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May 2014

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2014 Internet Trends. TVTY Raises $4.5 Million To Sync TV And Online Ads. French startup TVTY raised $4.5 million from Partech Ventures, 360 Capital Partners and business angels.

TVTY Raises $4.5 Million To Sync TV And Online Ads

This is yet another sign that French companies’ efforts to advertise technology have been doing very well. TVTY provides an API for advertising companies to bridge the gap between TV campaigns or events and web ads. In other words, if you want to launch an advertising campaign on an ad network, video pre-roll ads, search ads and more, you can time the launch depending on what’s happening on the TV. Android fragmentation and the cloud. App Constellations. I touched on the concept of App Constellations in my post on Friday about Swarm.

App Constellations

I’ve been thinking about this concept for the past week and I think its an important development in the world of non-game native mobile applications. If you made a list of all the non-game mobile apps that have more than 10mm MAUs, it would be a pretty short list. It probably would not look much different than the top 100 or 150 free apps in the iOS and Android app stores without all the games. The Full New York Times Innovation Report. Zendesk IPO - Form S-1. Everyone Starts With Simplicity, No-One Ends There and That’s OK. Designing a user experience for many millions of people is a unique job that a relatively small number of people practice.

Everyone Starts With Simplicity, No-One Ends There and That’s OK

The responsibility of such an undertaking is immense, stressful, and one that can be all-consuming. Cold sweats, sick to your stomach, and a constant feeling of messing up are the norm for those that take on these challenges. But someone has to do it! This week brought quite a few big design changes that have folks talking including twitter adding mute, gmail testing out a major revamp, and iOS 8 bringing “Surface split-screen to iPad”.

Dependent on Digital Whales. It was very hard to find fault with anything that Facebook announced at F8 last week.

Dependent on Digital Whales

Unlike their past developer efforts, which were all about pulling content onto Facebook, this year was about pushing Facebook’s infrastructure out into all kinds of mobile apps. The win for Facebook is that much more signal about their users, particularly about their app usage; the win for developers is being apart of the new Facebook Audience Network.

The latter is a very big deal. YouTube Founders to Sell Delicious, a Social Bookmarking Site. Restaurant Reservation Service LaFourchette Gobbled Up By TripAdvisor For ~$140M. European restaurant reservation service LaFourchette — the so-called OpenTable of France — has entered into agreement to be acquired by NASDAQ-listed travel site TripAdvisor, with whom it already had a partnership.

Restaurant Reservation Service LaFourchette Gobbled Up By TripAdvisor For ~$140M

Terms of the deal are not being disclosed. However, sources tell TechCrunch that the price is actually ~$140 million (€100 million) in an all cash deal. The company had previously raised around $15 million in VC. The one negative impact of venture capital on job markets. Venture capital firms invest money in companies and industries that would hardly exist without them.

The one negative impact of venture capital on job markets

When they back entrepreneurs, they give them the possibility to create jobs by growing teams. When they massively invest in new technological trends such as 3D printing, they enable the creation of a whole new industry. But are their impacts on the job market always positive for an economy ? Wither Twitter? — Five Hundred Words. It’s like that Portlandia skit.

Wither Twitter? — Five Hundred Words

The hipster dude sees the mainstream dude doing something he loves, so he declares it “over”. BenedictEvans : Ecosystem sizes... Google Is Preparing To Pay A Huge Fine For Tax Noncompliance In France. France’s equivalent of the IRS (Direction générale des finances) has been investigating Google for tax noncompliance.

Google Is Preparing To Pay A Huge Fine For Tax Noncompliance In France

With only €138 million of revenue reported in France in 2011, something wasn’t right. Le Canard Enchaîné first reported in 2012 that the company owed $1.3 billion (€1 billion). How Google Can Steal Facebook's Candy. Facebook has once again crushed its quarterly earnings report, primarily on the back of mobile advertising.

How Google Can Steal Facebook's Candy

While overall user growth is slowing, thanks to market saturation, Facebook increased both engagement and revenue per user, with mobile revenue surpassing non-mobile revenue for the first time. Part of this growth is due to the attractiveness of the Facebook mobile ad unit: Unlike most other mobile ads, which sit in a small bar at the top or bottom of the screen, Facebook’s mobile ads are directly in your timeline.

Thus, as you scroll, each ad has an opportunity to fill the entire screen with an attention-grabbing image that is eminently clickable. It’s arguably the best display unit in digital advertising today. Significantly, the largest driver of Facebook’s mobile revenue is app-install ads -- that is, ads that encourage users to download an application rather than simply promote a product. The Problem with Payments. Payments are one of the eternal tech rainbows,1 enticing startups and established companies alike with the promise of priceless data and incredible volumes.

The Problem with Payments

Many who dive in, though, like Google with Wallet, find it’s incredibly tough going. Square, for example, is burning through cash and may be acquired whether they want to be or not.