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Abordable, facile à utiliser, les imprimantes 3D

Abordable, facile à utiliser, les imprimantes 3D
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explique que les premiers à adopter la technologie d'impression 3D pourrait avoir un avantage sur ses rivaux de l'innovation STAMFORD, Conn., March 26, 2013 View All Press Releases By 2016, Enterprise-Class 3D Printers Will Be Available for Under $2,000 3D printing is disrupting the design, prototyping and manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries, according to Gartner, Inc. “3D printing is a technology accelerating to mainstream adoption,” said Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner. The material science behind 3D printing processes and materials will continue to progress, and affordable 3D printers are lowering the cost of entry into manufacturing in the same way that e-commerce lowered the barriers to the sale of goods and services. “Businesses must continuously monitor advances to identify where improvements can be leveraged,” said Mr. 3D printing is already established in industries ranging from automotive manufacturing to consumer goods to the military, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Another possibility is for roving display vans to visit the retailer's stores.

3D Printer HP 3d printing – ABS Plastic Models 3D Printer Prototypes The HP Designjet 3D Printing Series brings quality 3D printing right into your office. This range of 3D printers enables the creation of precise, durable plastic models that enable you to evaluate form, fit, and function right at your desk. These 3D printers produce high quality models and prototypes that are true to your original design and get a fast return on Investment thanks to a compelling acquisition price with low operating cost. Experience 3D printing as it should be - reap the time-to-market benefits of workgroup 3D printing while keeping control of your valuable design ideas in house. Workgroup 3D printing right next to your desk With the HP 3D printing series you can produce quality models and prototypes in the convenience of your own office environment. The HP Designjet 3D printers use ABS plastic which is strong, stable and recyclable Models are ready to handle directly from the printer The 3D printers from HP are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Exceptional model quality

Dreambox: Une machine d'impression 3D distributeurs While some researchers are looking to bring 3D printing to the masses with milk jugs, one company is looking to another common fixture in our everyday lives: vending machines. That's right, 3D printing on demand. Dreambox, the company behind the product (of the same name), says it came up with the product idea while at the University of California-Berkeley where they were running into problems with inaccessible 3D printing and slow turnaround time from online 3D printing services. The hope with the vending machine model is that everyone has convenient, affordable access to 3D printing. "Having an item 3D printed with a Dreambox is as simple as uploading or choosing a design online, clicking the “Print” button and retrieving the item once it’s ready," the company says. Ordering your printed designs can be done online or designs can be unloaded using a USB stick at the machine. And here you can watch the Dreambox printing its orders. Related on SmartPlanet:

Introducing the Aluminatus "TrinityOne" 3d Printer The Aluminatus TrinityOne Nil Satis Nisi Optimum "Nothing But The Best Will Do" THE ALUMINATUS TrinityOne PRO printer is available for purchase!!! Congratulations to those who got their orders in for the Aluminatus TrinityOne Printers! We now have the Aluminatus TrinityOne Pro Printer available for sale and they will be shipped within 4-5 weeks of their order date so Click here for details on what this includes and to place your order now as we only have 40 available!!! This is a quantum leap forward in affordable desktop 3d printers. With approximately 300mm x 300mm x 340mm of printable build-volume, the TrinityOne has a full SQUARE FOOT of printable space to use to turn your ideas into reality! The TrinityOne combines an all-new, cartesian robot platform, with the X&Y axis custom-developed using 10 start 25mm pitch leadscrews(look ma, no belts!) Click here to view product images and place your order for the latest printer in the Aluminatus Line-up: Aluminatus Evo-1 More Information:

3 D L P rint Pourquoi les entreprises devraient adopter impression 3D Three-dimensional printing is moving from niche to mainstream. And companies that don't start looking into how the technology could improve business will be at an innovative disadvantage to rivals who are taking the technology seriously. That's the main message in a new report from Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory company. The report says that while 3D printing is gaining broader acceptance, now is a good time to experiment with the technology -- looking for ways to be more efficient, save money, and improve products -- because the prices for 3D printers are falling and will continue to decline. "Early adopters can experiment with 3D printers with minimal risk of capital or time, possibly gaining an advantage in product design and time to market over their competition, as well as understanding the realistic material costs and time to build parts," the report said. For major multinational corporations, Gartner sees a market for selling 3D printing supplies.

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