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My List: Karl Lagerfeld in 24 Hours

My List: Karl Lagerfeld in 24 Hours
8:00 A.M. I sleep seven hours. If I go to bed at two, I wake up at nine. The first thing I do when I get up, I have breakfast. Related Story: Our Favorite Spring/Summer Haircuts I do most of my reading in the morning. 11:00 A.M. As told to Kristina O'Neill Related:  Fashion articles

Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2012 The Sartorialist TwitterTwitter FacebookFacebook Feed RSSFeed RSS Wednesday, March 7, 2012 Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2012 This was easily the most dramatic and fantastic show of the season. facebookfacebook twittertwitter emailemail comments Posted in Fashion Shows, Women Tags: Hats, Louis Vuitton, Paris, Prints, Texture Close comment Jump to comment formJump to comment form Detach comments 143 comments Style Profile…Ni’ma Ford First job? It was actually at Abercrombie! I learned how to style outfits for customers. Thankfully, when my interest in that store died my passion for styling lived on. Now I’m a fashion stylist. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever worn? I wore a black garbage bag as a head wrap once. Which part of your look have you experimented with recently? My hair is pretty fun. Next I think i’ll dye the front green and the back pink, maybe a streak of blue. Style icon? I would say early Lisa Bonet, she was so funky. She was fearless with everything; her blazers and brooches, the way she tied her hair… even her makeup colors! How does your upbringing reflect in your style today? My mother and grandmother were very stylish women. My grandmother’s vintage watch doubles as a bracelet with two bands of African beads and a soft gold face. Where else do you find unique pieces? There’s a church in Westchester that opens up the first Saturday of each month for flea market heaven. When do you dress your best?

Style Profile… Marusya Panchenko How does your upbringing reflect in your style today? I grew up in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. During that time, imported goods from China were all you could buy. She made this dark dress with huge shoulders for my first day of school– I was 7 years old and my hair was cut into a short bob. Which pieces in your wardrobe do you cherish most? I have this black leather vest that my father gave me when I was 14– I only recently began to wear it. How have you surprised yourself recently? I adopted a huge hairless rat, and I absolutely love him! It is my second rat– the other one has curly hair. What led you to pursue music? I ignored my Opera singing ability for years. Perhaps singing in the Met one day is an ambitious desire, but it’s another piece of the puzzle… What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever worn? A ballerina dress! What do you build your daily look around? I spend about 10 minutes getting dressed– a men’s Helmut Lang cashmere sweater has been my starting point lately.

Style Profile… Bruce Pask Current job? Men’s Fashion Director at T Magazine. First job? I was a Newsie in Arizona– I delivered the Yuma Daily Sun (get it?!) First ‘major’ purchase? A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date watch– I bought it when I was hired at Cargo Magazine. Do you collect anything in particular? I’ve saved a Playbill from every Broadway show that I’ve seen since moving to New York over 20 years ago. What are your wardrobe staples? I always have a pair of Levi’s 501’s in rotation. Clark’s Desert Boots have been a part of my wardrobe long before they became the go to footwear choice of Williamsburg. Favorite shops? Dries Van Noten’s Het Modepaleis in Antwerp is my Mecca. I’d also like to go to Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, I’ve never been! Most stylish movie? Gattaca. Daily reads? I love The New Yorker and am a huge fan of Adam Rapoport’s new incarnation of Bon Appetit. Drink of choice? I’m a big beer fan. Most visually inspiring place you’ve been? What do you wear when travelling? Shoe trees? Just shoe bags, no trees.

Style Profile… Adrianna Glaviano Current profession? Photographer First job? I was a dog walker in high school. Do you have any heirlooms that you cherish? My mother’s gold earring from Africa– It’s a large detailed elephant head. Most memorable gift you’ve received? My sister gave (well, lent) me a Land 195 polaroid camera which I love using! I recorded a cover of a Lee Hazlewood song for my father’s birthday, which was the most fun but time consuming gift I’ve given to someone else. Whose photographic style has influenced your own? I think Vivian Maier is amazing. My father is a photographer and I’ve watched him on shoots since I was very small. Which shop could you spend the whole day in? I love the open-air vintage market near my home in Milano where I find vintage lamps and old milk bottles to put flowers in. Wardrobe staples? Bags large enough to fit a camera or two! Daily reads? I read The New York Times every day. Most stylish movie? Pierrot le Fou by Godard… It’s so simple and stylish. Skincare/ Cologne? Hobbies? Uggs!

Style Profile… Angelo Flaccavento First job? I customized backpacks in high school. It began with mine, then everyone wanted one. Current profession? I consider myself a writer; I love words. Who has influenced your journalistic style? I’m a bookworm and spend many sleepless nights reading. How has your style evolved over the past 5 years? My choices have become stricter, but my tailoring softer. Quietness is a state of mind; even my wildest choices, if you look closely, are classic and eminently sartorial– It’s the proportions that sometimes go bonkers. Athletics? I jog every day to keep fit because I was a fat child. Never caught wearing? A tank top in public, unless I am jogging. What are your go-to wardrobe staples? Unlined blazers that are softly tailored, single-pleat trousers that are a tad too short (and a bit too wide, with a turn up), and massive brogues are my staples. Which shops could you spend the whole day in? I’m mad for dusty old shops. What do you wear when traveling? Most visually inspiring place you’ve been?

Style Profile… Michael Haar Current Occupation? Barber and Archivist Which era influences your style the most? My fascination lies in the era of Vaudeville. It was sparked in college when a professor brought in some early 1900’s Jazz & Blues recordings; they blew me away. It was a curious time (approx. 1881-1932) when live entertainment was the primary form of entertainment– there was NO radio or television, and talking pictures wouldn’t take off until 1927! Where was your first job? The Metropolitan Opera—I sang in the children’s chorus when I was 9 years old. Where were you coming from wearing those boots in the photograph above? I rode my bike from Queens into Manhattan that late November day. How has your style evolved the most? I buy my own fabric in Manhattan, but have most of my suits custom made. Whose style has influenced your own? I grew up watching a lot of early MGM musicals with my father– especially Gene Kelly. I love old comedies as well, anything Neil Simon, Marx Bros, or Woody Allen related. Daily reads?

Style Profile…. Victoire Chopinaud Current profession? I’m currently studying at l’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, the fashion school in Paris where “masters” such as YSL, Dior and Vionnet came before me. They’ve taught me that it’s not just about fashion… it’s about style, attitude, and character. I’ve finally learned to embrace color thanks to my travels to Italy, my textile studies, and my work with Proenza Schouler in New York. Do you find inspiration in any heirloom pieces? I recently discovered fabric samples that had been used for one of my grandmother’s coats- black velvet with golden embroidery and pearls… It’s so precious, I can’t wait to re-use it! Also, this half-season coat from my mum with a black and grey “pied-de-poule” pattern. What would you consider your uniform? My day-to-day warrior outfit includes a very well fitting pair of black skinny jeans, a light blue men’s shirt, and a black leather perfecto; you can always create a contrast with these pieces! Favorite men’s shirt? Are you athletic?

Iris and Tavi Yesterday The Metropolitan Museum of Art played host to a conversation between style legend Iris Apfel, and Rookie Editor-in-Chief (and a budding style icon herself) Tavi Gevinson, in honor of the Costume Institute exhibit, “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations,” on view until August 19. The bringing together of Tavi, aged 16, and Iris, aged 90, was an inspired pairing as each has not only a unique sense of style, but also the reputation for some hilarious one-liners. Apfel’s comments on Rei Kawakubo’s bump collection for Comme des Garçons “There’s no sense to pay a fortune and look like a freak… I can look ugly on my own and it won’t cost me a penny!” had the whole auditorium roaring. The dialogue hit some serious notes too, however, with Gevinson declaring that ideas of good and bad taste are irrelevant, and that what matters more in style is having a sense of humor. Story/image by Steff Yotka for Related posts:

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