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Grunblau Platform CNC Parts Bundle CNC Router Parts has teamed up with Grunblau Design to offer our newest parts bundle for Brian Oltrogge's Platform CNC 48" x 30" router! When Brian set out to design the Platform CNC, he wanted to make a simple bolt together, plug and play machine with an elegant solution for linear motion. He turned to us for many of the mechanical components, as well as our plug and play 4-Axis G540 stepper kit for the electronics. CNC Router Parts is also able to offer all of the required aluminum extrusions already cut to length and tapped for easy assembly in this kit. With the components included in this bundle, the smaller parts in the supplied BOM from Grunblau, and the fabricated steel and aluminum kit from Grunblau, you can build a very robust, 30” X 48” dual drive machine. Please note, this is NOT a complete kit, but does contain all of the parts Brian recommends purchasing from us.

The iPhone Inspired DIY Kitchen Touch Screen Project The Scope For years my wife has been on at me to put a computer into the kitchen where she can manage her recipes, shopping lists, to do lists and access the internet for looking up various things. After looking at a couple of pretty basic and well overpriced commercial units we decided to have a crack at doing this ourselves. Her requirements: - must be discrete and look like a digital picture frame when not being used.- must be touchscreen.- must have internet access.- must be easy to use and not crash often (she's used to windows vista) - must have barcode scanner for managing her kitchen database.- the wires and techo stuff must be hidden and out of sight.- should be able to view what's on the lounge TV in the kitchen. Touch Screen Monitor First thing on the list was to locate a reasonable priced touch screen monitor. The connections are very simple, 1 x 12vDC power feed, 1 x USB for driving the touch screen and a VGA and DVI sockets for connecting to a video feed.

Essential Energy Education: issues, careers, classroom resources 3D printing: a replicator and teleporter in every home In a few years, 3D printers will become a consumer electronics commodity. Today you can buy a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic, “the latest in cutting edge personal manufacturing technology,” for $2,500. You can plug it into your computer via USB, load up some freely-available 3D modeling software, and print stuff; it really is that simple.

Platform CNC Production Run Platform CNC Production When I designed and built this machine for myself, I had no idea of the overwhelmingly positive response it would receive! After being asked by friends and people in the online community if I could reproduce one for them, I decided to do an Initial Run of 5 machines. By the time I placed the order, I had 12 people signed up and about 20 people on a waiting list! Fast forward a year: I have continued to produce these machines in batches of 12 and have just completed the 15th Production Run! For the original build thread that started it all, please go here:

ACEC New York - Home Tech Biz Chinese Scientists Are 3D Printing Ears and Livers – With Living Tissue Specially modified 3D printers use live cells that could theoretically be transplanted. Researchers in China have been able to successfully print human organs using specialized 3D printers that use living cells instead of plastic. Researchers at Hangzhou Dianzi University actually went as far as inventing their own 3D printer for the complex task, dubbed the “Regenovo.” “Xu Mingen, Regenovo's developer, said that it takes the printer under an hour to produce either a mini liver sample or a four to five inch ear cartilage sample. Xu also predicted that fully functional printed organs may be possible within the next ten to twenty years,” stated 3D Printer World. According to Xu, the Regenovo can print in a sterilized environment with temperatures ranging between 23 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Desktop CNC Mill Kit - Shapeoko 2 Product Details IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: Mechanical Kits have a 1 week lead time, Full Kits have an estimated lead time of 4-5 weeks Shapeoko 2 is a simple, low cost, open source CNC milling machine kit that can be built over a weekend. Assembly is required before you can use it. This is version 2 of the fastest selling CNC machine in the history of the world. The machine has been under development for the last five years. Make CNC DIY Projects & Products