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Sequence.js and Sequence Themes

Sequence.js and Sequence Themes
CSS3 Transitions Using CSS3 transitions, you can create your very own, never-seen-before Sequence slider. Where most sliders have in-built styles to choose from, Sequence doesn't, meaning the possibilities of what can be created are endless. Make your elements move, shrink, grow, rotate, fade and more, in 2D and 3D space! Responsive Because Sequence uses CSS3 transitions -- as opposed to JavaScript animation -- its animations are smoother and performance much more efficient. What's more, using CSS3 media queries, your slider can be made responsive so that it makes the most of the space available on different sizes of desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Cross Browser Sequence has been tested on all major desktop, tablet and mobile browsers and is fully featured in Internet Explorer 10+, Opera 12+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

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carouFredSel - Dev7studios Easy Carousels in jQuery & WordPress Carousels in WordPress just got a thousand times better. carouFredSel takes the awesome power of the carouFredSel jQuery plugin and integrates it into WordPress so you can create unlimited carousels in your WordPress site without touching any code. Simply upload your images, drag and drop re-order them, add some captions and you’re good to go. Simple or Advanced Configuration carouFredSel comes with three configurations modes, “Basic” mode where you can choose some of our built in layout styles and keep things uber simple, “Advanced” mode or “Super User” mode where you can literally edit the configuration like you would when using the jQuery plugin for ultimate control and flexibility. 500px, Flickr & Instagram Integration

CSS3 And HTML5 Snippets You Should Be Aware Of Since the launch of CSS3 and HTML5 there’s a buzz around them and since the browsers have started offering compatibility for their properties people have gone insane about these two new web technologies. CSS3 and HTML5 are starting to become the things that everyone is trying to learn and what better way to learn how to do a certain snippet than to see it and its code in action. I know it will sound strange to some people, but I find it easier to learn from snippets than actual tutorials and I hope you are the same way because I have here 35 interesting snippets which do really neat stuff. Responsive Field Day meets for a day of fun in Portland A thrilling new event will take place this September in Portland, Oregon for professional designers & web developers. Under the moniker Responsive Field Day, this one-day fest brings together some outstanding speakers and digital creatives to one place. You’ll find some great talks, inspirational keynotes, plenty of food, and lots of people to chitter-chatter with throughout the meetup. Responsive Field Day will be held on September 25th from 9AM-6PM PST at the Revolution Hall in Portalnd, OR. Tickets are still on sale at $175/piece so if you’re able to attend then try to grab your reservation ASAP! There’s a broad range of speakers talking about general responsive design, mobile-first platforms, juggling new dev resources & even speeding up your websites.

WordPress - Sideways 2 - Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme Sideways 2, a premium photography and creative portfolio WordPress theme. It is the follow up to the best selling Sideways Portfolio Website WordPress Theme. The theme features a unique combination of responsive fullscreen and horizontal layouts, clean contemporary design and elegant typography. The theme has been designed around ease of use. The theme and template options are concise and clearly labeled with descriptions explaining exactly what they do.

Flex: A fluid asymmetrical animated grid plugin for jQuery Flex is an idea inspired by the old flash homepage on Searching google for anything that resembled that effect, lead Jason English to a few plugins that were similar, but not the same. Saw one person say it was “quite impossible”, thought he would be a fun challenge. How to use Include the plugin after jQuery in your file

Nivo Slider™ - Dev7studios jQuery & WordPress Image Slider The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use slider on the market. The jQuery plugin is completely free and totally open source, and there is literally no better way to make your website look totally stunning. If you don’t believe us, check out the list of features below and you soon will. Beautiful Transition Effects The Nivo Slider makes displaying your gallery of images a beautiful experience, by using amazing transition effects ranging from slicing and sliding to fading and folding.

WordPress - Flowfolio Ajax Portfolio WordPress Theme Flowfolio is a definitely fantastic and unique responsible and fullscreen theme designed for photography presentation, you could use it for your portfolios, eMagazine or any other purpose if you have many beautiful pictures to share with others. We do much JS coding works to make the interaction more smooth and polished, for all the details, for the perfect user experience. In Fullscreen mode, the user could view all the photographies from one post to the next, it support Manually and automatically switches, sharing, maps(optional), etc. Features: 20 Useful jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design Responsive layouts in web design – this is probably one of the most popular topics of discussion at this present time. The contemporary phase of website designing offers some truly amazing elements that help the web designers in creating exclusive websites. The main motto of building or creating a website is to attract the mind and eyes of the viewers. With these responsive layouts this job can be easily done. These responsive layouts allow the website designers to offer specific and optimized screen size based on a wide range of devices, starting from PC, mobile phone to tablet and iPhone.

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