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Kinect SDK

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Windows Kinect Driver/SDK - CL NUI Platform Preview. Hi Alex, and thank you for your work, was waiting for something like that, I installed the sdk and demo.

Windows Kinect Driver/SDK - CL NUI Platform Preview

If anybody is goin to run into problems like described below, maybe you have installed previoulsy another version of NUI devices, so You need to remove all the software, then, from device manager, unistall and remove driver software for all the 3 NUI devices, reinstall CL sdk, and have fun :D // Crash case When starting the application I got a crash, if i do not stop the application i can see the GUI, control the motors&led and read accelerometer values, but i got black textures. Introducing OpenNI. Kinect and OpenNI.

10.Dec.2010 at 10 | Den Ivanov Update (17.01.2013) - This old post is obsolete now and instruction will not work with latest OpenNI 2.

Kinect and OpenNI

I will wrote new one soon, when new SensorKinect drivers will be available.