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Une minute au musée

Une minute au musée

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How to make a Snowman Banner This is a cute project I'm doing with Kindergarten right now. Snowman Banners. Here in Calgary we just received a good dump of snow and now it's warming up (above 0 degrees celsius).....perfect snowman weather! We wanted a cute and easy project that incorporated textiles. MATERIALS REQUIRED:- fabric or burlap - sewing machine or glue gun (adult use only)- white felt/material- masking tape- sponges or foam- white acrylic paint- wax paper- tacky glue- black felt- red felt or fleece- 2 black buttons- 3 assorted buttons- small scrap of orange material- black dimensional fabric paint- brown yarn- fabric snowflakes- dowel, stick, bamboo garden stake- yarnPROCEDURE:

Line Designs with Shading With this project, you can teach that shading and careful use of line can give a 2D drawing the “illusion” of being 3D. I loved the simultaneous “Wow!” I got from my students when I put my sample up on the board… they were really motivated by this project, so it was a perfect choice for the *crazy* last week of school! Materials: White paperBlack “F” SharpiesColored pencils Universal Everything / Radiohead – Polyfauna An experimental collaboration between Radiohead, Nigel Godrich, Stanley Donwood and Universal Everything The studio was commissioned to develop Polyfauna as a free, exploratory audiovisual app, born out of Radiohead’s The King of Limbs sessions and the sketchbooks of Stanley Donwood. Set to a lunar calendar, the mysterious, immersive app is brought to life through touch and offers a unique and different set of experiences and encounters each time it’s used. A pioneering new collision between digital art and the world of apps, the collaboration sees the creation of abstracted, expanded and exploded versions of audio and visual work by the band. Inviting the user into an immersive, expansive world of primitive life, weather, sunsets, mountains and forests, Polyfauna comes from an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious.

National Gallery of Art NGAkids Collage Machine If the Shockwave program above does not load, download and install the plug-in. Collage Machine is fun for children of all ages. This recently updated and enlarged version incorporates images from Collage Machine I and Collage Machine II. Click a menu picture and see what happens, or roll over the question mark and hold down the mouse button to learn how the program works.

How to Display Student Work - A Dab of Glue Will Do It can be difficult trying to figure out how to display student work in cute and creative ways throughout the school year. If you are having trouble figuring out a fun and easy way to display student work, then this post is for YOU! This display will make each of your students take great pride in what they complete. They will absolutely love showing off all their hard work and effort. My students loved our display for student work and honestly, kids from other classrooms enjoyed it too. It is fairly easy to set up and can easily be reused year after year.

Learn to Draw Tutorials for Kids Print and enjoy our Learn to Draw Animals pages for kids of all ages. Kids can use our step by step... Here's a collection of our "learn to draw" activities for Spring. Children can follow... Kids can have fun with these printables with which they can learn to draw Autumn pictures such as...

Colourful Christmas trees You need: two drawing sheets A4 sizewatercolour paintbrushes jar with watertissue paperscissorsglue rulerpencilgold or silver markerwhite correction markerglitter Paint a background for the Christmas trees with water paint. Locust Swarm Image, Madagascar October 15, 2014 Photograph by Pete McBride At 16,700 feet and a temperature of minus 20ºF, Jake Norton (right) and Dave Morton eat a quick dinner under moonlight as they prepare to climb the unclimbed Chaukhamba IV looming behind them. Along with photographer Pete McBride, the climbers spent 45 days trekking every mile of the Ganges River.

Pop Art Poster: Become a pop icon! First time here? Welcome! We have a lot of fun stuff to play with like ourMotivational Poster maker, Magazine Cover maker, Pop Art poster, and much more! Play as much as you like—everything is free. Friendly Monster Watercolour Blow Art with Straws - Adventure in a Box If you like making process art and trying new painting techniques with kids, keep this watercolour monster craft in mind for the next rainy afternoon. They are guaranteed to brighten your day! Do all kids have a fondness for straws? In five years, they definitely haven’t lost appeal for my son! That’s why when I saw blow art projects, I knew we had to try it!

Feather Wings Mural The past few months my students have been making feathers for a group mural. This idea was inspired by my friend and celebrity in the art community, Cassie Stephens! Head on over to her blog and check out her magical art teacher'n treasures at Cassie Stephen's Blog!! Her original inspo was international street artist, Kelsey Montague. Her inspiring murals challenge people to ask the question "What Lifts you" Paper Toys: Flextangles Today’s paper toy, Flextangles, is seriously the coolest paper puzzle we have ever made and judging by how many times you guys have downloaded our template you agree! Flextangles are part of our collaborative series STEAM POWER: Empowering kids to explore the world through creative projects. The theme for this installment is COMPUTE! FLEXTANGLES: Make this paper toy and be mesmerized by the colorful action! Volume 90%

Stik New Mural In London Inspired by the old master paintings in the Dulwich Picture Gallery, British superstar Stik just completed a new mural in Dulwich, South London. Stik painted his version of The Guardian Angel by Marcantonio Francheschini, he will be reinterpreting more of these paintings in his own style on walls and garage doors in Dulwich the week before the Festival. If you are in London, Stik will be leading a walk around his Dulwich pieces on Saturday May 19th at 2.30pm starting at Push Studios, Blackwater Court, Blackwater Street and ending at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Top pic by Jusdeep Media Design [ Dominique Moulon ] 12 IIKouhei Nakama • Panopticon I • Sabrina Ratté • Cécile B. II PARIS 1 II Lola Arrouasse • Alice Baudoin • Nicolas Blanchet • Julien Bonnaud • Maxime Boucheron • Julie Da Silva • Axel De Lallee • Joseph Desplechin • Margaux Deveugle • Manuela Dinckel • Juliette Durif • Julie Fackler • Madeleine Garnier • Taylor Gasman • Calvin Kinnoo • Louise Korsakoff • Martin Lafaye • Enara Larruscain • Roxane Lauzet • Bleuene Leduc • Clara Legrout • Maxime Leroux Greifenberg • Anaelle Liegeois-De Paz • Annelene Luecken • Valentine Moussa • Elisa Nogaret • Wilfried Orgeval • Clemence Pipet • Mathieu Porte • Maugan Rambour • Ranto Razafintsalama • Manon Regnier-Johann • Aurelia Retali • Julie Roland-Billecart • Karen Sargsyan • Emma Tomusca • Alexis Ventura • Sarah Rose Walsh • Cleo Weber • Isabelle Weyland II PARSONS II Syllabus II Mayomi Basnayaka • Olivia Grace Berry • Chase Bindner • Ghida Dalloul • Christopher Drescher • Ryan McNamara • Weisheng Wang • Malina Yanai • Magdalena Ada Zawieracz

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