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CountryReports Food and Recipes: The main meal of the day is lunch, served in the early afternoon. However, lunch is becoming less important as... More Family: The elderly are respected, and have much authority in society. They are addressed by courteous titles and are served... Getting Started - Facebook-Entwickler DocsToolsSupport Log In Documentation Explore our new products. AI Tools Deep learning frameworks and tools for research and production.

Google's MapReduce in 98 Lines of Python MapReduce is the magic sauce that makes Google run. Not just search but a large part of their infrastructure is programmed in this paradigm. If you want to see how this can be implemented in python, read on. Heroku Toolbelt Heroku Toolbelt for Windows What is it? Heroku client - CLI tool for creating and managing Heroku apps Foreman - an easy option for running your apps locally Git - revision control and pushing to Heroku Getting started Once installed, you'll have access to the heroku command from your command shell.

Google+ profile Badge types Because Google+ pages, profiles, and communities are different, we offer slightly different versions of the badges: Profiles Hotel Tips - 100 Words or Less - Gadling Hotel Tips Bring an over-the-door shoe organizer - Hotel tip by Cindy Coulter (RSS feed) on Aug 13th, 2010 at 11:37PM One of the biggest frustrations when traveling is staying organized in your hotel room. An over-the-door shoe organizer is one of the most helpful items you can pack. After you check-in, hang this on the bathroom door and fill it with all of your toiletries or other items – yes, even shoes. The clear plastic variety is the best, so you can see the contents – and so can everyone else in your traveling party.

The Rise Of Facebook’s Valuation From 2004-2011 [Graphic] Click image to enlarge. The panic at absurd rumors of Facebook’s demise over the weekend, coupled with the Goldman Sachs Facebook investment frenzy at the beginning of this year got us thinking; Did initial Facebook investor Peter Thiel, who invested 500K early on and still thought Facebook was undervalued at $30 billion back in September, actually make the most impressive investment call in tech history? So artist Audrey Fukuman, our rockstar intern Rip Empson and I set out to capture what the Facebook valuation trajectory looked like. And while trudging through all the speculation on this has raised some discrepancies concerning exact valuations, (I’m seeing anything from $4.9 million to $5 million for the Thiel financing but rounded up for consistency’s sake) I did my best to capture the zeitgeist through consensus, leaning heavily on reports on TechCrunch through the ages.

MEMDISK - Syslinux Wiki MEMDISK is meant to allow booting legacy operating systems. MEMDISK can boot floppy images, hard disk images and some ISO images. MEMDISK simulates a disk by claiming a chunk of high memory for the disk and a (very small - 2K typical) chunk of low (DOS) memory for the driver itself, then hooking the INT 13h (disk driver) and INT 15h (memory query) BIOS interrupts. MEMDISK is an auxiliary module used in conjunction with a boot loader that can load linux kernels (EXTLINUX/ISOLINUX/PXELINUX/SYSLINUX, grub, grub4dos grub2, ...). You need a disk image as well as the memdisk file itself.

Getting Started with Your Facebook App on Heroku facebook Table of Contents A Facebook app typically uses an SDK to interact with the Facebook API, using Facebook’s Graph API and FQL to retrieve and post information to Facebook. A Facebook application can easily be developed and deployed to Heroku (in any of Heroku’s supported languages) which has code that interacts with Facebook’s APIs in this manner. This guide is for Facebook developers who develop and deploy their applications on Heroku.

+1 share on G+ Documentation You can add and customize the +1 button to meet the needs of your website, such as modifying the button size and load technique. By adding the +1 button to your website, you allow your users to recommend your content to their circles and drive traffic to your site. The +1 button can also improve the time spent on your site by providing recommendations for further reading. Use of the +1 button is subject to the Google+ Platform Buttons policy. Getting started Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Santa Fe, New Mexico See the L.A. TImes Blog article on Dan: iPhone, Top 5 Photo Apps from Dan Burkholder Hidden within your iPhone is one of the most inspiring, capable, and just plain fun imaging systems in all of photography. More than just a snapshot device, the iPhone is a powerful creative tool, right in the palm of our hand. Imagine—a camera, darkroom, and visual research laboratory, all in our shirt pocket!

10 Of The Best Facebook Applications for Webmasters Facebook has become the biggest social networking website in the world and it is a great way to get yourself noticed. It doesn’t matter whether you are a designer, a web developer or anything else; Facebook offers a number of great ways to network with your clients and keep in contact with them. We have found 10 of the best Facebook applications for webmasters that will really help you. Enjoy! 1.

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