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The 20 Best OS X Apps for Designers & Web Developers. Building websites on Mac OS X provides a completely different landscape in comparison to Windows or Linux.

The 20 Best OS X Apps for Designers & Web Developers

The applications are designed much differently and built from a different standard of programmers. Not to mention the enormous Mac App Store which offers immediate downloads for software you can purchase right away. In this collection I am focusing on the 20 most useful OS X apps worth downloading for web design/development purposes. You will obviously not need every application listed, but it is worth taking a peek at each piece of software to determine if you can use it during your workflow. If we missed any great Mac applications feel free to share your ideas in the post discussion area.

On CodeKit 2.0. The following is a guest post by Bryan Jones, the creator of CodeKit.

On CodeKit 2.0

I've been using CodeKit for a couple of years now and I've talked about it plenty. In my opinion it changed the game in front end development making it easy to use advanced tools that, while powerful, felt out of reach for many.

CodeKit OR Prepos ?

12 Mac OS X App Web Developers Must Know. For web developers, applications are important factors to better productivity; without having the right ones, developing a single website could take up a lot of a developer’s time.

12 Mac OS X App Web Developers Must Know

There are many applications for web development for every platform. In this post, we will put together the best OS X Applications that you should include in your Web Development toolbox. All the following Applications are free, and we believe that everyone love free stuff. Without further ado, let’s check them out: The Ultimate Mac Setup for Web Designers (60 Apps) « Mac.AppStorm. There’s little doubt that OS X is a popular platform for web designers – it offers an enormous range of software for designing, managing, developing and publishing websites.

The Ultimate Mac Setup for Web Designers (60 Apps) « Mac.AppStorm

Whether you prefer to use an all-in-one environment for designing websites or a range of different applications, there’s a tool to suit you perfectly. This article will round up 60 different web design apps for every different conceivable need. And don’t worry if design isn’t your area of expertise; much of the software covered is fairly multi-purpose, suited to a variety of tasks. Client & Project Management Billings – An excellent tool for managing the details of clients, billing, and tracking payments and receipts.iCal – Bundled with OS X, iCal can offer a simple and inexpensive method to track projects and deadlines. Coda. Good question.


Coda is everything you need to hand-code a website, in one beautiful app. While the pitch is simple, building Coda was anything but. How do you elegantly wrap everything together?