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Clasificaciones de Eduapps Edutech for Teachers Using Bluetooth headsets and keyboards with iPad - Apple Support You can use iPad with many Bluetooth accessories1, including stereo headphones, headsets, and keyboards. Here are basic setup and troubleshooting suggestions for using Bluetooth accessories with iPad. Before you can use a Bluetooth accessory, you'll need to pair it with your iPad. About pairing a Bluetooth accessory Pairing configures iPad to work with a specific Bluetooth accessory. You can configure and use multiple Bluetooth accessories simultaneously, allowing you to use a Bluetooth keyboard while listening to music on your Bluetooth headphones. Pair iPad with a Bluetooth accessory Follow the instructions that came with the Bluetooth accessory to make it discoverable or to set it to search for other Bluetooth accessories. Bluetooth status You can see whether Bluetooth is on or off, and whether a Bluetooth accessory is connected, by looking at the Bluetooth icon in the status bar at the top of the screen: or (white): Bluetooth is on and an accessory is connected. Notes Last Modified:

The Differentiator Try Respondo! → ← Back to The Differentiator The Differentiator is based on Bloom's Taxonomy, Kaplan and Gould's Depth and Complexity, and David Chung's product menu. Try It In: French Dutch • Tweet It • Like Byrdseed • Pin It Students will judge the ethics of the [click to edit] using a textbook and create an essay in groups of three. Revised Bloom's Taxonomy adapted from "A Taxonomy for Learning,Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives" by Anderson and Krathwohl Depth and Complexity adapted from The Flip Book by Sandra N. Depth Big Idea Unanswered Questions Ethics Patterns Rules Language of the Discipline Essential Details Trends Complexity Multiple Points Of View Change Over Time Across the Disciplines Imperatives Origin Convergence Parallels Paradox Contribution Key Words Consequences Motivations Implications Significance Adapted from David Chung and The Flip Book, Too by Sandra N. Group Size One Two Three Four

Free Technology for Teachers The HTG Guide to Using a Physical Keyboard With Your iPad or iPhone iPads come with touch keyboards, but there’s nothing stopping you from connecting a good old fashioned physical keyboard and typing on that. Apple even shipped a keyboard dock for the original iPad. iPads and iPhones don’t support mice, so you can’t couple your Bluetooth keyboard with a Bluetooth mouse. What You’ll Need You’ll need a Bluetooth wireless keyboard for this. Type2Phone and 1Keyboard for Mac can both effectively turn your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad or iPhone, so you can use these software programs along with a Mac instead. Pairing a Bluetooth Keyboard The pairing process is the same as it is for other Bluetooth peripherals. Power on your Bluetooth keyboard and make it discoverable. Your keyboard will appear in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices on your iPad or iPhone. (We used the Type2Phone software for this, so that’s why it says we’re pairing with a MacBook Air. Your keyboard and iPad or iPhone will remember they’re paired. Basic Typing Keyboard Shortcuts

Organizaciones Welcome - EdITLib Digital Library iPad: Use Keyboard Shortcuts with Bluetooth Keyboard If you are using a Bluetooth keyboard on your iPad device, you should take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to copy, cut, paste, undo, redo, and other commands. Command + C : Copy Selected TextCommand + V : PasteCommand + X: Cut Selected Text Command + Z: UndoCommand + Shift + Z: Redo Command + Delete: Delete everything to the left of the cursor on the current lineOption + Delete: Delete the word to the left of the cursor Command + Up Arrow: Go to top of documentCommand + Down Arrow: Go to bottom of documentCommand + Left Arrow: Go to beginning of current lineCommand + Right Arrow: Go to end of current line F1: Dim screenF2: Brighten screenF7: Back one songF8: Play/pause songF9: Skip songF10: MuteF11: Decrease volumeF12: Increase volume Eject button: Show or hide onscreen keyboard Share this article If this article helped you, please THANK the author by sharing. The Conversation Follow the reactions below and share your own thoughts.