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Google. Clip Art for CNC Routing - Carver 3D. Iron Shadows - High Quality Artwork for CNC Plasma Cutters and Wood Routers.

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HeeksCNC « The Hell Ya Beller. HeeksCNC can be finicky about profiles.

HeeksCNC « The Hell Ya Beller

Often I've found that a sketch which should be easily profiled won't generate any gcode at all. When I look in the console, I find an error like this File "/usr/lib/heekscnc/", line 247, in profile raise Exception, "couldn't offset kurve " + str(offset_curve)Exception: couldn't offset kurve <area.Curve object at 0xb6f4bf2c> It most often happens when profiling inside a closed sketch where the radii is close to the diameter of the cutter. Sometimes I can get around it by changing from climb to conventional milling or vice versa. - Super-PID Closed-loop Router Speed Controller. Closed-loop router speed controller Super-PID is a closed loop speed controller that allows low-cost 1/4" and 1/2" routers to be used as speed-regulated spindles. - Super-PID Closed-loop Router Speed Controller

Super-PID bridges the gap between expensive VFD spindles and low cost unregulated routers that have very poor low speed performance. The addition of a Super-PID to your router setup allows the use of lower cutting RPM, quiet operation, exact regulated speeds and gives massive power improvements when operating 1/4" and 1/2" routers at low speeds. Super-PID uses a reflective optical infra-red sensor that is simply pointed at the router output shaft and detects a spot of white paint on the shaft.

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