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Récentes Découvertes dans la Faune / Fauna recent Discoveries

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Animaux en voie de disparition. Protection des animaux. La Tactique Du Gendarme. Les restes de BIODIVERSITÉ. Deux nouvelles espèces de lémuriens identifiées à Madagascar. Biologist discovers mammal with salamander-like regenerative abilities. The beautiful amphibian from Hell: scientists discover new crocodile newt in Vietnam (photos) New species: Ziegler's crocodile newt (Tylototriton ziegleri).

The beautiful amphibian from Hell: scientists discover new crocodile newt in Vietnam (photos)

Photo courtesy of Tao Thien Nguyen. Researchers have discovered a new species of Vietnamese salamander that looks like it was birthed from an abyssal volcano. Found tucked away in Tokyo's National Museum of Nature and Science, the scientists described the species in the new edition of Current Herpetology. Coal-black with orange-tinted toes, the new crocodile newt (in the genus Tylototriton) was determined to be a new species when it showed morphological and genetic differences from near relatives. Despite its remarkable appearance, the researchers say these are typical colors for crocodile newts.

Male lions require dense vegetation for successful ambush hunting. Female lion with wildebeest kill in Tanzania.

Male lions require dense vegetation for successful ambush hunting

Photo by: Rhett A. Butler. For a long time male lions were derided as the lazy ones in the pride, depending on females for the bulk of hunting and not pulling their weight. Much of this was based on field observations—female lions hunt cooperatively, often in open savannah, and therefore are easier to track at night. La diversité génétique est aussi importante que la diversité des espèces dans les Alpes et les Carpates. Au terme d’une vaste étude sur les plantes vivant en altitude, conduite dans l’ensemble du massif alpin et du massif des Carpates une équipe internationale de 15 laboratoires, coordonnée par le Laboratoire d’écologie alpine (CNRS / UJF / Univ.Savoie), montre que les milieux où la richesse génétique des espèces est la plus grande ne sont pas forcément ceux comptant le plus d’espèces.

La diversité génétique est aussi importante que la diversité des espèces dans les Alpes et les Carpates

Ces résultats, publiés le 25 septembre 2012 dans Ecology Letters, ouvrent des perspectives en matière de stratégies de protection de la biodiversité. Depuis la Conférence de Rio en 1992, il est admis que la biodiversité comprend trois niveaux emboîtés : Calmars géants: une multitude de légendes mais une seule espèce ? Piranha végétarien ou singe ronronnant: les nouvelles espèces découvertes en Amazonie. World's smallest frog discovered. 11 January 2012Last updated at 22:21 By Richard Black Environment correspondent, BBC News The tiny frog sits easily on a US dime, whose diameter is 18mm A frog species that appears to be the world's smallest has been discovered in Papua New Guinea by a US-based team.

World's smallest frog discovered

At 7mm (0.27 inches) long, Paedophryne amauensis may be the world's smallest vertebrate - the group that includes mammals, fish, birds and amphibians. The researchers also found a slightly larger relative, Paedophryne swiftorum. Presenting the new species in PLoS One journal, they suggest the frogs' tiny scale is linked to their habitat, in leaf litter on the forest floor. Finding the frogs was not an easy assignment. They are well camouflaged among leaves on the forest floor, and have evolved calls resembling those of insects, making them hard to spot. "So we triangulated to where these calls were coming from, and looked through the leaf litter. "When we did so, we saw these incredibly tiny frogs hopping around," he told BBC News. Scientists discover 8 new frogs in one sanctuary, nearly all Critically Endangered (photos) A new species discovered in the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary: Pseudophilautus sirilwijesundarai.

Scientists discover 8 new frogs in one sanctuary, nearly all Critically Endangered (photos)

Photo by: L.J. Mendis Wickramasinghe. Two surveys in the mountainous forests of Sri Lanka's Peak Wilderness Sanctuary have uncovered eight new species of frogs, according to a massive new paper in the Journal of Threatened Taxa. While every year over a hundred new amphibians are discovered, eight new discoveries in a single park is especially notable. Sri Lanka is an amphibian-lovers paradise with well over 100 described species, most of which are endemic, i.e. found only on the small island country. Although the discoveries are hugely important for the Peak Wilderness Sanctuayr, lead author of the paper L.J.

Spectaculaire ontdekking: nieuwe uil. De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep maakt gebruik van cookies.

Spectaculaire ontdekking: nieuwe uil

We maken een onderscheid tussen functionele cookies en cookies voor het beheer van webstatistieken, advertenties en social media. New breed of owl discovered in Oman. Muscat: A Scottish ornithologist claims that an owl he spotted in Jebel Akdhar mountains could be an undiscovered breed.

New breed of owl discovered in Oman

Magnus Robb, who is part of an international project called the Sound Approach that aims to catalogue and understand bird sounds, writes on the project web site that whether people agree with their proposal or not, the name ‘Strix Omanensis’ officially exists from October 4. Spider Silk Is Strong Because It's Smart. Spider silk is well known for some spectacular properties.

Spider Silk Is Strong Because It's Smart

It is stronger than steel and tougher than Kevlar yet flexible enough to be spun into a wide variety of shapes. New research shows that the material is not only strong but also smart. “Spider silk has a particular way of softening and then being stiff that is really essential for it to function properly,” said engineer Markus J. Buehler of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who co-authored the new study, which appears in Nature Feb. 2. A spider web provides its occupant with a home and a way to catch prey. A light wind, for instance, softens the web, allowing it to lengthen but retain its overall structure.

Furthermore, only the most extended silk threads get severed. The work provides insight into spiders’ success with catching prey, said biologist Todd A. Une nouvelle espèce de dauphin découverte en Australie.