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Jackson® Guitars

Jackson® Guitars
Custom Shop If you can dream it, we can build it. It’s a longstanding tradition of U.S.-made greatness and devotion to craft that continues to this day. The Jackson Custom Shop—the original custom shop. Dealer Locator Find an authorized Jackson dealer near you quickly and easily. Phil Demmel Phil Demmel recently put in some overtime at the Jackson offices taking orders over the phone, and it's safe to say that some calls went smoother than others...

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Gibson Custom 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Body Neck Neck Fit Fingerboard Custom Carved Parker So the details are a little hazy and maybe lost in translation a little because the person who sent me the details is from Indonesia and English is not his first language but I have edited his explanation a little and it sounds like the guitar which is some kind of Parker Fly (although I don’t know for sure if it is a legitimate one) has been sent to an artist to carve the incredibly intricate Eagle design out of the top of the body. “About 2 – 3 years ago I went to surabaya (my hometown) in east Java, Indonesia and met my friend he told me he got a handcrafted guitar, he showed me the guitar and I tried it and loved it. This not made with a CNC machine because I know CNC cannot do this carving…” Specification: Mahogany wood body Hard maple neck Seymour duncan pickups Wilkinson bridge Grover tuners Thanks to Nonuz at for the details and pics.

Guitar Accelerator Blog: Play Guitar - Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons You’ve probably seen the chord symbol D sus 4 in many popular guitar songs. But what does this really mean? Let’s start by looking at what a chord really is. A chord is three or more notes played simultaneously. Gibson Les Paul Custom History The introduction of the Les Paul Model in 1952 provided the fundamental template for the design of what would event—ually become the most revered stringed instrument in the world. Yet Gibson president Ted McCarty and the guitar’s namesake, Les Paul, also sought to introduce a “deluxe” version of the soon-to-be iconic model. The final design for the new Les Paul Custom was completed in early 1954, and the guitar made its official debut at the Chicago NAMM show in July 1954. Initially, the goal had been to introduce the “deluxe” version in conjunction with the original 1952 Les Paul, yet Gibson’s drive to achieve excellence resulted in several unexpected delays. The final product, however, would eventually become Gibson’s top model in the original Les Paul line.

Myka Guitars - Handcrafted Custom Guitars - Options/Pricing, Seattle guitars, custom guitars, custom electric guitars, custom archtop guitars, custom acoustic guitars, custom semihollow guitars, custom hollowbody guitars, custom luthier, custom lutherie, Pricing and Ordering All of my instruments can be customized to suit your specific needs as player. The base prices are as follows with links to examples: Flat-Top Electric Guitars: The 6 Most Ridiculous Guitar Designs In the world of music, there's always going to be innovation, creativity, and products of intense drug use masquerading as innovation and creativity. The following guitars are primarily examples of that last category. #6.

Learn The Guitar Fingerboard Thoroughly in 16 Days Photo by John W. Tuggle If I have to name two things that took my guitar playing to the next level I would say music theory and memorizing the fingerboard. It made me understand the big picture. Combining music theory (understanding scales, modes, chord structure, improvising over chord progressions, etc, etc.) and knowing all the notes on the fingerboard will open up a whole new world. A Brilliant Rethinking Of The Fender Telecaster, Inspired By Muppets And Baseball Gloves A wall of electric guitars looks a lot like an expensive box of Crayola crayons. You’ll spot every color you could imagine, but beyond that, there’s little variation. Every model has the same flat surfaces coated in the same monotonous texture.

E Blues Scale: Note Information And Scale Diagrams For Guitarists E Blues Scale Notes: E G A Bb B D Blues Scale Formula: 1 b3 4 b5 5 b7 E Blues Scale Diagrams E Blues Scale Fretboard Diagram The Cremona Hand Made Archtop Guitar The driving force and inspiration for my work as a luthier has always been rooted in never saying a design is good enough, in relentlessly pursuing higher and higher levels of excellence, and continual refinement in vision and sound. This newest iteration of my archtop guitar model continues this tradition of continual refinement and improvement. Some of the biggest breakthroughs are those that you can not even see, but somehow you can sense even when you simply look at the guitar. One thing is for sure; the difference is unmistakable when you hear it!

Matching Handmade Acoustic Guitar Set For Sale If you are a guitar collector, guitar player, or just someone who likes nice things, this is an amazing opportunity to own one of the most-rare set of guitars I have ever made. One of the many things that makes these guitars so special is the book matched flitch cut flamed Brazilian rosewood backs. The two guitars have perfectly matching backs, made of the most-stunning rosewood I have ever seen. The necks profiles are also carved to perfectly match so that switching from one guitar to the other is comfortable and easy. The inlays, nut and saddle, are real pre-ban Ivory with papers.