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Using Bluetooth headsets and keyboards with iPad - Apple Support You can use iPad with many Bluetooth accessories1, including stereo headphones, headsets, and keyboards. Here are basic setup and troubleshooting suggestions for using Bluetooth accessories with iPad. Before you can use a Bluetooth accessory, you'll need to pair it with your iPad. About pairing a Bluetooth accessory Pairing configures iPad to work with a specific Bluetooth accessory. You can configure and use multiple Bluetooth accessories simultaneously, allowing you to use a Bluetooth keyboard while listening to music on your Bluetooth headphones.

The HTG Guide to Using a Physical Keyboard With Your iPad or iPhone iPads come with touch keyboards, but there’s nothing stopping you from connecting a good old fashioned physical keyboard and typing on that. Apple even shipped a keyboard dock for the original iPad. iPads and iPhones don’t support mice, so you can’t couple your Bluetooth keyboard with a Bluetooth mouse. iPad: Use Keyboard Shortcuts with Bluetooth Keyboard If you are using a Bluetooth keyboard on your iPad device, you should take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to copy, cut, paste, undo, redo, and other commands. Command + C : Copy Selected TextCommand + V : PasteCommand + X: Cut Selected Text Command + Z: UndoCommand + Shift + Z: Redo Command + Delete: Delete everything to the left of the cursor on the current lineOption + Delete: Delete the word to the left of the cursor Command + Up Arrow: Go to top of documentCommand + Down Arrow: Go to bottom of documentCommand + Left Arrow: Go to beginning of current lineCommand + Right Arrow: Go to end of current line

Apps Raise the iPad’s Aptitude for Real Work - Walt Mossberg - Personal Technology There’s a popular myth that Apple’s iPad and other tablets are simply media-consumption devices, unsuitable for productivity applications. That’s just not so, and this week I tested a variety of office suites for the iPad for mini-reviews of their capabilities. In fact, I wrote and edited this entire column on an iPad using the most popular paid iPad app, the $10 Pages word processor by Apple.

Microsoft Office for iPad review: Finally! True productivity on your tablet Update: All three Office for iPad apps received updates to version 1.1 on July 31, including the ability to export documents in PDF format, resize images, and other features unique to each app. When Apple announced that its iWork suite would be bundled, free of charge, with new iOS and Mac devices, it seemingly slammed the door on Microsoft’s Office ambitions for the iPad. How could Microsoft bring its pricey Office suite into a world of free (and almost free) apps? The answer: Outdo iWork in both form and function. Apple claims that products like its Pages are the most beautiful office software for iPad and other Apple devices.

Tried and True – Touchcast Okay – so it has taken a bit of time, a little bit of procrastination, and a lot of determination, but I was able to finally wrap my head around this whole idea of interactive video. As an art educator I am used to the concept of interactivity, and video, and combining them to create artworks, but for some reason, this tool just seemed to baffle me. But once I finally sat down and thought through this application, everything started to make sense. The first thing that I did when playing around with this app was to start “creating” and quickly realized that it is not a “pick up and go” production tool, as I had been lead to believe. In fact, creating an effective Touchcast really requires you to apply basic principles of video production – pre-production – production – post-production or in other words… plan, plan plan. When I did the original exploration, I was able to figure out the various vApps fairly quickly and thought it was a quite intuitive.

Buy Bee-Bot Carry Case Securely transport up to six Bee-Bots and three mats in this handy carry bag. All of the compartments are expandable should you wish to carry more or less of one thing. There are also three zip up compartments on the inside and the front, ideal for accessories such as batteries and screwdrivers. (Bee-Bots and mats not included in price, space provided in bag for 3x9 square mats only) Delivery is a flat rate of $9.90 per order to anywhere in Australia. Please allow 1-7 business days for delivery depending on your location and stock availability.

Webinars Upload Twitter Promethean ANZ Loading... ScopeIT Education Courses Our children today grow up in a world where so many hours are spent online without the direct knowledge of parents or teachers; we can’t possibly know what they are doing and what they are exposed to every time they are on-line. We have courses available to teach students how to use the internet safely, effectively and with privacy in mind. Having an understanding of on-line safety and security in a child’s formative years are an essential skill set in a world full of technology; we don’t think this should be left to chance. We provide children with the confidence and 'know-how' to give them not only an edge, but the safety and knowledge of how to navigate in a digital world. Discover more >