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Shaping Tech for the Classroom

21st-century schools need 21st-century technology. Credit: Bill Duke The biggest question about technology and schools in the 21st century is not so much "What can it do?" but, rather, "When will it get to do it?" We all know life will be much different by 2100. Will school? First, it helps to look at the typical process of technology adoption (keeping in mind, of course, that schools are not typical of anything.) Dabbling.Doing old things in old ways.Doing old things in new ways.Doing new things in new ways. Until recently, we have mostly been dabbling with technology in our schools: A few Apples here. Old Things in Old Ways When a new technology appears, our first instinct is always to continue doing things within the technology the way we've always done it. That is almost exclusively what we now do with educational technology. People certainly are putting courses, curricula, and lesson plans online. But new technology still faces a great deal of resistance. Old Things in New Ways

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EdTech Isn't Optional, It's Essential How important do you think it is for teachers to use educational technologies in the classroom? During this school year, how often do you or your students use [insert type of educational technology] in your classroom? What are the biggest challenges to integrating educational technologies in schools? These are some of the questions we asked in a national online survey of teachers and administrators, conducted for Common Sense Media's Graphite by Harris Interactive in May 2013. And here are some of the answers. EdTech isn't optional, it's essential. Top 10 Social Bookmarking Tools For Educators This is a guest post by Julie-Ann Amos who is a freelance writer who covers topics such as online university ratings and reviews, elearning tools, and more. Social bookmarking is a highly useful tool for educators since it allows specific categorization of websites for easy access and sharing. It works on the basis of the user creating tags or categories in which websites are then placed. Unlike standard search engines that are generated by computers and therefore often misclassify or categories websites, social bookmarking is done by people, usually people that are knowledgeable and informed on the particular subject. Individuals can set up social bookmarking tools similar to how they have bookmarks grouped on their own computer.

Virtual Schools Can new education technologies short-circuit change-resistant politics and remake our schools? Or are well-intended advocates once again overhyping the ability of electrons and processors to solve thorny problems of teaching and learning? In this Education Next forum, John Chubb of Edison Schools and Stanford University political scientist Terry Moe make the case for the transformative power of today’s technology. Twenty years ago, this duo coauthored the debate-changing Politics, Markets, and America’s Schools.

3 Tech Tools For the First Day of School 3 tools, individually or together, will help elementary students leverage technology in ways we couldn’t imagine just a few short years ago. 1. The Answer Pad An interactive, graphically based answer response tool that can be used from a mobile device, laptop or desktop – so can really work in any type of classroom or computer lab. Creative writing or digital storytelling? Posted on | March 4, 2011 | No Comments Creative writing with Storybird Hi and welcome to any of you coming to my "Creative Writing with Technology" session either in Seville (March 5th) or La Coruña (March 26th), at the Macmillan Teacher's Days in Spain. But "creative writing"?

Free VAK visual auditory kinesthetic learning styles test questionnaire vak - visual, auditory, kinesthetic - learning styles model and free self-test The VAK learning styles model and related VAK learning styles tests offer a relatively simple methodology. Therefore it is important to remember that these concepts and tools are aids to understanding overall personality, preferences and strengths - which is always a mixture in each individual person. As with any methodology or tool, use VAK and other learning styles ideas with care and interpretation according to the needs of the situation. They are guide as to the mixture of preferences, strengths and learning styles in an individual, not a basis for deciding on one exclusive preference or approach to the exclusion of everything else.

Teaching Reading in the Digital Age Earlier this summer, following a deep dive into the paradigm shifting models of design thinking and gamification in education at the annual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE 2013), I found myself settling in to a week-long study of the time-tested, best-practices pedagogy at the Reading and Writing Institutes at Teachers College, Columbia University. It felt a bit like inhabiting one portion of my brain and then taking up residence in an entirely different thinking space – both equally valid to my professional life. Searching for a way to reconcile my learning, I am left wondering most about what it means to be a reader today. Common Ground Digital Readers Reading

Supporting Creative Writing With Technology Educational articles are an excellent resource for parents who are interested in learning about the best parenting practices from experts in the field. With insights from top education specialists, these parenting articles provide advice and information for both typical and unusual parenting circumstances. A large range of topics are covered in these educational articles, from back-talking toddlers to college-bound teenagers. There are also articles about best practices to use with kids and teens with specific mental and physical needs. The Journey Method - Mnemonics Training from MindTools Remembering Long Lists Associate a list with landmarks on a journey you know well. © iStockphoto/LuisPortugal The journey method is a powerful, flexible and effective mnemonic based around the idea of remembering landmarks on a well-known journey.