to a very different Microsoft — a Microsoft that reflects changes in the way computing will be delivered over the next decade. It's clear Microsoft has made some very big decisions about the future of development — and of the future of the company We shouldn't be surprised.

Every company needs to reinvent itself, and Microsoft's reinvention has been telegraphed for a long time. There have been catch-phrases, public trials of tools and technologies, four or five years of evangelising web-service endpoints and model view controller frameworks that simplify building distributed applications, adoption of open-source technologies and licences, and now a whole new look and feel for Windows, along with a move into the PC business.

The future of development. Compute Engine. Google Patents the Cloud OS. This article was cross-posted on This week, Google was given approval of a network OS patent that it applied for back in 2009. The design of the OS is built for “ providing an operating system over a network to a local device ” to provision new versions of operating systems onto hardware devices. Filed in March 2009, the idea for Chrome OS was protected by Google early in the development process of the OS, but it was hardly new and unique, given the general description of its features in the patent itself. It is the best sign yet that Google is working toward seamless hardware and software experiences. Don’t forget to take our Web App Developer Survey! It wasn’t that long ago where we would not have even thought about Google as a client hardware company. That thought of a much more hardware-focused Google pivoted sharply when Google decided to acquire Motorola Mobility, a company that has had quite a bit of success in promoting and selling mobile phones with Android.

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