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25 Superb Optical Illusions For Kids

25 Superb Optical Illusions For Kids
An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source. There are three main types: literal optical illusions that create images that are different from the objects that make them, physiological ones that are the effects on the eyes and brain of excessive stimulation of a specific type (brightness, color, size, position, tilt, movement), and cognitive illusions, the result of unconscious inferences. These optical illusions for kids help them in increasing concentration power and sharpen their focus. Advertisement Pink Dots If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, the dots will remain only one color, pink. Bird in the bush A Bird in the the bush How many human faces can you find in this picture? The Man in the Coffee Beans River or Men in white? Related:  Cambridge Advanced Englishactivities and games

CAE Reading Test part 4. Free Practice for the First Certificate exam This page will let you practise for the Certificate in Advanced English exam (from Cambridge ESOL). This is the format of the 4th part of the reading section. This is a Multiple matching exercise. AHoward Bloom, Author: Even though most people are convinced that peak oil has already passed, to me, peak oil is just a hypothesis. BMichael Lardelli, Lecturer in Genetics at The University of Adelaide Nothing exists on this planet without energy. CJeroen van der Veer, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell People are understandably worried about a future of growing energy shortages, rising prices and international conflict for supplies. DCraig Severance, blogger What will it take to end our oil addiction?

Online Speaking and Listening Exercises | Speech Peek how it's made : comment remplir des tubes de dentifrice CAE Reading Part 3: free practice test The Sahara Film Festival After a bumpy 225km drive from a meagre airstrip in Tindouf, south western Algeria, a sprawling single-story town begins to emerge from the desert’s dust. As the sun climbs in the cloudless sky, visitors are rewarded with their first glimpse of Dakhla refugee camp. It isn’t the most obvious setting for a film festival, but for seven years, just before the glitz and glamour of Cannes, the Sahrawi people of Dakhla have hosted actors and film-makers from around the world for this six-day event. This year, for the first time, direct flights were laid on from London, giving the opportunity for overseas visitors to play a part in this extraordinary occasion. But despite the energy and excitement, the background to the film festival is a serious one, as the Sahrawi people have been living for thirty years in this isolated desert outpost, having been forced to flee their native Western Sahara.

Speaking strings Speaking strings Submitted by admin on 15 May, 2008 - 13:49 This tip is for a game which is really useful for getting shy students to speak. It can also be a fun way to practise extended speaking for exams, and requires very little preparation indeed. Get enough pieces of string so that you have one for each group. Give each group their piece of string, keeping one for yourself to demonstrate the activity with. Each person in the group will take turns to be the 'string winder', or the 'string police'. I've found that this game gets even the shyest students speaking, and having fun at the same time. Printer-friendly version a thunk CAE Reading Test part 2. Free Practice for the Cambridge English Advanced exam This page will let you practise for the Certificate in Advanced English exam (from Cambridge ESOL). This is the format of the second part of the reading section. Paragraphs A Russell and his wife had lived for several years in the picturesque village of Lymm where the crumbling 130-year old tower stood. The grade II listed building was one of several hundred surviving water towers which were built in the 1800s to improve public health across Britain. This particular tower was currently being used by three mobile phone companies to anchor their telephone masts. B But finally it all paid off. C Work finally began when planning permission was granted in 2002. D Over 60 companies were involved in the construction, and Russell gave up work to act as project manager. E Russell and Jannette had just finished renovating a 1920s farmhouse nearby. G Fate, however, had other ideas.

- Paula Zuccotti documents the things people touch in a day. Paula Zuccotti How many things do you touch in one minute? How about an hour? Zuccotti—a designer and trends forecaster who founded the Overworld, a consultancy agency that specializes on the interaction between culture and technology—was curious to learn more about how our daily interactions come to define ourselves and what she might be able to learn about the things we “need, appreciate, consume, or simply touch.” “I was amazed at the honest X-rays from our everyday lives that emerged from the photos,” she wrote via email. All of the participants in the project were required to record everything they touched on notepads or their phones. “They gathered all the objects together, sent me the list upfront, and we together ran through everything making sure that nothing was forgotten and that the story of everyone’s day was completed chronologically,” she wrote. “I felt the urge to capture our relationship with objects as it stands today.

CAE Reading Part 1: themed texts - free practice test Difficulty level: C1 / advanced In this part, there are three themed texts followed by two 4-option multiple-choice questions on each text. Extract from a brochure Iford Manor Festival Season Iford Manor has been described as one of the most stunning concert venues in the West Country. Iford Arts, a registered charity promoting the appreciation of performing arts in the west of England, aims to benefit the local community by engaging young professional artists and stimulating young people’s enjoyment of being involved in live performances. What aspect of Iford Manor is emphasized in the first paragraph?