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Science Says Cheese is Basically Cocaine. You know how it is: You're bored at some fancypants dinner party, so you meander over to the snack table and think, "Cool, they have cheese," and then, "Whoa, that cheese is tasty, I should have another few blocks," and then 10 minutes later you're smearing cheese all over your nose and jumping over coffee tables while shouting about how you're the god of thunder?

Science Says Cheese is Basically Cocaine

Well FINALLY science has taken a break from proving Earth's spherical shape to B.o.B to afford us an explanation: Turns out cheese triggers the same excitable brain-parts as some of your favorite hard drugs! So the opposite is probably also theoretically true, which will help explain if you've ever been like, "This meth is good, but what I'd really love is some lasagna. " The study, researched at the University of Michigan (seriously how did the University of Wisconsin get scooped on this) and published in the U.S.

National Library of Medicine, investigated why some foods cause addictive behaviors and other foods are lentils. Birth of a microbiome: Researchers smear babies with vaginal fluid. Birth, like life, is messy.

Birth of a microbiome: Researchers smear babies with vaginal fluid

But, while life’s messes often harm health, the untidiness of our entrance into the world may profoundly protect it—at least that’s a leading hypothesis among microbiome researchers. Microbes picked up from mom while in or exiting the womb kick off humans’ lifelong association with the invisible critters that live in and on us and affect our health. In cases where that microbial colonization of a newborn goes awry, researchers have noted links to chronic health problems, such as asthma, obesity, allergies, and immune deficiencies. Researchers have also found that such a microbial debacle is often brought on by Cesarean delivery (C-section), which is a common surgical procedure to birth a baby through the mother’s abdomen rather than the normal shove down the birth canal.

The latest study about antioxidants is terrifying. Scientists think they may boost cancer cells to spread faster. Blueberries have been marketed as a superfood and one of nature's most potent antioxidants.

The latest study about antioxidants is terrifying. Scientists think they may boost cancer cells to spread faster.

(iStock) Since the term "antioxidants" made the leap from the realm of biochemistry labs and into the public consciousness in the 1990s, Americans have come to believe that more is better when it comes to consuming the substance that comes in things like acai berries, green tea and leafy veggies. Gut neurons help prevent tissue over-inflammation. The researchers say they now have a much better idea of how neurons and macrophages in the gut work together to help prevent damage from inflammation.

Gut neurons help prevent tissue over-inflammation

Now, a new study - by researchers at Rockefeller University, New York, NY, and published in Cell - shows that neurons in the gut appear to work with cells of the immune system to fine-tune this balance and prevent over-inflammation of intestinal tissue. Senior author Daniel Mucida, an assistant professor and head of Rockefeller's mucosal immunology lab, says: "Resistance to infections needs to be coupled with tolerance to the delicacy of the system. Our work identifies a mechanism by which neurons work with immune cells to help intestinal tissue respond to perturbations without going too far.

" He and his colleagues believe their findings could help develop new treatments for gastrointestinal diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Malaria vaccine provides hope for a general cure for cancer. 13 October 2015 The hunt for a vaccine against malaria in pregnant women has provided an unexpected side benefit for Danish researchers, namely what appears to be an effective weapon against cancer.

Malaria vaccine provides hope for a general cure for cancer

The scientists behind the vaccine aim for tests on humans within four years. Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen and the University of British Columbia (UBC) face a possible breakthrough in the fight against cancer, which may result in a genuine medical treatment for the dreaded disease. The hunt for a weapon to fight malaria in pregnant women has revealed that, expressed in popular terms, armed malaria proteins can kill cancer.

The researchers behind the discovery hope to be able to conduct tests on humans within four years. Wasp venom 'a weapon against cancer' The venom of a wasp native to Brazil could be used as a weapon to fight cancer, scientists believe.

Wasp venom 'a weapon against cancer'

A toxin in the sting kills cancer cells without harming normal cells, lab studies suggest. The University of Brazil team say the experimental therapy latches to tumour cells and makes them leak vital molecules. Newly Discovered Enzyme Prevents Sugar Being Stored As Fat. It’s January, and many of you are likely scrambling to pick a diet in an attempt to lose some of the post-Christmas weight gain.

Newly Discovered Enzyme Prevents Sugar Being Stored As Fat

Your body's conversion of all the excess sugar consumed into fat certainly didn't help, but a team of researchers from the University of Montreal may have found a way to regulate this. As reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a new enzyme has been discovered that can directly control how your body converts sugar and fats. Mammalian cells use both sugar (glucose) and fatty acids as their main sources of energy.

Much of this glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen, a dense compound that can be mobilized whenever the body requires it for energy production. Those in developed countries tend to have diets that are too sugar-rich, giving themselves far more glucose than their body needs at the time. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreatic beta cells, causes the liver to convert glucose into glycogen. Common painkiller may also be powerful cancer killer. WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- The painkiller diclofenac, a common painkiller used to treat migraine, fever and rheumatoid arthritis, may hold significant anti-cancer properties, according to new research.

Common painkiller may also be powerful cancer killer

Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID, a type of painkiller that has shown promise to prevent cancer, however researchers in Belgium and the United States report the drug could play an important role in treating cancer based on previous studies and in-progress clinical trials. The drug, sold as Voltaren, Zipsor, Solaraze, and Cambia, among other names, is cheap and widely available. Researchers said excitement over the drug's potential use for cancer is based on its effects on the immune system and on angiogenesis, the development of blood vessels that move oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Sugary Drink Intake Tied to Belly Fat. Action Points Drinking sugary sodas was associated with more fat around the belly.Note that there was no association between visceral fat and diet soda.

Sugary Drink Intake Tied to Belly Fat

Drinking sugary sodas was associated with more fat around the belly, according to a new analysis of the Framingham Heart Study. Based on measurements of visceral adipose tissue and subcutaneous adipose tissue in more than 1,000 middle-aged adults, higher intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, as reported at baseline, was associated with a greater change in visceral adipose tissue volume over 6 years (P<0.001 for trend), according to Caroline Fox, MD, MPH, of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in Framingham, Mass., and colleagues. They noted that visceral adipose tissue volume increased differently depending on how much soda the participant consumed: "The present study supports current dietary recommendations that limiting SSB consumption may be helpful to prevent cardiometabolic diseases," the authors stated.

Most cases of cancer are avoidable, say researchers. Most cases of cancer result from avoidable factors such as toxic chemicals and radiation, according to a study.

Most cases of cancer are avoidable, say researchers

The findings clash with research published earlier this year which found that differences in cellular processes were the chief reason some tissues became cancerous more frequently than others. That study led to claims that certain cancers were mainly the result of bad luck, and suggested these types would be relatively resistant to prevention efforts. Researchers found that the more stem-cell divisions that occurred in a given tissue over a lifetime, the more likely it was to become cancerous.

Scientists Have Discovered "Clocks" Inside Your Cells That Could Determine When You Get Cancer. External factors like the Sun and smoking can harm your DNA by causing mutations, a process that occurs in spurts and bursts. But this process isn't limited to environmental triggers: As cells grow and divide, internal factors also cause the cell to continuously generate mutations at a constant rate. These steady mutations, which occur in a “clock-like” way, correlate to a person’s age: The older you are, the more mutations you acquire.

Researchers have discovered not one, but two of these clock-like mutational processes, and determined the rate at which they tick. Barbecued meat can cause kidney cancer, say US researchers. Eating barbecued meat increases the risk of kidney cancer, scientists have warned. Research conducted by the University of Texas found flame-grilling red meat produced carcinogens which the kidney must work hard to get rid of. Dr Xifeng Wu, professor of epidemiology and senior author of the study, said: "We found elevated cancer risk associated with both meat intake and meat-cooking carcinogens, suggesting independent effect of meat-cooking carcingens on RCC [renal cancer carcinoma] risk. MMS: Error. The Despair Death of the Middle-Aged American. Since 1998, people all over the world have been living healthier and living longer. But middle-aged, white non-Hispanics in the United States have been getting sicker and dying in greater numbers.

The trend is being driven primarily by people with a high-school degree or less. That's the sobering takeaway from a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published this week. Mortality Rate for 45-to-54-Year-Olds, By Country The study authors sum it up: Two-thirds of world has herpes: World Health Organization. BSIP/UIG via Getty Images Two-thirds of the world has herpes. The alarming figure — just out from the World Health Organization — could make you ponder before you pucker. A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym, Says New Study. Love a good glass of vino but hate hitting the gym to work it off? This news will make your day. UPDATE: Drinking red wine could help burn fat, says new study Getty Research conducted by the University of Alberta in Canada has found that health benefits in resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, are similar to those we get from exercise.

Red wine over a heavy session on the cross-trainer? 708ae68d64b17c52,2e5fc0e3182d70db,6f3ed2921c9f3802. New Research Shows How To Trap Cancer By Turning Your Body Against The Tumour. Russian scientist admits injecting himself with 3.5 million year old 'eternal life' bacteria. New test detects all viruses that infect people, animals. A new test detects virtually any virus that infects people and animals, according to research at Washington University School of Medicine in St.

Louis, where the technology was developed. Starving Cancer Cells Of Sugar Could Be The Key To Future Treatment. Sexually Transmitted Microbes: STD's Newly Discovered "Good Twin" Catching an STD is never a good thing… right? Mayo Clinic Researchers Reprogram Cancer Cells to Stop Them from Multiplying. New Prion Disease Raises Questions About Whether Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Could Be Infectious.

We've called autism a disease for decades. We were wrong. U.S. scientists successfully turn human cancer cells back to normal in process that could ‘switch off’ disease. Researchers identify protein that spreads cancer. Scientists Confirm That People do Actually Age at Different Rates. When you turn up at your high school reunion and look around, you might notice something. Direct link between wound healing, skin cancer seen by researchers. Scientists Reverse Aging In Human Cell Line. Missing link found between brain, immune system.

New Method Could Reveal Your Entire Viral Infection History With A Single Drop Of Blood. Is Your Nervous System Being Hacked by Bacteria in Your Gut? The More Hours You Work, the More You Drink, Study Says. Study Of More Than 3,500 Human Brains Reveals The Cause Of Alzheimer's Disease. Untitled. Should We All Be In 'Monogamish' Relationships? Autism and Air Pollution: New Study Bolsters Suspected Link. The association between discontinuing hormonal contraceptives and wives’ marital satisfaction depends on husbands’ facial attractiveness. Researchers make blood vessels grow by shining a light on skin. Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers. Paul Ryan’s budget flimflam. Money in the House elections, in 8 charts. Jon Stewart Rails Against Fox News' Hypocritical Coverage Of School Lunch Changes.

63,000-Year-Old Modern Human Skull Found in Laos. Greek police send crime victims to neo-Nazi 'protectors' Is Sitting Killing Me? Autism-Pesticide Link Found in Calif. Study. Spinal cord research offers unexpected hope to people with paralysis. Being gay may be in the DNA, researchers say. Are Happy Gut Bacteria Key to Weight Loss? Middle-Aged Men, Too, Can Blame Estrogen for That Waistline.

Bacterial toxins cause deadly heart disease: Superantigens produced by staph bacteria are required for deadly effects of infective endocarditis and sepsis. PTSD may be prevented, researchers find. New source for regenerative stem cells? Your fat, study suggests. Eggs, Too, May Provoke Bacteria to Raise Heart Risk. Scientists Find Achilles’ Heel of Cancer Cells. Scientists create road map to metabolic reprogramming for aging (Nov. 29. Age-related dementia may begin with neurons' inability to rid themselves of unwanted proteins.

Being Overweight Is Linked to Lower Risk of Mortality. Fructose Linked To Overeating, Obesity In New Brain Imaging Study. How Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Brain Injury From Stroke - 05/05/2010. Scientists create 'endless supply' of myelin-forming cells. Canadian scientists discover cause of high cholesterol. Researchers Reveal the Key element related to the activation of Brown Adipocytes. Breakthrough made in developing antibodies against HIV. Cannabis eases multiple sclerosis (MS) stiffness per study published in neurology journal. Scientists make old muscles young again in attempt to combat aging. Part Man, All Woman: Scientists Find Male DNA in Women's Brains. Skin cancer detection breakthrough. Scientists Find Enzyme That Kills Alzheimer's Protein. Scientists discover how an out-of-tune protein leads to heart muscle failure.

Chronic Pain May Depend on Emotional Reaction to Injury. MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons. Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Cardiac Cells to Help Failing Hearts. Breastfeeding linked to healthy infant gut: Bacterial colonization leads to changes in the infant’s expression of genes. Researchers Find an Epigenetic Culprit of Memory Decline - HDAC2 enzyme. Researchers find new evidence on how cholesterol gets moved from HDLs to LDLs. Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly cleared' in mice.

How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy - Magazine. Scientists in Scotland use skin samples to create human brain cells. Scientists reveal how females store sperm for decades. ‘Foldit’ Gamers Solve AIDS Puzzle that Baffled Scientists for Decade. Common Cause of ALS Discovered. New drug could cure nearly any viral infection. Scientists find cure for rotting food. Using super microscope scientists find body’s immunity “switch”

Healthy sex life makes men live longer. Smoking Damages DNA Within Minutes, Research Shows. Autism researchers find scores of gene mutations.