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Salone del mobile Milano 2014

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2014. YOY brings "humour to a room" with light that projects its shade. Milan 2014: Japanese design studio YOY presented a lamp that projects the shape of a shade onto a wall and a rug that doubles as a chair in Milan this week (+ slideshow). The new collection from YOY includes a tray that appears to defy gravity and a series of drawers that can be mounted on the wall, as well as the rug and two lamps. "In this exhibition, we tried to make a new story between a product and a space," YOY co-founder Naoki Ono told Dezeen.

"We would like to create strange feelings with humour in an ordinary room. " The table and floor lamps are both made from aluminium and plastic. The rug has a 10-millimetre-thick aluminium sheet inside that makes it strong enough to hold the weight of a person when rolled, enabling it to be used as a seat. The wooden tray, called Protrude, appears to be perilously perched on the edge of a table when in fact it is fixed with a stainless-steel clip. The drawers are designed to hang on a wall and have a mirror inside to make them appear deeper. "The star of Milan this year was Instagram" Opinion: the photo-sharing site set the agenda at this year's Milan design week and hints at how technology will transform the way we experience the world, says Marcus Fairs, who also shares a selection of his own Instagram images from the week (+ slideshow). I was attending a talk in Milan the other day and I noticed that one of the panelists was far more interested in his iPhone than the discussion.

The girl sitting next to me in the audience was similarly preoccupied. Then I realised what was going on: the guy was Instagramming a picture of the girl, who had just Instagrammed one of him. For me, the star of Milan this year was Instagram. Instagram is how I kept up with what friends were doing in Milan, and was a key source of research for what I should see. It was my preferred method of documenting my own experiences at the fair this year.

Instagram is how I found out that Massimo Morozzi had died. An Instagrammed Milan is very different from a tweeted Milan. Nendo extends Peg furniture collection for Cappellini. Milan 2014: Japanese design studio Nendo has unveiled several new pieces to accompany the Peg armchair it produced last year for Italian brand Cappellini (+ slideshow). Also called Peg, Nendo's collection includes another chair, a series of beds, a chaise longue, a small and large table, a mirror, a corner cupboard and two sofas. "Peg is a family of products that tells a history, comfort but also attention to detail, quality of materials and good shapes," said Cappellini in a statement. The shape of the round armchair was influenced by the small cars that populate the streets of Milan. Its seat rests on a crossed ash frame, with the back legs poking up through the sides of the backrest to provide support.

The top and legs of the tables are both rounded - a distinctive element repeated throughout the collection. The tops of the legs puncture the tabletop so they are visible when viewed from above. The beds in the collection have wood headboards that can be upholstered in fabric or leather. Balloon Chair by h220430. Au cours de la Semaine du Design de Milan 2014, le studio de design japonais h220430, persiste et signe son concept de meuble suspendu dans les airs par des ballons. Une idée inspirée par le moyen métrage français de 1956, Le Ballon Rouge. Cette fois-ci il ne s’agit pas d’un banc mais d’un fauteuil en cuir qui semble léviter. La magie opère grâce à des accroches trompe l’oeil, dissimulées dans les faux ballons et fixées au plafond. Photographies par IKUNORI YAMAMOTO. Pin It Pin It Pin It. Balthus, guest star du Salon du meuble de Milan. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Mélina Gazsi D'année en année, les créateurs français investissent toujours plus nombreux le « Salone Internazionale del Mobile » (salon du meuble de Milan), là où se rassemblent depuis 1961 tous les grands noms italiens puis internationaux du design.

Ces créateurs hexagonaux ont l'ambition d'incarner une certaine idée du style français et de mettre en lumière une très contemporaine interprétation de la tradition hexagonale du mobilier et du design. L'on trouve ainsi à Milan les grandes enseignes françaises et les illustres signatures internationalement reconnues. Mais également de toutes jeunes maisons d'édition, qui viennent présenter dans la capitale lombarde créateurs confirmés et talents en herbe. Dans ce panorama de la création française, les Astier de Villatte occupent une place vraiment à part. Déjà, à Paris, les Astier de Villatte étonnent. Une façon de travailler la terre transmise également par le sculpteur Georges Jeanclos (1933-1997).

Salon international du design de Milan: Quelles tendances pour la maison en 2014? Jeudi 10 avril 2014, 17:46 A. Calanni/AP/Sipa Plus de 300.000 visiteurs venus de quelque 160 pays à la rencontre de 1.400 exposants. Le salon international du meuble de Milan, qui s’achève ce dimanche, est au design ce que les Fashion Weeks sont à la mode. Visite guidée avec Vincent Grégoire, architecte d’intérieur et designer de formation, directeur art de vivre et chasseur de tendances pour l’agence Nelly Rodi. Ciao le taupe Le taupe est mort, vive le jaune citron! Viva le techno-organique Côté formes, deux tendances se dégagent: les formes très géométriques et organiques, et plus spécialement celles inspirées de l’univers aquatique, comme le galet. La dolce vita Côté revêtements, «les matières synthétiques sont plus colorées et graphiques. Le vibrato des luminaires Les luminaires font leur show, tout en étant écolo. Basta le vintage Le design est «éthique, responsable, mais plus frais et coloré, moins rigoureux».

Le salon international du design ouvre ses portes à Milan. Le meilleur du salon du meuble de Milan 2014. Milan Design Week: Lessons From Topflight Designers. Thousands of new products were launched last week in Milan. Amid all the brouhaha, I asked some of the world's most influential designers to pause, look back, and reflect on the designs lessons they've learned. Below are tips from the pros.

Yves Béhar: “Ship only when you’re absolutely ready, when you’re 100% sure you have the best possible experience, the best possible product. There seems to have been, in the past few years, a pressure to do things quickly. And to be very expedient and to put it out there and see what happens. Jasper Morrison: “At the end of one of these fairs in the late '80s I was getting on a plane and I found myself next to [Italian furniture designer] Vico Magistretti. Hella Jongerius: “Design is never ready.

Daniel Libeskind: “Just look at a flower. Naoto Fukasawa: "I think designers should focus on observing the spontaneous behavior of the people to find out what they actually want to have, and to touch--not just the mind. Konstantin Grcic: HAY & Wrong for Hay | Brera Design District - Fuorisalone 2014. Lilies of the valley in a drying hood: Mona by Lucie Koldová for Brokis. Lucie Koldová always combines glass and light in extraordinary ways. And now the Paris-based Czech designer has created the “Mona” luminaire for Czech manufacturers Brokis. Glass is Lucie Koldová’s preferred material. The Paris-based Czech designer uses it to conjure up marvelous luminaires full of poetry and a little humor, as is exemplified by “Balloon”, “Muffin” and “Shadow”, all of which she created for Czech luminaire makers Brokis.

She loves to work with organic shapes such as water-drops or bubbles, playfully combining the glass with other materials such as metal or wood. “Mona” is the latest design by Koldová, who is now Art Director at Brokis. It is suspended like an upturned glass bowl from two strips on the ceiling, or like the blossoms of a lily of the valley on a curved mount. The colors are cool, monochromatic gray, black, white and purple, but the luminaires are joyfully translucent, and the shimmering lamp inside ensures they catch the eye. Balloon Chair by h220430. REFLECTIONS - TRIENNALE DI MILANO. Introduction Marina Bautier • Ligne Roset Information Michaël Bihain Julien Carretero • Victor Hunt Jean-François D’Or • Deknudt Mirrors - Reflect+ Jean-François D’Or • Vervloet Dark Maarten De Ceulaer • Nilufar / Galerie du Passage Delvaux Nathalie Dewez Damien Gernay Jules Wabbes Editions 2010 • Wever & Ducré LcD Textile Edition Bart Lens • Deknudt Mirrors - Reflect+ Xavier Lust Xavier Lust • FIAM Italia Nedda • Eternum Nedda • Zeri Crafts Stefan Schöning • FIAM Italia Diane Steverlynck • Valerie Traan Mathias van de Walle • Linadura Ann Van Hoey Danny Venlet Danny Venlet • AGC Glass Europe Sylvain Willenz • Objekten.

MANOTECA - Italian handmade pezzo unico. Peugeotdesignlab. Blog Esprit Design Le Salon du meuble de Milan 2014 en approche. Le Salon du meuble de Milan 2014 en approche Salone Internazionale del Mobile, le Salon international du meuble de Milan 2014 se tiendra du 8 au 13 Avril prochain, comme son nom l’indique du côté de Milan. BED aura des yeux sur l’évènement afin de partager les découvertes, nouveautés et scénographies, en espérant que cette édition nous révèle de belles créations !

Si des personnes se rendent sur place, designers, professionnels, amateurs, passionnés, je suis preneur d’autres retours afin de présenter différents angles comme pour le dernier salon M&O. Adresse exacte : Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan). Plus d’information sur le salon : Salon du meuble de Milan by Blog Esprit Design.