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CSS animations

CSS animations
CSS animations make it possible to animate transitions from one CSS style configuration to another. Animations consist of two components, a style describing the CSS animation and a set of keyframes that indicate the start and end states of the animation's style, as well as possible intermediate waypoints along the way. There are three key advantages to CSS animations over traditional script-driven animation techniques: They're easy to use for simple animations; you can create them without even having to know JavaScript. Configuring the animation To create a CSS animation sequence, you style the element you want to animate with the animation property or its sub-properties. The sub-properties of the animation property are: animation-delay Configures the delay between the time the element is loaded and the beginning of the animation sequence. animation-direction animation-duration Configures the length of time that an animation should take to complete one cycle. animation-iteration-count Examples

Animation Using CSS Transforms < CSS Tweet363 Shares Share0 Tweets37 Comments The examples on this page will work now in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 10. In older browsers you will see either no effects, or the transforms taking place without any animation. The animations presented below involve setting up a transformation to take place in response to a mouseover or other event. There are also other kinds of animation available, including @keyframes for perpetual motion, and requestAnimationFrame which gives complete control over the timing and path. Firefox and Opera now support these transforms with an almost identical syntax - just replace -webkit- with -moz- or -o- in the examples below. Internet Explorer 10 supports transitions with no prefix. To support all modern browsers, the following styles should be used for transitions: -webkit-transition -moz-transition transition and for transforms: -webkit-transform -moz-transform -ms-transform transform 1. box 1 box 2 box 3 box 4 2. 3. 4. and the HTML: 5. 6.

3D Transforms and Animations < CSS 3D Transforms were first implemented by the Safari/WebKit team ages ago. Support in other browsers is still variable, but getting better. CSS3 animation and 2D transforms have been implemented in Safari, Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer 10, but in this article we're taking it a step further using keyframes to set up perpetual animation effects in 3D space. These effects will work in WebKit (Safari/iPhone/iPad and Chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox) browsers. Some simpler effects will work in Internet Explorer 10, but they don's support the preserve-3d setting needed for proper 3D layouts. 1. What are keyframes? A @-webkit-keyframes block contains rule sets called keyframes. While this may sound complicated, and can be, we're starting with one of the most simple examples. In this example the keyframe has been assigned the name 'spinner' for later reference. 2. The 'stage' is the element in which our animation takes place. The next element is the one to which the animation is applied. 3.

A Quick Lesson in CSS3 Animation Hey guys! Long time no post… I’ve been busy working on awesome client projects as well as crafting an identity for my new company: Rocket Mouse Design . Over the weekend I wanted to whip up a simple landing page with some simple CSS3 animation. I learned a few things along the way and wanted to share. Not So Simple… So I have a rocket in my logo (which is still a work in progress). What I wanted to do was translate the position of the rocket after a few seconds (or on hover) and make it fly off the screen. #rocket { -webkit-transition: 1s; This makes the animation take 1 second. And then on hover make it fly off the screen. body:hover #rocket { -webkit-transform: translate(0,-600px); Check it out in action: Wait… Rockets Don’t Do That… You will notice that after the hover the rocket comes back! I needed the animation to run its course and then stop. Luckily I have some awesome and helpful friends on twitter that pointed me in the right direction. position:relative;

Controlling CSS Animations < JavaScript This page presents a simple game of Concentration using JavaScript events and CSS transforms to provide real-time effects. The mechanics of the game are not so important, the aim is mainly to show how we can trigger animations using JavaScript events instead of just using the :hover event or keyframes. The example below is working in WebKit browsers (Safari, Chrome, iPhone/iPad), Mozilla browsers (Firefox) and Opera. It may also work in Internet Explorer 10 though that has yet to be confirmed. 1. Here you can see the final product. The goal of the game, as you probably already know, is to turn over two cards with the same value to make a pair. You can find an upgraded version further down the page, including a standalone demo. 2. The HTML code for this is actually very simple: These elements are styled using the following CSS: This creates the layout you see above. 3. The following additional CSS style is all we need to define our transitions: 4. expand code box 5. 6. expand code box 7. 10.

Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps: position static relative absolute float 1. position:static The default positioning for all elements is position:static, which means the element is not positioned and occurs where it normally would in the document. Normally you wouldn't specify this unless you needed to override a positioning that had been previously set. 2. position:relative If you specify position:relative, then you can use top or bottom, and left or right to move the element relative to where it would normally occur in the document. Let's move div-1 down 20 pixels, and to the left 40 pixels: Notice the space where div-1 normally would have been if we had not moved it: now it is an empty space. It appears that position:relative is not very useful, but it will perform an important task later in this tutorial. 3. position:absolute When you specify position:absolute, the element is removed from the document and placed exactly where you tell it to go. Let's move div-1a to the top right of the page: What I really want is to position div-1a relative to div-1. Footnotes 10. 40 Must Learn Text Effect Tutorials in Illustrator Tutorials January 31, 2011 The love of creating text effects has become a common ground for many designers and enthusiasts. Indeed, it has even become an art form in itself. It would be best to learn from other artists every now and then. Check out these 40 Must Learn Text Effect Tutorials in Illustrator and be inspired to create your own masterpieces; you could even share your work with the rest of the world right in the comments below! Create a Green Viscous Text Effect In this tutorial you will use illustrator’s 3D tools to add dimension on the text, and then add a green viscous text effect.. Learn to Create a Variety of Script Lettering This tutorial will showcase three different approaches, which result in three different script lettering styles. starting with a nice simple basic script, touch on a more athletic inspired lettering style and work along the way to a classic, fancy script. How to create a glassy text effect in Illustrator How to Create an Entangled Lettering Illustration

How To Design An Abstract Wallpaper In Photoshop (and Illustrator) Combining Illustrator and Photoshop can produce some dramatic and intense effects. Illustrator has the powers (and tools) to easily create abstract shapes, whereas in Photoshop, although possible, this can take up a lot more of your time. In this tutorial we will be creating abstract shapes using the Pen Tool and Shape Tools in Illustrator and then using those shapes to produce an abstract wallpaper in Photoshop using various color blending techniques, textures and transformation tools. Let’s get going! Step 1 As always with these step-by-step tutorials, we need to start by opening up a new document. Unless you’re planning on sending your final design to press, you can just open up a Web Preset document – I’m going to use a 1920×1200 pixel document, the size of my iMac 24″ monitor, for both the Photoshop and Illustrator document. Save your files immediately with a suitable name. Step 2 Step 3 Using the same technique, create some more abstract shapes. Step 4 Step 5 Repeat the step again…twice.

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