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Machines That Make Machines That Make ------------------------------------- Jonathan Ward jdward (at) mit (dot) edu ------------------------------------- DIY PCB Milling Machine ------------------------------------- Kubotek 3D - CAM for KeyCreator KeyCreator Machinist has ulta-fast toolpath generation KeyCreator Machinist is the easiest to use and most cost effective 2 and 3 axis CAM solution for mold, die & tooling, wood working, rapid prototyping and general machining. What can KeyCreator Machinist do for you?

Building a drawer slide CNC machine for under $200! Drawer Slide CNC Machine for under $200 Like many of us interested in this hobby, I wanted my own machine. But I didn’t want to dive into it, spend $2k plus and have a large paperweight out in my shop. The idea was born for a simple, cheap, somewhat accurate CNC machine that I could modify as I gained knowledge (and funds). The first step in the process was deciding what hardware I was going to use. LINKS page Links Page Software Hardware Newgroups Plans Routers CNC/CAM software Links: TurboCNC Master5 (Win98) / Mach2 (Win 2000/XP) CNC Software Sept 12, 2011 by Jason Dorie I write software for a living, so it should come as no surprise that I've written some tools for use with my new CNC hobby. These are free for personal use. If you have any issues with the software, feel free to contact me at mail(AT)

Optical mouse camera - OK, so I finally decided to get my hands on the Arduino platform and see what all the buzz is really about. And I must say, I'm impressed. This is by far the most developer-friendly development platform I've ever seen. It's main advantages : It's simple. Emc2Arduino Well, after looking around for a good non-blocking multi-instance stepper library that has hooks I can exploit with input speeds from LinuxCNC (a very tall order) I found one that could do it. AccelStepper, so I put my coding hat on, brewed some coffee and banged out rough implementation of HAL2Arduino 0.4 (the preRelease version). For those of you that have been waiting ever so patiently for the next generation of EMC2Arduino, here is the first version of HAL2Arduino that is actually useful to the average end-user. This version has a couple of bug fixes:

3rd Party Router Kits & Plans Plans & Kits Modular CNC 3-Axis machine. Build your router the way you want it at your own pace!