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April 2014. March 10,2014. March 6,2014. 20 Feb 2014. Jan 27. Whatz new Feb 1. 4 Steps to Connecting with—and Engaging—Generation C. InShare324 Connected, empowered consumers—also known as of Generation C—have come to expect businesses to know them, to understand them, and to deliver what they want, where, when and how they want it.

4 Steps to Connecting with—and Engaging—Generation C

I recently published an ebook with IBM, The Connected Consumer and the New Decision-Making Cycle, that explores the new decision making cycle of connected customers. You can download it for free here. Thanks IBM! The goal of the ebook, and also this post, is to introduce readers to the differences that exist between touch points that connected customers rely upon to make decisions or inform those of others and those in which many organizations are investing. Together, we can learn and share, how businesses can adapt and lead the future of customer experience.

They demand superior service, competitive prices, and quick delivery. Online Textbooks, eTextbooks, textbook eBooks, exam copies. Starting Out as a Pop-Up Shop - LightSpeed POS. Photo from SAUVAGE, a LightSpeed customer A rising number of stores around the world are testing new markets by opening temporary retail spaces known as “pop-up shops.”

Starting Out as a Pop-Up Shop - LightSpeed POS

According to pop-up expert Christina Norsig, the 2009 recession led to a huge rise in retail space vacancies, which created a perfect opportunity for retailers to take advantage of short-term, inexpensive leases. McDonald's New CMO Comes to Brand as it's Experiencing a World of Woes. Welcome to Don Thompson's world, Deborah Wahl.

McDonald's New CMO Comes to Brand as it's Experiencing a World of Woes

The new CMO of McDonald's comes at a time of immense disappointment and stress within the McDonald's empire as CEO Thompson works to straighten out what so far has been a rocky two-year tenure. The latest illustration of McDonald's difficulties came today when the chain reported flat sales and earnings for the fourth quarter, and a steeper-than-expected US-sales drop of 3.8 percent in December, to continue the sluggish performance that the chain has demonstrated lately.

Besides the problems being confronted generally by the QSR industry, the consensus is that McDonald's specific problems stem largely from increasing complications of its menu and operating system—while few new additions to the menu do much to spark sales. Unilever reveals profits boost after surge in marketing spend. The coming era of ‘on-demand’ marketing.

Digital marketing is about to enter more challenging territory.

The coming era of ‘on-demand’ marketing

Building on the vast increase in consumer power brought on by the digital age, marketing is headed toward being on demand—not just always “on,” but also always relevant, responsive to the consumer’s desire for marketing that cuts through the noise with pinpoint delivery. What’s fueling on-demand marketing is the continued, symbiotic evolution of technology and consumer expectations. Already, search technologies have made product information ubiquitous; social media encourages consumers to share, compare, and rate experiences; and mobile devices add a “wherever” dimension to the digital environment.

Social Media Meets SEO In 2014. It appears from the way things are headed that SEO is coming back.

Social Media Meets SEO In 2014

Coming back in the form of social media. Companies like Google and Facebook would like to see organic search go away and everything go to pay-per-click advertising. Little by little, organic search is getting squeezed out. I have used pay-per-click advertising in the past and found it somewhat effective, but it comes at such a high price and the model of paying more and more money to get a better slot on the first page of Google or more impressions on Facebook is not a sustainable model and frankly is a bit of a waste of money. Why not focus more on content to better reach your potential client market. Now, it appears social media and seo are coming together. Smart Marketing Optimization is all about finding ways to get our message out to the masses and making sure people can find us. The focus needs to be on interacting with your clients and finding ways to keep in touch with them.

More to come in 2014! Tendances 2014 : la fin de la propriété ? Près de 10.000 locations par jour pour Autolib', le service de mise à disposition de véhicules électriques créé voilà tout juste deux ans ; 500.000 petites annonces quotidiennes et 17,5 millions de visiteurs uniques par mois (soit un Français sur quatre !)

Tendances 2014 : la fin de la propriété ?

Web3.0-education.jpg 610 × 605 pixels. Google to battle Apple, Microsoft in mobile market. Google Engineering Director Scott Huffman recently announced that the company sees its handy virtual assistant, Google Now, forging into brand new territories -- namely the car and the living room.

Google to battle Apple, Microsoft in mobile market

Well, Mountain View is making good on part of that promise as Google is now following in the footsteps of Apple and Microsoft and will be developing in-car technology for the luxury brand Audi. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, Google and the German automaker will officially announce their vehicular partnership at next week's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Silicon Valley Trends - LeWeb Nov 2013. The Best-Perceived Brands of 2013.