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Everything Google, even what their doing on the ground, help this tree be the most informative pearltree about google.

Visit us at we took the web and truly organized it in ways not imagined before, but we did the impossible, pearltrees combined with cloudtops, what a sensational moment this is. Awesome stuff indeed!!!!! Jellyfish – not really a fish! Did you know that Jellyfish are not really a fish?

Jellyfish – not really a fish!

You see Jellyfish do not have a heart so they are not counted as "real" fishes. The Jellyfish body is composed of two layers – inside and outside layers and most of its body contain water.

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  1. cloudexplorer Jun 28 2011
    Welcome to my Google Cloud, All are welcome to join the team, lets expand this tree in informative ways. Enjoy!