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Kids and 3D printing

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The Maker Movement Finds Its Way Into Urban Classrooms. By Kathleen Costanza, Remake Learning A school library might not be the most obvious place to find kids building robots.

The Maker Movement Finds Its Way Into Urban Classrooms

But this year, Miriam Klein, a librarian and English teacher in the Cornell School District outside of Pittsburgh, is planning to use her district’s brand new Hummingbird robotics kits in the classroom to build characters from stories her students read. Using cardboard, pipe cleaners, and whatever else they come up with, along with the equipment in the kit (motors, LED lights, digital sensors), created by Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE lab, the kids will bring their characters to life.

The infectious enthusiasm Klein and hordes of teachers around the country have for hands-on projects echoes that of the maker movement, a growing network of DIY and making enthusiasts building everything from marshmallow cannons to hovercrafts in garages, at Maker Faires, and state-of-the-art makeshops.

Personal 3D Printers in the education sector. Students Use 3D Printing to Reconstruct Dinosaurs. OpenData : « et si on imprimait l’église St Martin ? » Les petits Hackers, passionnés par la modélisation 3D, ont travaillé cet après-midi sur les données mises à disposition par le pays de Brest via sa plate-forme .

OpenData : « et si on imprimait l’église St Martin ? »

Choix d’une dalle sur En effet, la ville de Brest est disponible en 3D sur ce portail. On a donc voulu voir comment nous pouvions réutiliser ces données. Les petits hackers ont très rapidement réussi à importer une dalle (portion du modèle 3D de la ville) après quelques manipulations. Voici le résultat : St Martin sous Blender, la couche contenant les bâtiments Nous avons ensuite décidé d’isoler l’église de St Martin. Avec Stéphane, bénévole du TyFab présent avec une imprimante 3D, on s’est demandé si on pouvait imprimer l’église St Martin. Creating and Printing 3D Sea Creatures! Barobo launches 3D printed Mobot-A robot kit. April 10, 2013 Do you still remember the Barobo mobot, a competent modular robot system with two body joints and two rotating faceplates.

Barobo launches 3D printed Mobot-A robot kit

Barobo, Inc., manufacturer of Barobo mobot, announced today the launch of the Mobot-A robot kit, a 3D printed robot. Barobo is a spin-off of technology developed at the University of California, aiming to make robotics more affordable, adaptable for education and industrial applications. "As 3D printers become more and more common place in the classroom there's a need for engaging projects and curriculum to tie this powerful tool into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects," said Graham Ryland, President and Co-founder of Barobo.

Practicable. How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom. Generation 3D: Printrbot’s Brook Drumm on Kids and 3D Printing. Printrbot founder Brook Drumm built the first 3D printer kit he purchased (the MakerBot Cupcake) with the help of his two daughters and his son, intentionally involving them in the process.

Generation 3D: Printrbot’s Brook Drumm on Kids and 3D Printing

His kids have grown up with 3D printers being common tools in their household. Here he shares with us his insights on how 3D printers open a whole new world of possibilites for kids, and why he believes it’s so important to integrate them into schools. Generation 3D by Brook Drumm When I was a kid, I used to follow my dad around asking questions: “Why?” “What for?” I’ve carried on the tradition of encouraging my kids to ask questions and explore the healthy stash of electronics and gadgets I collect. My daughters helped me assemble various parts in the kit and I taught my 6-year-old son, Levi, to solder when it was time to finish the electronics. That was the beginning of a new way of thinking in the Drumm household. The other day he was watching me draw up a new printer design in SketchUp. 1. Related. 3D printing at a makerspace for kids. Getting an early start on digital fabrication and more On Wednesday, I stopped by Maker Kids here in Toronto to give a short talk about 3D printing, and to check out the space.

3D printing at a makerspace for kids

Started in 2010, Maker Kids is a small makerspace packed full of work tables and tools. Kids learn a variety of skills including electronics, programming, sewing, woodworking, and more. For the summer camp program, participants work on a series of hands-on projects such as the awesomely-named Robot Knife Fight: Individuals or teams build robot rovers. Paramétrico Mutante» Blog Archive » Taller Frankenstein (I) El pasado 18 de mayo entre Oblomobka y SienteTe City organizamos un taller infantil dentro del marco de actividades del Utopic_Day.

Paramétrico Mutante» Blog Archive » Taller Frankenstein (I)

Durante 2 ó 3 horas en el Taller Frankenstein construimos robots. Todas (casi todas) las partes las fuimos fabricando durante el mismo taller. Usamos la impresión 3D (una Thing-O-Matic) para fabricar en plástico duro de distintos colores el cuerpo, las piernas y las cabezas de los robots; por optimizar tiempos algunas piezas ya las teníamos diseñadas y fabricadas pero si queríamos, por ejemplo, una cabeza de otro color la podíamos hacer al momento. Para los brazos usamos planchas de espuma sobre la que los niños dibujaban la forma que querían para el brazo de su robot, con un hilo caliente recortábamos la forma y dejábamos la pieza lista para incorporarlo al muñeco. También “cocinamos” plastilina, que además tenía la particularidad de conducir la electricidad.

Parece que se lo pasaron bien, nosotros nos quedamos con ganas de volver a organizarlo. Superstar Schuyler Says Kids Should Make Things MakerBot. EmailShare 0EmailShare People write us and ask us to explain why our community is so special.

Superstar Schuyler Says Kids Should Make Things MakerBot

It’s because there are thousands and thousands of people out there who own MakerBots and use them to do things, and then they bring them to events like Maker Faire and teach others. That community is invaluable. And in the case of Schuyler St. Leger, it’s just…awesome. Thomas Suarez, Kid Developer, Talks Shop With MakerBot MakerBot Industries. EmailShare 0EmailShare Did the blog seem slow yesterday?

Thomas Suarez, Kid Developer, Talks Shop With MakerBot MakerBot Industries

Oh that’s only because we were being visited by TEDx celebrity Thomas Suarez, the 12-year-old mobile app developer who gifted the world with Bustin Jieber, a Justin Bieber whack-a-mole. The Biebs has apparently seen the app and finds it funny. Such a stand up guy, and it’s no surprise he and Thomas are being honored by the Tribeca Film Festival at its Third Annual Disruptive Innovation Awards.

Owner Brings His Thing-O-Matic To Kids Innovation Day MakerBot Industries. EmailShare 0EmailShare Credit: Caroline Poe Photography Check out this post from Austin-based design technologist (at frog) Gregg Wygonik, who attended what is now officially known – by proclamation of the Mayor!

Owner Brings His Thing-O-Matic To Kids Innovation Day MakerBot Industries

– as ACE Academy Innovation Day. I never get tired of reading about young kids who need no explanation of what 3D printing is or why it’s powerful. Gregg is an enthusiastic MakerBotter, and he answered our call to action (wittingly or not) for a community member to go represent us at this cool day-long science fair for young innovators. And then one of the youngsters asked Gregg why he was running Windows on a Mac, while another schooled his peer on time-lapse YouTube videos of 3D prints in progress. Heh…kids. Virginia School Library Teaches Kids MakerBotting MakerBot Industries.