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Technology Integration Matrix

Technology Integration Matrix

WordPress Beginner Videos - Free WordPress Video Tutorials The Innovative Educator Energizing Brain Breaks Top 10 Education Tech Blogs This post was written by Romane Robinson, who is currently pursuing an MA in Cognitive Studies in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. A passionate student and proponent of human development, Romane has a BS in Research and Experimental Psychology and interned at Brainscape as a CEO Relations Manager in 2014. Education is evolving fast. Luckily, many dedicated educators blog about some of the best education technologies available and the evolution of their uses. 1. If you have ever felt that school was boring or irrelevant, the Innovative Educator, Lisa Nielson, understands how you feel. 2. Gwyneth Jones, the Daring Librarian herself, knows that librarians can have lots of fun. 3. With weekly posts on the state of technology in education, EdTech RoundUp is the best place to go to find out the latest news related to education tech. 4. 5. 6. While ideas are great, implementation remains the biggest challenge for many teachers. 7. Who doesn’t like a good life hack? 8. 9.

Ramping Up Technology for Your Next PBL Project In my last post about taking PBL projects up a notch, I focused on integration of subject matters and disciplines. Fittingly, this post focuses on integrating technology. Teachers often adjust and improve projects by finding new and innovative ways to infuse technology into the PBL process and products. However, it's not about more technology tools, but about the intentional use of the tools available. In my classroom, one of the driving forces for reflection in terms of technology integration is the Technology Integration Matrix from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. Authentic Audience Communication Teachers often struggle to physically bring authentic audience members into the learning environment. From Products to Management Tech and PBL newbies find easy integration with PBL products. Technology to Assess Collaboration Technology Literacy as a 21st Century Skill

Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching Removing the 'e' from 'e-learning' — Integrating important new technologies more seamlessly into our teaching. Edcanvas | The best way to teach with digital content iLearn Technology Wiki What is the OneVille Project? The OneVille Project is a community research and action project in Somerville, Massachusetts (2009-2012). Our goal: to support community cooperation in young people's success, by supporting communication and collaboration between the diverse people who share young people's lives. Specifically, people of all ages in our diverse community have been testing how low cost and commonplace technology might help students, educators, families, and other supporters: -communicate about each young person's life and progress; -share information, ideas, and resources across schools and the community. Six Smaller Projects The OneVille Project divided up into six smaller projects exploring tools and strategies to help people communicate. Data dashboards Eportfolios Texting Schoolwide toolkit/parent connector network Citywide information sharing Computer infrastructure You can also click the sidebar to explore each project. Want to discuss this project in another language?