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eLearning Infographics - The No.1 Source for the Best Education Infographics

eLearning Infographics - The No.1 Source for the Best Education Infographics

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The 25 best education apps for connected classrooms Figuring out which tool is right for the job is something we all struggle with every day. Whether you’re a contractor, plumber, or teacher, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Teachers managing connected classrooms have it quite rough, though. Trends in Technology-aided Learning: 2015 and Beyond To call it an emerging trend would be an understatement. Today, the effectiveness as well as cost-effectiveness of technology-aided learning is an established fact – both within and outside the corporate world. Technology-aided learning is now a huge and booming industry, with an estimated market value of $107 billion in 2015 (Source: It makes perfect sense to end the year with a review of the trends that are set to define the learning industry in the coming year. Small is Powerful: While the spread and popularity of e-learning is increasing day by day, the need for micro-learning or learning in small sizes is also on the rise. This is because the number of professionals is increasing exponentially, and though all value learning, most find it hard to schedule long learning hours in the midst of a stressful working day.

Play Newsstand NewsHunt, India's #1 mobile newspaper app brings together the News from 80+ regional newspapers in 11 languages, and the largest collection of regional language ebooks from the world. *Large Collection of Indian language eBooks on ‘NewsHunt: India News | eBooks*Now, ‘NewsHunt : News | eBooks’ lets you browse, download and read the largest collection of regional language eBooks. Read authors including Surendra Mohan Pathak, Chetan Bhagat, Rajesh Kumar, Sudha Murthy, Kannadhasan, and Deepak Chopra as well as international best selling authors. Features:• Read Free Books—Choose from thousands of free ebooks such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to Alice in Wonderland* Shop for Books—Easily shop for ebooks, including new releases* Pay using your mobile phone in addition to your credit/debit cards - Buy eBook using your mobile operator. Do enjoy reading your favourite newspapers & ebooks on ‘NewsHunt : India News | ebooks'.

5 Powerful Android Audio Recording Apps for Teachers June 10, 2015 Today we are sharing with you a list of some of the best audio recording apps you can use on your Android-operated device. All of these apps are rated 4 stars and up in Google Play store. Some of the things you can do with them include: record audio clips (e.g lectures, audio notes…etc), customize and edit your recordings, share your recordings via email or embed them into cloud-based storage platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive and many more.

EdTech Teacher Summer Workshops This workshop is intended for middle and high school Science, Technology, Engineering and, Mathematics teachers, division heads, and curriculum developers as well as higher ed professors and instructors. This workshop is an intensive, three-day, hands-on opportunity for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educators to explore practical ways to use technology to enrich their curricula and engage students. Participants will explore innovative ideas, effective techniques, and thoughtful plans for incorporating web-based resources, mobile devices, and emerging technologies into the classroom instruction of STEM. The workshop provides numerous examples of the best STEM-related websites, describes practical methods and techniques for using technology in the STEM classroom, and includes opportunities for targeted exploration. Examples highlight inquiry-based technology applications in physical sciences, life sciences, Earth science, and math for middle school and high school.

Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement Contents Issue Context Research Results 8 Ideas for Exceptional E-Learning Interactivity Interactivity is what differentiates dull and drab E-Learning from learning that provokes questions, draws in learners and captures information in a memorable way. If you want to create E-Learning that strikes a chord with learners and transforms learning from being a chore into something enjoyable, we’ve gathered eight ideas for exceptional E-Learning interactivity: 1. Gamify your learning content The gamification of learning is a trend that is on the rise.

Philosophy: Free Courses Online Advertisement Get free Philosophy courses from the world's leading universities. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player. For more online courses, visit our complete collection, 1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. Also don't miss our collection of 120 Free Philosophy eBooks. What Is Successful Technology Integration? Technology integration is the use of technology resources -- computers, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, social media platforms and networks, software applications, the Internet, etc. -- in daily classroom practices, and in the management of a school. Successful technology integration is achieved when the use of technology is: Routine and transparent Accessible and readily available for the task at hand Supporting the curricular goals, and helping the students to effectively reach their goals When technology integration is at its best, a child or a teacher doesn't stop to think that he or she is using a technology tool -- it is second nature.

IS UNIT WEB SITE - IPTS - JRC - EC Starting date: May 2009 Duration: 18 months Client: European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture, Unit Jean Monet, partnerships and relations with agencies (EAC A3) Objective: It is acknowledged by policymakers and researchers that a fundamental transformation of education and training throughout Europe is needed, not only to maintain existing levels of education and training in the population, but also to develop the new skills and competences required if Europe is to remain competitive and grasp new opportunities. To direct policy action appropriately, a methodologically sound approach is needed, outlining possible visions of a European knowledge society in 2020 and indicating emergent novel competences and ways of acquiring them.

Creating Narrated Slideshows with Google Tools This week I am hosting some guest bloggers. This is a guest post from Mike Petty. Last fall our high school purchased Chromebooks and the new principal set high expectations for more project-based learning and technology integration in all subjects. As the instructional technology coordinator for the district, this was great news for me! This school year was a ton of work, but we’re now wrapping up what was certainly the best one of my career. Integrating Tech: More Than Just Having Computers Technology has become part of the educational process, but too often it is separate and not integrated into the learning experience.Today, Education World offers easy and painless ways to integrate technology into your daily routine. Included: Nineteen activities and nearly 50 Web sites. Integrating technology into the curriculum is a priority -- if not a mandate -- in most schools today. Most educational technology experts agree, however, that technology should be integrated, not as a separate subject or as a once-in-a-while project, but as a tool to promote and extend student learning on a daily basis. The challenge, of course, is in finding ways to use technology -- and to help students use it -- that don't take time away from core subjects.

eLearning Art and Design Tips for the Non-Designer (Part 3) - eLearning Brothers So you want to develop an eLearning course huh? But you are not a graphic designer, and need some tips on eLearning art and design to get you started? Here is the last post of my three-part series on eLearning art and design tips for the non-designer. Click here to start reading my first post on eLearning Art and Design Tips for the Non-Designer (Part 1). This post will cover eLearning tips for color and style. The color and style of your eLearning course can communicate several things to the learner but, ultimately, gives the learner the look and feel of how you intend to communicate.

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