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World Wildlife Fund - Wildlife Conservation, Endangered Species Conservation

World Wildlife Fund - Wildlife Conservation, Endangered Species Conservation
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Wind Energy Institute Shumei is a spiritual organization dedicated to elevating the quality of life Shumei — Natural Agriculture Natural Agriculture stems from the teachings of Mokichi Okada, a Japanese philosopher and farming pioneer who lived in the early years of the 20th century. Responding to the sense of alienation in the modern world, Okada encouraged a reconnection with nature, and a focus on the aspects of life that foster goodwill between people: compassion, respect and love. A cornerstone of his philosophy was the need for humanity to restore its relationship with nature. By recognizing our interdependence with other living beings, he believed, we would rediscover cooperation and gratitude, the foundations of a peaceful society. That act of reconnecting with nature through food is what Okada called Natural Agriculture.

Deep River News 12 hrs ago | The Day Region 4 Budget Proposal Heads to Referendum After an April 7 public hearing that drew very few residents, the Region 4 Board of Education voted to recommend an $18.4 million budget to taxpayers of Chester, Deep River, and Essex in a referendum May 6 from noon to 8 p.m. Trending on the Topix Network Mon Apr 14, 2014 TheDay.Com Shoreline fire departments team up for April 26 food drive A group of shoreline fire departments will host a region-wide food drive on April 26 to collect nonperishable food for local residents in need. Wed Apr 09, 2014 The Hartford Courant 'Bachelorette' Shooting In Old Saybrook Area? A reality show was shot for two weeks in March on the shoreline, but very few people who know specifics are talking about it. Tue Apr 08, 2014 Region 4 School Board Stands by Proposed $18.37 Million Education Budget After Quiet Public Hearing Sun Apr 06, 2014 The Modesto Bee Public health training set for 25 local agencies Thu Apr 03, 2014

Action Center Skip to main content You Can Help... Urge the EPA to support a limit on carbon pollution! Tell the EPA and the Corps you support restoring Clean Water Act rules. TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA to put the Arctic Ocean off-limits to the oil industry. View More Actions Smarter Living: Actions You Can Take in Your Daily Life Sustainable Seafood Guide How to choose delicious seafood that's healthy for you and the environment. Mercury Contamination Information on mercury's effects and how you can reduce the threat from this hazardous pollution. Chemical Index Learn about chemicals commonly used in everyday products and how to stay safe. View More Smarter Living Actions Our Recent Victories NRDC lawsuit sparked a federal court to order the FDA to act to limit the overuse of antibiotics on animals that are not sick EPA finalized its clean car rules to reduce the amount of oil America needs to import View More Victories Popular Issues Tell your friends you're making a difference: © Natural Resources Defense Council

World Stewardship Institute Zero Waste Alliance Resilience Alliance - Panarchy No system can be understood or managed by focusing on it at a single scale. All systems (and SESs especially) exist and function at multiple scales of space, time and social organization, and the interactions across scales are fundamentally important in determining the dynamics of the system at any particular focal scale. This interacting set of hierarchically structured scales has been termed a "panarchy" (Gunderson and Holling 2003). Panarchy is a framework of nature's rules, hinted at by the name of the Greek god of nature- Pan - whose persona also evokes an image of unpredictable change. The panarchy framework connects adaptive cycles in a nested hierarchy. In addition to this creative role, Pan has a destabilizing role that is captured in the word panic, directly derived from one facet of his paradoxical personality.

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