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Oct 2,2014

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Gangnam Style: the secret rise of Kia. Lufthansa claims 'world first' with augmented reality app for Premium Economy. The airline is claiming a world first, since its latest app does not require a specific logo or image to activate it.

Lufthansa claims 'world first' with augmented reality app for Premium Economy

Most augmented reality (AR) apps, such as Blippar, only work when triggered by a brand logo or shape. The app was created by digital agency Space and is now available to iPad and iPhone users running iOS 7 or later. Users who download the app will be prompted to grab pen and paper and "draw something that flies" – although any doodle with sufficient contrast will work. Brand of the Day: Forevermark Gets Benjamin Millepied to Craft Its New Labor of Love. If diamonds are forever, it's probably best to get one you won't mind looking at for a while—for example, one that isn't tainted by a history of human rights abuses.

Brand of the Day: Forevermark Gets Benjamin Millepied to Craft Its New Labor of Love

Forevermark, the De Beers brand that bills itself as committed to responsible diamond sourcing, wants to provide your guiltless engagement ring, and it's pulling out all the stops to woo you with a new campaign called "Promise. " The official Scoopshot site - Facebook Reportedly Launching an App Designed to Hide Your True Identity.

Facebook wants you to be just as comfortable sharing sensitive information as you are broadcasting mundane details, so the social network is planning a new, anonymous sharing app, according to a recent report.

Facebook Reportedly Launching an App Designed to Hide Your True Identity

Citing anonymous sources, The New York Times said Facebook is expected to launch an app within weeks that allows people to sign up with pseudonyms and keep their true identities hidden, which could compete with similar secretive apps like Secret, Whisper and Yik Yak. Facebook didn't comment. This follows last week's reports that Facebook would work on health care-focused apps, which could require a level of privacy as well. Traditionally, Facebook has strictly enforced the use of true identities on its main network and recently caught fire from drag queens who wanted to use pseudonyms.

That boosted sign-ups at competing site Ello. Real identities are key to Facebook's advertising goals as it seeks to become the people-based marketing platform. McDonald's Japan Releases Its Own 'Black Burger' To Rival Burger King's (Photos) Summer of Sharing: 'Share a Coke' Campaign Rolls Out in the U.S. Coke Gives Plastic Bottles a Second Life in Vietnam. ​Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. is giving rural Asian Coke consumers a way to reuse its iconic red and white bottles.

Coke Gives Plastic Bottles a Second Life in Vietnam

The soda brand is providing Vietnamese Coke buyers with a free package of customized bottle tops that turn their used plastic Coke bottles into spray bottles, pencil sharpeners, markers, shampoo containers and 12 other new uses. The largely kid-focused campaign, which Coke plans to launch later this year, is called “Second Lives,” and was created by Coke and its Asian branding partner Ogilvy & Mather Beijing.

The pilot program started in March 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as part of the brand’s global sustainability program. Talko Wants To Reinvent The Phone Call From Scratch. A quarter century ago, Ray Ozzie invented Lotus Notes, a pioneering piece of workgroup software which did as much as any other single product to popularize the idea that computers were useful tools for teams that wanted to collaborate on projects.

Talko Wants To Reinvent The Phone Call From Scratch

More recently, Ozzie was responsible for Groove, an interesting take on collaboration which ended up being acquired by Microsoft, where Ozzie (briefly) succeeded Bill Gates himself as the company's chief software architect. When Ozzie left Microsoft in 2010, it shouldn't have shocked anyone that he ended up starting yet another startup devoted to rethinking how teams can work together.

His new company and product are called Talko, and they're launching today. I got a sneak peek from Matt Pope, one of Ozzie's cofounders. Talko is the first thing Ozzie has been involved with that's a product of the highly mobile smartphone age rather than the more deskbound PC-centric era which preceded it. For Coke, Challenge Is Staying Relevant. Photo.

For Coke, Challenge Is Staying Relevant

2014_BrandZ_Top100_Infographic.pdf. Amazon eases Christmas shopping on Twitter with #AmazonWishList. Shoppers will have to log into their Amazon accounts and adjust their settings to enable the feature.

Amazon eases Christmas shopping on Twitter with #AmazonWishList

They will also need to enable access to their Twitter accounts. The feature will not work for locked accounts, Amazon said. The new feature sees Amazon boosting its e-commerce experiments with Twitter, after launching #AmazonBasket, or #AmazonCart in the UK, in May. Shoppers who stumble across a tweet containing an Amazon product link can now reply to the tweet with #AmazonWishList to add it to a dedicated Amazon wish list. The @MyAmazon customer service account will then notify users that an item has been successfully added to their wish list. Test tweets sent by Marketing suggest the feature is not live in the UK yet, and Amazon has not responded to a request for clarification. Try These 3 Neuromarketing Tips (You’ll Be Amazed By the Results) Neuromarketing might just blow your mind.

Try These 3 Neuromarketing Tips (You’ll Be Amazed By the Results)

The nascent term, which describes the use of neuroscience tools to help determine why consumers buy what they buy, is upsetting traditional marketing methods and practices. For centuries marketers have done certain things in certain ways, believing them to be most effective. This conventional wisdom dominated the field of marketing and advertising for a long, long time. Starting Today, Your iPhone Can Ditch Google For DuckDuckGo's Private Search. Even if you're not springing for an enormous iPhone 6 Plus, your device is about to get a refresh in the form of iOS 8.

Starting Today, Your iPhone Can Ditch Google For DuckDuckGo's Private Search

While new features like widgets and third-party keyboard support have gotten most of the attention, iOS 8 has a big perk waiting for privacy-conscious users as well. The mobile version of Safari will now let you change the default search engine to DuckDuckGo, the privacy-obsessed Google alternative that has seen a sharp uptick in activity since Edward Snowden became a household name.

MASSCLUSIVITY. Suntory HIBIKI Harmony Bar with HIBIKI Glass. Le digital marketing et ses 5 mondes. Pour les non-initiés, le marketing digital est un véritable méli-mélo: de nombreux acteurs et intermédiaires, des technologies et des supports variés peuvent rendre cet environnement flou.

Le digital marketing et ses 5 mondes

Afin d’en simplifier la lecture, nous l’avons regroupé en 5 leviers, ou 5 mondes, qui permettent de retrouver la logique du marketing offline. What's Up With Ello, the Anti-Facebook Social Network? By now, you've probably heard something about Ello, the ad-free, invite-only, independent social network that has seemingly gone viral over the last week. The ad-free social network has quickly — and somewhat inexplicably — gained a reputation for being the "anti-Facebook. " Which is odd, because new users tend to boast on Facebook about having scored an invite to the service. While it's not clear what's behind the site's sudden surge in popularity (it launched in March to little fanfare), several reports have linked the rise of Ello to the recent firestorm caused by Facebook's so-called real name policy.

10 LinkedIn Metrics That Matter. In my previous post, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Your Social Media Dashboard, we took a look at the most common and useful metrics to consider when monitoring a brand performance on social networks such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. Today, I want to focus on Linkedin, perhaps the only social network by and for professionals, particularly useful in a B2B context. It should also be noted that Linkedin is one of the few social media that provided good insights and metrics for individual accounts, not just for organizations advertising on the platform.

For Companies 1. Take A Look Inside The Intense World Of Pro Gaming At Red Bull's eSports Extravaganza. "We're Not Trying To Be Something For Everybody": The Promise And Perils Of Ello. When Paul Budnitz was designing Ello, a new social network, with six other people, he had three posters on the wall. "Dieter Rams: less but better. No nested menus. How simple can we make this to make it work," Budnitz tells Fast Company, "Other picture: Captain Kirk. What the Companies That Predict the Future Do Differently - Jeanne Harris, and Mark McDonald. By Jeanne Harris and Mark McDonald | 12:00 PM September 25, 2014 If knowledge is power, then predictive analytics promises the ultimate knowledge — that of the future. Such knowledge does not come easily, but the increasing density of digital information, deeper automated connections across companies, and increased storage and computing power create new options for enterprise leaders.

For the first time in history, the predictive future — the increasing awareness and likelihood of potential future actions and outcomes — is within reach. Innerscope Research – Success in Video Advertising: A Scientific Formula. What do ideal video ads look like? Awfully similar – at least scientifically. Mazda Extends 'Spirit and Soul' of Brand's Design Language. Pabst Looks to Reassure Hipsters With Indie Music Festival. The #1 Secret Astronauts, Samurai, Navy SEALs, and Psychopaths Can Teach You About Good Decision Making. Le Native Advertising : savoir éditorialiser sa Marque.

Faire du Native Advertising est une chose. Bien le faire en est une autre... Décryptage de David Lacombled, Président de l’IAB France à l’occasion du HUBFORUM Paris. La création de contenu « brandé » ne date pas d’hier. Le guide Michelin, la carafe à eau Ricard ou encore le calendrier Pirelli sont autant d’exemples d’objets publicitaires dont l’apparition a précédé l’ère digitale.

Pourtant, sur internet, les bannières et autres formats dont l’aspect publicitaire était clairement affiché ont longtemps été majoritaires. Le terme Native Ads revient systématiquement dans toutes les conversations. En effet, une bannière à la taille fixe, si elle s’affiche très bien sur un écran d'ordinateur, n’est pas toujours adaptée à la consultation des autres terminaux ( smartphone ou tablette ).