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Brain cancer growth can be stopped by removing one protein. In the new study, Monje’s team examined mice that were genetically engineered to lack neuroligin-3.

Brain cancer growth can be stopped by removing one protein

These mice have nearly normal brain function. However, when their brains were implanted with any of the forms of human high-grade glioma, the cancer cells could not proliferate. The growth stagnation persisted for several months. “Lack of neuroligin-3 doesn’t kill the cancer cells; the cells that are there remain there, but they do not grow,” Monje said. However, 4½ months after implantation, tumors in some mice circumvented their dependency on neuroligin-3 and began to grow again, she added. Scientists Discover How The Brain Controls Ageing – And Manage To Slow It Down. If you are reading this and you don’t smoke, then your major risk factor for dying is probably your age.

Scientists Discover How The Brain Controls Ageing – And Manage To Slow It Down

Scientists reverse DNA damage caused by cancer treatment. An international team led by scientists at the National Institutes of Health is the first to discover a new way that cells fix an important and dangerous type of DNA damage known as a DNA-protein cross-link (DPC).

Scientists reverse DNA damage caused by cancer treatment

The researchers found that a protein named ZATT can eliminate DPCs with the help of another protein, TDP2. Since DPCs form when individuals receive some types of cancer treatments, understanding how TDP2 and ZATT work together to repair the damage may improve the health outcomes of cancer patients. The findings were published in the journal Science. Nerve stimulation therapy revives a 35-year-old man in vegetative state – sparks hope. GetSharedSiteSession?rc=4&redirect= New device can heal with a single touch, and even repair brain injuries. Our Gut Microbes Strongly Influence Our Emotional Behaviors. The gut microbiome – the world of bacteria living in our digestive system – doesn’t just exist to give us stomach aches or to help us break down food.

Our Gut Microbes Strongly Influence Our Emotional Behaviors

Research is rapidly emerging from the scientific community that suggests these little critters have a huge impact on our behavior, including (potentially) on our response to fear. A new study led by the University of California Los Angeles appears to have found evidence of yet another unusual link between your stomach and your brain. Namely, a selection of gut microbes seem to be linked to regions of the brain associated with mood and general behavior, the first time such a mechanism has been found in healthy humans. Previous research has found that the emotional responses in rodents, including those related to anxiety and depression, vary depending on the content of their gut microbiome. Our Gut Microbes Strongly Influence Our Emotional Behaviors. Study Links Depression With Gut Bacteria Imbalance. Jacques Mattheij made a small, but awesome, mistake.

Study Links Depression With Gut Bacteria Imbalance

He went on eBay one evening and bid on a bunch of bulk LEGO brick auctions, then went to sleep. Upon waking, he discovered that he was the high bidder on many, and was now the proud owner of two tons of LEGO bricks. (This is about 4400 pounds.) He wrote, "[L]esson 1: if you win almost all bids you are bidding too high. " NSAID painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attack. The likelihood of experiencing a heart attack was calculated to increase by an average of 20% to 50%, compared with someone not taking the drugs, regardless of the dosage and amount of time the medications are taken.

NSAID painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attack

The findings are observational and based on an association, however, with the drugs not proved to be a a direct cause of heart attack. This group of drugs includes ibuprofen, diclofenac, celecoxib and naproxen, which are available over the counter or by prescription for higher doses, to relieve pain or fever resulting from a range of causes, including flu, headaches, back pain and menstrual cramps. A Father's Age Effects Kids Social Skills, Study Says. Scientists have examined how maternal age affects baby health for decades, but only recently started to investigate if the father’s age matters.

A Father's Age Effects Kids Social Skills, Study Says

Adding to the small but growing pile, researchers analyzed kids’ behaviors from early childhood through adolescence and found that the age of men at conception had a great effect on their child’s social skills. Results showed that children born to fathers younger than 25-years-old and older than 51-years-old showed more prosocial behaviors in early development, but there was a ceiling. By the time they reached adolescence, these kids had fallen behind their peers with middle-aged dads. This was true across the board for social behaviors but no other domain, even after researchers controlled for maternal age.

Further genetic analysis revealed that social development was primarily driven by genetic factors, rather than environmental. Psychedelic Drugs: The Brain Enters a 'Higher State of Consciousness' on LSD and Ketamine. Psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ketamine cause the brain to enter a “higher state of consciousness,” according to scientists.

Psychedelic Drugs: The Brain Enters a 'Higher State of Consciousness' on LSD and Ketamine

For the first time, a new study has showed the diversity of brain activity increasing as a result of taking these drugs. Scientists say the findings could lead to new treatments for mental health conditions, including depression and schizophrenia—as well as answering fundamental questions about our conscious experience. Anil Seth, co-director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex in southern England, is an author of the study published in Scientific Reports.

He tells Newsweek: “[A higher state of consciousness] has a very specific meaning in terms of this study, and that meaning can get a little conflated with the hippy idea of a higher state of consciousness and psychedelic drugs. Try Newsweek for only $1.25 per week. Researchers uncover possible source of genetic error causing multiple diseases. Tufts University researchers have discovered a possible explanation for the occurrence of a genetic error that causes over a dozen neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders, including Huntington's disease, myotonic dystrophy and forms of spinocerebellar ataxia.

Researchers uncover possible source of genetic error causing multiple diseases

Can your biome make you fat? Emily Pidgeon/TED Is there a correlation between your biome and your BMI?

Can your biome make you fat?

In her new book, Why Diets Make Us Fat, neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt sheds light on this tangled, cryptic relationship. There seems to be little doubt that the diet book of 2016 is Sandra Aamodt’s Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss — it’s already been a cover story in the New York Times Sunday Review. But more significantly, Aamodt’s book lays waste to the diet-book field — and indeed the entire dieting field — with the radical assertion that it is, in fact, exactly the kind of weight loss generated by diets that prompt your body to regain the weight lost — whether you want to or not.

(For example, your body’s metabolism drops precipitously after weight loss, meaning you have to eat much, much less than you did when you were dieting in order to keep it off.) The science world is freaking out over this 25-year-old's answer to antibiotic resistance. A 25-year-old student has just come up with a way to fight drug-resistant superbugs without antibiotics. The new approach has so far only been tested in the lab and on mice, but it could offer a potential solution to antibiotic resistance, which is now getting so bad that the United Nations recently declared it a "fundamental threat" to global health. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria already kill around 700,000 people each year, but a recent study suggests that number could rise to around 10 million by 2050. In addition to common hospital superbug, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), scientists are now also concerned that gonorrhoea is about to become resistant to all remaining drugs.

But Shu Lam, a 25-year-old PhD student at the University of Melbourne in Australia, has developed a star-shaped polymer that can kill six different superbug strains without antibiotics, simply by ripping apart their cell walls. Before we get too carried away, it's still very early days. Stoned Lab Rats Become Too Lazy For Tests, Study Finds. With an increasing number of US states and countries around the world relaxing their laws on medical and recreational marijuana, the need to rigorously study the biological effects of smoking weed becomes ever more pressing. Many of these trials and experiments are conducted on lab rats, the latest of which has revealed that the rodents tend to become too lazy to bother with difficult cognitive tests when they are stoned. Appearing in the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, the study sought to determine how two of marijuana’s main ingredients, namely tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), affect laziness levels.

Of course, it is no secret that THC – which is responsible for the “stoned” effects of cannabis – tends to make people less willing to exert effort, although it has been claimed that CBD can counteract this effect. As a result, some cannabis-based medications are manufactured to contain higher amounts of CBD and lower concentrations of THC than street weed. A prospective study of meat and meat mutagens and prostate cancer risk. Mayo Clinic researchers draw connection between microbiome and cancer from the same human breast tissue. The diverse community of bacteria that coexist in the human body has recently garnered great interest in medicine. For example, microorganisms found in the gut (also known as the gut microbiota) have been linked to inflammation and metabolic syndrome as well as other diseases. Now, researchers have found bacterial DNA in breast tissue biopsies that appear to be different in composition between women with and without breast cancer.

The study was done at the Mayo Clinic and headed up by Tina Hieken. Her team published their findings in the journal Scientific Reports. Columbia researchers find biological explanation for wheat sensitivity. NEW YORK, NY (July 26, 2016)--A new study may explain why people who do not have celiac disease or wheat allergy nevertheless experience a variety of gastrointestinal and extra-intestinal symptoms after ingesting wheat and related cereals. The findings suggest that these individuals have a weakened intestinal barrier, which leads to a body-wide inflammatory immune response. Findings from the study, which was led by researchers from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), were reported in the journal Gut.

"Our study shows that the symptoms reported by individuals with this condition are not imagined, as some people have suggested," said study co-author Peter H. Maple Syrup Protects Neurons and Young Minds. Catherine Aaron and Gabrielle Beaudry were 17 when they knocked on the door of the laboratory of Alex Parker, a neuroscience researcher at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM). While students at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal, they were looking for a mentor for an after-school research project. Two and half years later, the results of this scientific adventure were published today in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Laser Tooth Regeneration - Hashem Al-Ghaili. Starting work before 10 a.m. is tantamount to torture and is making staff sick and stressed: researcher. Forcing staff to start work before 10 a.m. is tantamount to torture and is making employees ill, exhausted and stressed, an Oxford University researcher has claimed.

Parasite Infection Linked to Road Rage. People who display frequent bouts of extreme, impulsive anger, such as road rage, are more than twice as likely to be infected with a common parasite than are individuals who do not exhibit such explosive behavior, according to a new study. 19 Pieces Of Non-Human DNA Found In Human Genome. Scientists Discover a Way to Annihilate Every Cell in a Cancerous Tumor — NOVA Next. Immunotherapy’s promise as a cancer therapy is undeniable, yet current treatments only work for some types of cancers. What’s more, it works in only about 20% of patients. Moments of joy 'can damage heart' Science Says Cheese is Basically Cocaine. You know how it is: You're bored at some fancypants dinner party, so you meander over to the snack table and think, "Cool, they have cheese," and then, "Whoa, that cheese is tasty, I should have another few blocks," and then 10 minutes later you're smearing cheese all over your nose and jumping over coffee tables while shouting about how you're the god of thunder?

Birth of a microbiome: Researchers smear babies with vaginal fluid. Birth, like life, is messy. But, while life’s messes often harm health, the untidiness of our entrance into the world may profoundly protect it—at least that’s a leading hypothesis among microbiome researchers. Microbes picked up from mom while in or exiting the womb kick off humans’ lifelong association with the invisible critters that live in and on us and affect our health. In cases where that microbial colonization of a newborn goes awry, researchers have noted links to chronic health problems, such as asthma, obesity, allergies, and immune deficiencies. The latest study about antioxidants is terrifying. Scientists think they may boost cancer cells to spread faster. Gut neurons help prevent tissue over-inflammation.

Malaria vaccine provides hope for a general cure for cancer. Wasp venom 'a weapon against cancer' Newly Discovered Enzyme Prevents Sugar Being Stored As Fat. Common painkiller may also be powerful cancer killer. Sugary Drink Intake Tied to Belly Fat. Most cases of cancer are avoidable, say researchers. Scientists Have Discovered "Clocks" Inside Your Cells That Could Determine When You Get Cancer. Barbecued meat can cause kidney cancer, say US researchers. MMS: Error. The Despair Death of the Middle-Aged American. Two-thirds of world has herpes: World Health Organization. A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym, Says New Study. 708ae68d64b17c52,2e5fc0e3182d70db,6f3ed2921c9f3802. New Research Shows How To Trap Cancer By Turning Your Body Against The Tumour.

Russian scientist admits injecting himself with 3.5 million year old 'eternal life' bacteria. New test detects all viruses that infect people, animals. Starving Cancer Cells Of Sugar Could Be The Key To Future Treatment. Sexually Transmitted Microbes: STD's Newly Discovered "Good Twin" Mayo Clinic Researchers Reprogram Cancer Cells to Stop Them from Multiplying. New Prion Disease Raises Questions About Whether Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Could Be Infectious.

We've called autism a disease for decades. We were wrong. U.S. scientists successfully turn human cancer cells back to normal in process that could ‘switch off’ disease. Researchers identify protein that spreads cancer. Scientists Confirm That People do Actually Age at Different Rates. Direct link between wound healing, skin cancer seen by researchers. Scientists Reverse Aging In Human Cell Line. Missing link found between brain, immune system.

New Method Could Reveal Your Entire Viral Infection History With A Single Drop Of Blood. Is Your Nervous System Being Hacked by Bacteria in Your Gut? The More Hours You Work, the More You Drink, Study Says. Study Of More Than 3,500 Human Brains Reveals The Cause Of Alzheimer's Disease. Untitled. Should We All Be In 'Monogamish' Relationships? Autism and Air Pollution: New Study Bolsters Suspected Link. The association between discontinuing hormonal contraceptives and wives’ marital satisfaction depends on husbands’ facial attractiveness. Researchers make blood vessels grow by shining a light on skin. Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers. Paul Ryan’s budget flimflam. Money in the House elections, in 8 charts. Jon Stewart Rails Against Fox News' Hypocritical Coverage Of School Lunch Changes.

63,000-Year-Old Modern Human Skull Found in Laos. Greek police send crime victims to neo-Nazi 'protectors' Is Sitting Killing Me? Autism-Pesticide Link Found in Calif. Study. Spinal cord research offers unexpected hope to people with paralysis. Being gay may be in the DNA, researchers say. Are Happy Gut Bacteria Key to Weight Loss? Middle-Aged Men, Too, Can Blame Estrogen for That Waistline. Bacterial toxins cause deadly heart disease: Superantigens produced by staph bacteria are required for deadly effects of infective endocarditis and sepsis. PTSD may be prevented, researchers find. New source for regenerative stem cells? Your fat, study suggests. Eggs, Too, May Provoke Bacteria to Raise Heart Risk. Scientists Find Achilles’ Heel of Cancer Cells.

Scientists create road map to metabolic reprogramming for aging (Nov. 29. Age-related dementia may begin with neurons' inability to rid themselves of unwanted proteins. Being Overweight Is Linked to Lower Risk of Mortality. Fructose Linked To Overeating, Obesity In New Brain Imaging Study. How Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Brain Injury From Stroke - 05/05/2010. Scientists create 'endless supply' of myelin-forming cells. Canadian scientists discover cause of high cholesterol. Researchers Reveal the Key element related to the activation of Brown Adipocytes.

Breakthrough made in developing antibodies against HIV. Cannabis eases multiple sclerosis (MS) stiffness per study published in neurology journal. Scientists make old muscles young again in attempt to combat aging. Part Man, All Woman: Scientists Find Male DNA in Women's Brains. Skin cancer detection breakthrough. Scientists Find Enzyme That Kills Alzheimer's Protein. Scientists discover how an out-of-tune protein leads to heart muscle failure.

Chronic Pain May Depend on Emotional Reaction to Injury. MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons.